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Extrasensory Drabbles (PG-13) Print

Written by QueenCria

05 August 2006 | 614 words

Title: Ghost of Him
Prompt: 031—Sunrise
Author’s Notes: Faramir stands in the Healing Wards and remembers.

The sun was coming over the horizon, staining the land scarlet and gold. It was the sunrise of battle.

Faramir stood in the window of the Halls of Healing, staring at the Pelennor.

“Good to see you moving, milord.” A plump, elderly nurse came to stand beside him.

“I feel much healed.” Faramir said graciously.

“Good, milord. Him that gave you that gift was a rare man.”


“Yes, milord. The new king.” She said bluntly. “Dark eyes haired and eyed. He was something to behold.”

A sudden memory of calloused hands and deep presence ghosted over his skin.


Title: A Little More in Love
Prompt: 032—Sunset
Author’s Notes: They snuck away to dance on the day of their wedding.

The night that Faramir and Aragorn married, they snuck away from their too grandiose reception and danced on a terrace as the sun sunk behind the picturesque ruin of Osgiliath.

The White City was painted in shades of gold and deep purple. Aragorn’s eyes look pale as the moon.

They swayed softly together, dancing to a song that only they could hear. Aragorn’s hands were strong around his waist, gentle and loving.

“Im meleth lle.” Aragorn murmured, resting his forehead against Faramir’s.

“And I love you.” Faramir replied, kissing him deeply.

They parted and fell a little more in love.

Title: Damned
Prompt: 033 – Too Much
Author’s Notes: Faramir wished he could end it.

“You’re too much for me…you whoreson, son of a bitch. I wish I knew how to quit you.” ~~ Brokeback Mountain

He knew he was damned. He’d know from the moment he’d pitched headlong into a life of lies and forbidden love.

Faramir, the steward, the right hand of ranger who was now King; his lover too, but no one was supposed to know about that.

It killed him; watching Aragorn and Arwen look out benevolently over their city, dandling their beautiful children on their lap, enjoying their perfect life.

Faramir stood in the shadow and wished.

He wished he could end it, wished he could leave.

But he couldn’t.

It was too much, too hard, and he was too weak.

Title: I Wanted You
Prompt: 034 – Not Enough
Author’s Notes: Faramir cannot continue with lies.

“I used to be an honorable man, Aragorn. But since we began, I have broken every self law I hold dear.”

“I never lied to you. This, Arwen, it is all a facade.”

“For you. For me. Not for everyone who respects us, who hole as their leaders.”

“I love you, Faramir. Doesn’t that count for something?”

“Yes. But you married another and love in the dead of night, love with the taint shame, is not enough.”

“What more do you want?”

“I wanted you. But you couldn’t give that.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I know. But that is still not enough.

Title: Backrub
Prompt: 035—Sixth Sense
Summary: The pressures on the new king are great and Faramir knows exactly what he needs to relieve the tension.

When Faramir cracked open the door to Aragorn’s study, he was not surprised by the sight the greeted him.

The newly crowned king of Gondor sat slumped in his chair, head cradled in his hands. Piles of parchment were littered on the desk; each one another task necessary to rebuilding the city.

Knowing that Aragorn needed a long period of recovery that he could not have, Faramir did the next best thing.

He kissed Aragorn on his temple and began rubbing his shoulders.

“Oh, I needed that.” Aragorn sighed.

“I know.” Faramir simply said, a half smile on his face.

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