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Oct 19, 2010

We receive a lot of requests from authors for beta readers – that is, someone to give their story a critical look before it’s published on the site. Or, perhaps, someone to bounce ideas off of when they’re stuck.

If you enjoy reading the stories at this site, and want to help out an author while getting a sneak preview at a yet unpublished story, please join our beta readers pool. Just complete the form below with the kind of stuff you like to read (favourite pairings, etc), and —perhaps more importantly— the stuff you don’t like to read (think violence, non-con, incest, and so on).

We won’t bury you in proof reading material right away, but hope to build a pool of proof readers whom we may contact every once in a while when a story comes along that fits her preferences. We’ll always first ask you, the beta reader, if you’re interested in a particular assignment, and only pass on your details to the author if you accept.

And if you’re an author looking for someone to beta read your work, do get in touch with us at admin@faramirfiction.com. Please let us know at least the essential characteristics of your fic such as pairing, rating, length and possible squicks.

NB: To any one who drifted on to this page via a search engine and have never been at the Faramir Fiction Archive before: please have a look around the site before you sign up to join our beta readers pool. The authors for whom we look for beta readers contact us because they will publish their work (once beta-ed) on this site, and thus this work will always involve Faramir. If you don’t know who that is, try registering to be a beta reader in your favourite fandom at FanFiction.Net. FanFiction.net also allows under-aged readers, whereas this is a site for adults only!


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