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Written by QueenCria

05 August 2006 | 587 words

Title: Among Men
Prompt: 026 — Teammates
Author’s Notes: Faramir is happiest when he is among the Rangers of Ithilien.

Among the Rangers of Ithilien, Faramir was always the outsiders, but nonetheless, he was the happiest when he was in their presence.

These men knew that he was the son of the steward, but they cared not. His blood was worth little when it was being spilled in battle.

It was his skill, his competence, his given abilities that made the Rangers respect him as a man and a captain.

In time, they even came to like him. They came to joke with him, sing crude songs, all of it.

They saw him as Faramir.

Not the son of Denethor.

Title: Sins of the Father
Prompt: 027 — Parents
Author’s Notes: Faramir’s deepest fear is that he will become like his father.

More than anything else he had ever done in his life, Faramir feared becoming a father. Orcs he could deal with. Leadership he could handle with grace. Becoming a father, however, frightened him beyond all reason.

What if he became like his father?

What if turned into a bitter old man who cared for nothing? He didn’t want to believe that he was capable of inflicting the pain Denethor had…but a part of him whispered poisonously that there was no other possible future.

Looking at his newly born son, he could only hope he would forge his own path.

Title: Play
Prompt: 028 — Children
Summary: Faramir watches Aragorn play with their children.

One of Faramir’s secret pleasures was watching Aragorn play with their children.

He was kept so busy so much of the time, the joy that radiated from father and children warmed Faramir’s in a way that he could never explain.

He watched as Aragorn swept the twins, Finduilas and Gilraen, named for their mothers, into the air.

He watched as he taught their son, Boromir, his first lessons with the sword.

He watched the stern, noble king melt away to a man, the man that he loved above all others, a man who played with his children in the sun.

Title: Gilraen
Prompt: 029 — Birth
Author’s Notes: Faramir revels in new life.

Faramir lay in bed against Aragorn’s chest and marveled at the tiny, perfect, beautiful new person he held in his arms.

His daughter, his and Aragorn’s child. Their exquisite Gilraen.

“She’s so tiny.” Aragorn murmured with a childlike awe.

“She’s only four hours old.” Faramir answered with a smile. Gilraen shifted her tiny limbs and opened her still unfocused eyes.

“Blue, love. Like yours.” Aragorn kissed his temple.

“For now.” Faramir trailed his finger down her button nose. “They’ll probably change still.”

“She’s still perfect.” Aragorn tightened his grip on Faramir and laid his big hands on her fragile skull.

Title: As He Wept
Prompt: 030 — Death
Author’s Notes: Faramir’s end comes long before that of his love’s.

When Faramir died, it was many years before Aragorn was to follow. His breath, which had been labored for so long, eased. He remembered the feel of Aragorn’s calloused palm on his face.

“I love you, ancir nin.” Aragorn murmured, a tear slipped down his cheek.

“And I.” Faramir whispered.

Aragorn leaned over and kissed him; in that gesture, he knew that he was released.

He closed his eyes and sighed his last.

And even as Aragorn wept, Faramir fell into the arms of his mother and brother, and even a woman named Gilraen, who would hear of her son.

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