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A pairing needn't be a romantic involvement - any sort of story dealing with Faramir's relationship with his brother or his king will be listed under Boromir and Aragorn respectively.

BoromirFaramir & Boromir

DenethorFaramir & Denethor
AragornFaramir & Aragorn ?omerFaramir & Éomer
“Mithrandir we called him in elf-fashion,” said Faramir, “and he was content.”Faramir & Mithrandir HaldirFaramir & Haldir
LegoLassFaramir & Legolas ElrondFaramir & Elrond
HobbitsFaramir & Hobbits ÉowynFaramir & Éowyn

OthersFaramir & Others

No PairingJust Faramir (No Pairing)


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