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Written by J_Flattermann

15 April 2012 | 4807 words

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Author: j_flattermann
Pairing: Éomer/Faramir, Boromir
Genre: Slash
Rating: PG (so far for violence, subject to change)
Word Count: 1542
Disclaimer: Pure Fiction. Written for fun and foxrafer’s birthday. All characters belong to the Tolkien estate. No copyright infringement intended.
Summary: Sequel to Stealing Time. Faramir stumbles into Éomer in Aldburg.

Part 1

Éomer held Faramir in his arms very tenderly not to re-open the wounds again. He kissed the sleepers forehead and wiped sweat stained strands of hair out of his face.

Two hours ago a fatigued Faramir had collapsed into his arms and the smell of blood had Éomer alarmed instantaneously. He had pulled Faramir back onto his feet but when he withdrew his right arm, keeping the young Gondorian steady with his left, he spotted the blood on his hand and sleeve.

To Aid! I need the healer! Immediately!“ He had bellowed his commands and his team of trusted men had responded without hesitation or questions asked.

Love paired with worry was written over the Marshal of the Eastmark’s face. “Who ever did this to you …” He whispered but Faramir had shushed him, placing his index finger on Éomer’s plump lips. “Please. No.” Faramir more or less breathed out the two words before darkness and a pair of strong arms engulfed him.

Éomer had been furious. That letter from Mundburg demanding the immediate return of the ruling steward’s youngest son was nothing but impertinent. He was glad that it wasn’t his duty to respond. As soon as Faramir had stumbled over his threshold Éomer had informed his uncle. Théoden King had responded very sympathetic and allowed Éomer to take care of the wounded young man. A few days later the King of Rohan had paid a visit to the patient and his sister-son at Éomer’s headquarters in Aldburg. After he had evaluated the situation the king had ordered a scribe and dictated a letter address to Denethor to let him know that Faramir was in Aldburg being treated for some severe injuries.

Now the response had arrived strangely enough addressed to Éomer. He had informed his uncle again. Still angry he greeted his uncle and handed over the letter. Éomer sighed as he saw the colour change on his uncle’s face. However, he knew that Théoden would reply in a moderate fashion to this Gondorian insolence.

This of course would put a further strain to the relationship between the two peoples. A relationship once founded on friendship and trust but now gone sour since Denethor had taken up office as Ruling Steward of Gondor.

However, Théoden King’s reply had been formulated in a polite but firm fashion. Stating that the young Gondorian had suffered such severe injuries that he was currently in no state to make the long travel back to Mundburg. For sake of a full recovery the young man would remain in Aldburg as guest to his sister-son the Third Marshal of Rohan, under whose care he, Théoden King, placed the son of the Ruling Steward.

At first Mundburg’s reply to the second letter was that they insisted on one of their own healers to treat Faramir in Aldburg. However, an unexpected attack on Osgiliath required the attention of all Gondorian healers in Minas Tirith. So the plan was dropped.

Faramir remained in the care of the Rohirrim. Éomer was relieved to hear and gave his healer instructions to take as much time as possible for the treatment to make sure that Faramir was fully recovered and in good strength. This way he knew that this will not only give Faramir a chance to proper heal but also keeps him out of harms way. Apart from that Éomer had his own agenda with Faramir as soon as he would be better.

Éomer spent most of the days at the bed side of Faramir. In fact he did not leave him for a minute very much causing complaints from his own healer, moaning that Éomer is constantly in the way.

But Éomer was not to be moved. “Faramir’s welfare is my responsibility.‘” He said firmly. “It became my responsibility the moment he stumbled into Eorlseld. And I shall make sure that he receives the best of care and treatment.”

Of course there was much more to his refusal to leave the young Gondorian to his healer. What he urged to find out was why Faramir had ended up at his doorstep bleeding from several deep cuts on his back.

Éomer remembered the time he had spent together with the young Captain of Gondor who now lay pale and hurting. The days he had managed to drag Faramir away from his insulting father. But then he had no recollection of Faramir being maltreated or even tortured. He had to find out who was behind this viscous attack and why Faramir had been tormented in the first place.

Actually Éomer was contemplating to get a message to Boromir currently fighting in Osgiliath. But Théoden King had advised him against. “This is a Gondorian internal affair. Bad enough that we are drawn into this. We will leave that matter for Gondor to solve. Faramir has stumbled into Aldburg and it is our duty to make sure he is treated well and recovers. We can’t afford trouble with Mundburg. Not in this uncertain times. Boromir will find out soon enough when Faramir is back in Gondor.”

The king had made his position clear and with a deep sigh left for Edoras. He was glad that Théodred, his own flesh and blood had finished his education in Gondor and was now stationed at the Hornburg.

Faramir’s absence from Minas Tirith had become known and soon reached Boromir’s ear. Boromir immediately made enquiries on his own about the whereabouts of his baby brother. At first he had received contradicting reports. So he had his own men set out to find out the truth behind Faramir’s disappearance.

The men reported back that Faramir was currently recovering form a strange illness and treated for it in Aldburg.

Boromir had been fuming with anger on the response. What kind of rubbish was this? Why should Faramir go to Aldburg or being sent there for medical treatment if they had their own house of healing in Minas Tirith. This all made no sense at all.

Meanwhile Faramir grew stronger with each passing week but every time Gondor made enquiries they were told that the progress of the Ruling Steward’s youngest was slow. The Rohirrim healer made excuses as to why Faramir was not able to make the journey home.

Utterly unsatisfied with the incoming reports, Boromir mounted his horse and rode out to Aldburg. He needed to see for himself what was going on. On arrival he was greeted by Éomer. Boromir’s anger grew again and was matched by Éomer’s cynicism.

On Boromir’s request to see his brother immediately, Éomer raised an eyebrow and left the room. He kept Boromir waiting for half an hour before returning.

“He is willing to see you now. However, he is still very weak due to the amount of blood he has lost. So make it brief.” Éomer snarled.

At first Boromir thought he would explode right into the face of this arrogant child warrior. But Éomer mentioning vast loss of blood made him grow pale. This wasn’t about a mysterious illness. Faramir had been wounded. Boromir was determined to find out what really had happened to his brother.

Despite Boromir’s hopes Éomer did not leave the room whilst he was visiting his brother. Faramir look very weak and pale with his back propped up against the cushions.

Boromir had given Éomer his famous look which had other men trembling, crumbling but the youngling had guts and simply crossed his arms before his chest but not giving Boromir an inch.

The young Rohirrim had stood his ground. Boromir sensed that the young Marshal of the Eastmark was trying to protect Faramir. Boromir couldn’t get his mind around from what.

Éomer on the other hand witnessed the worry and love Boromir felt for his younger sibling. On this grounds the Rohirrim changed the behaviour toward Boromir and found the older brother changed as well.

Faramir soon showed signs of exhaustion and drifted off into sleep. Boromir had tried to get behind the incident that had let to his brother stumbling onto Éomer’s doorstep in a blood soaked shirt and in need of urgent medical treatment. But Faramir had blocked, shut him out.

Refused point blank to co-operate.

The refusal to give away who had obviously either tortured or tried to kill Faramir, came as a shock and surprise to Boromir.

Never before had Faramir shut him out. His head falling down onto his chest Boromir stood in the corridor outside Faramir’s sickbay. He shrugged signalling defeat to Éomer. “Has he said anything at all? Anything to you?” Boromir asked but got only the shaking of the head as a reply.

Boromir sighed.

He had his suspicion. But he would need time, for it would take him some time to get behind what had really befallen Faramir. But he would get to the bottom of this and unearth the truth.

“I cant have him come to Minas Tirith. Not as long as I don’t know who attacked him and the culprits are dealt with.” Éomer simply nodded again. “I will keep him safe as long as it takes.” Was the Rohirrim’s reply.

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