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Braveheart (G) Print

Written by Númenora

10 April 2006 | 251 words

Title: Braveheart
Type: FPS
Author: Númenora
Rating: G
Pairing/Characters: Faramir (12 yrs), OMCs, & ?
Warnings: Warm & Fuzzy, Thoughts denoted by italics
Disclaimer: All known Characters are Tolkien’s.
Beta: none
Word Count: 200
Summary: Faramir stands his ground. Written for writers_art lj community (not posted); Prompt #2: “Bravely, he turned to face them.”

Bravely, he turned to face them. I am not afraid of them, Faramir thought to himself. He wasn’t as tall or as old as many of them (these boys who constantly mocked him), but he was not running away!

Faramir stood his ground and glared at the group of teen boys as they snickered, “Spoiled Steward’s brat!”

The younger ones laughed the loudest, so very happy that they weren’t the ones on the receiving end this time. Nearly everyday, as he left the practice fields, this happened. He’d usually ignore them and walk as fast as he could home.

He squared his shoulders and struck his best ‘Boromir’ pose, arms folded with head up, looking down his nose.

“You’d better leave me be—Now!” He bellowed with just a minute tremble in his voice.

The laughter ceased, several fleeing without a backwards glance. It was only the oldest—the ringleader—that lingered a hair’s breath longer before skulking off, too.

Faramir was so pleased with himself that he walked home with a proud look upon his face and a spring in his step. He never realized that Boromir had stood scowling a few yards back of him, before leaving unnoticed.

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