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Feast With Me (NC-17) Print

Written by Marylou

30 March 2004 | 4422 words

Summary: Faramir finds feasts totally boring and Legolas decides to show him a more pleasurable way to spend his time.
Rating: NC-17 (My first real time in writing at such a high rating)
Pairing: Legolas/Faramir (they get to be together so rarely)
Warning: Slash, PWP
Disclaimer: Middle Earth and its characters belong to J.R.R. Tolkien.

A/N: I have never trusted myself with a lemon before, much less with a whole PWP and I still don’t think I am any good in this. I just felt that I have to try it once, even if I totally screw it, so that next time, I may improve a little. Plus, Legolas and Faramir kept complaining to me that they never get to have any sex in my other story (“Follow the Heart”, go and read it; it’s so much better than this one) so I had to satisfy their request. I am warning you that this is not good, so I do not really expect you to like it, but I still would appreciate some constructive criticism, since I really want to improve in this area. So, I would totally adore you if you send some feedback my way!

He was going to die from boredom, Faramir was sure. He had escaped from the Shadow, only to succumb to the unbelievable dullness of this feast.

He nodded, in a part that seemed appropriated and gave the general he was speaking to, a polite smile. He was probably the only Man upon Middle Earth that had a wife who was more interested in the new weapons and war-strategies than he was. He had been a warrior for many long years, only because his father had demanded it, and he was fed up with that part.

It was just not his nature. He would choose a stroll under the stars or a nice novel over a battle or a duel, any time. Unfortunately, Éowyn did not seem to share his quiet and romantic nature. She was just too active for him and her desire for battle and war had never eased up.

He could not stand this conversation anymore. Éowyn was fully concentrated on what the general was saying and they had almost started arguing, so Faramir decided that he would definitely not be missed if he left now. Quietly, he turned around and headed to the buffet to pour himself another glass of wine. These feasts had always seemed terrible pointless and unnerving to him.

Just when he was thinking of how he would find the closest way to the exit, a piercing sound reached his ears. He did not have to look to understand where that sound was coming from. He had never met another person who giggled like Legolas. The elf’s laughter was like music; childish, yet charming and it could well serve to entice the others.

He turned around and easily spotted Legolas sitting on one of the large tables, swinging his legs like a child, and still laughing like mad. The King was standing right in front of him and seemed to be equally amused. Faramir threw a look around him and noticed that almost everyone had turned and they were watching the pair.

The Prince smiled. To cause attention had without doubt been Legolas’ main intention. The way he was sitting right in the middle of the hall and in front of the King himself, was surely breaking every rule of nobility and high manners, and was therefore amusing the elf greatly. Legolas had never really cared about the high society and their opinions about him, so he immensely enjoyed shocking them and eliciting their nasty comments.

Once again, he had succeeded in it. Faramir scanned the faces in the Great Hall and saw the equal expressions of annoyance and disapprove on everyone. However, only one surprised him.

Queen Arwen seemed ready to burst. Her eyes had narrowed dangerously and suddenly Faramir saw that she had lost all her attractiveness. She watched Legolas with an expression of fury on her face, and that definitely amazed him. He had not known Arwen to be such a snob.

Without giving it further thought, he turned his attention back to Legolas who had stopped laughing, but not smiling. His smile was breathtaking and Faramir had found himself secretly admiring it during several over their meetings. With the two of them being Lords of Ithilien, he had plenty of chances to meet with Legolas and spent some quality time with him, so he could now claim that he knew him quite well.

Still, Legolas remained a mystery. He was too complex for someone to read every side of his character. At first sight, he would appear immature and irresponsible, just like Faramir had thought at the beginning of their acquaintance, but he soon proved his intelligence and sense of duty. There could not have been a better lord for the forests of Ithilien.

What also intrigued Faramir on Legolas was his beauty. King Elessar had told him that the prince’s fairness was renowned upon his kin and that many had fought to win his heart, but without succeeding in it. Faramir had always wondered which was the kind of person that Legolas would fall in love with.

To be honest, he had also caught himself wondering if the prince could ever fall in love with someone like him, but he always dismissed that thought, realizing that it was wrong. He was married and he ought to be faithful to his wife. Plus, Legolas was unreachable. The fairest prince of the elven kin would never consider him as a possible lover.

Despite all that, there were moments when Faramir could not help but feel drawn to the midnight-blue depths of his eyes or his radiant smile. Moments like that particular one. He was utterly lost and the only thing that managed to shake him from this dreamy state was the sudden look he received from the elf.

Shocked, he quickly averted his gaze, hoping that he had not appeared too foolish to the prince’s eyes. When he dared another glance, he found Legolas’ gaze still fixated on him and the elf arched an eyebrow.

Not knowing what else to do, Faramir fled from the Great Hall and without thinking he headed to the Eastern-side of the castle which was less crowded. Having grown up in this place, he knew each corner of it and easily found his way to a deserted balcony. He desperately needed his privacy at the moment.

Collapsing against the railing, he cursed himself for the intense effect a simple look from Legolas had on him. Though he had to be honest to himself. In the last few months, it was clear that he had begun to feel more than simple attraction to the elf. He was falling in love with him.

It was more than clenching at his stomach whenever they spoke, or an admiring glance from afar. Faramir was thinking of Legolas constantly. At work, at councils, at dinner and even at bed with Éowyn, he mind kept drifting to the blond prince.

He had stolen his breath with his appearance from the moment they met, and now he was also stealing his heart and Faramir was hating him for that. He wanted to have a quiet and normal marriage, but he knew it was not possible. As soon as he had fallen in love with Legolas, he realized that marrying Éowyn had been a mistake. They were not a suited for each other, their differences were major. Discovering each other had been fun at the beginning, but soon they both realized that the gap between them was major. Only the birth of their son had somehow managed to lighten Faramir’s heart.

The soft steps behind him, made him furious. Who had managed to find him here? And wasn’t it obvious that he wanted to be alone? Determined to get rid of the intruder, he turned around to see who it was.

Whatever angered thoughts he might have had, they were all vanished when he laid eyes on Legolas. The elf had a comfortable smile on his face and walked determinably toward him.

“I brought you something to drink,” he said causally and stretched his hand, handing Faramir a glass of wine. The strongest of the buffet, Faramir realized, and he saw that Legolas was holding the bottle in his other hand.

“I am already drinking,” the Man protested and pointed at his half-empty glass.

“It doesn’t matter,” Legolas easily replied and before Faramir could react, he grabbed the glass from his hand and threw it from the balcony. Then, acting as if nothing had happened, he seated himself on the railing, his face turned to the Man.

“You left quite suddenly,” he stated, taking a sip of his wine, “I was worried.”

Faramir arched an eyebrow. Why was Legolas acting so weird tonight? “I needed some fresh air,” he lied, “I did not think anyone would notice my absence or miss me.”

“You are too hard on yourself,” the elf replied, “I can assure you that your presence and absence are equally noticed by many. And you were wrong about what you said.”

“What did I say?” Faramir asked. Legolas was really puzzling him with his behavior.

“That no one would miss you,” Legolas reminded him, “I did miss you.”

Despite the surprise and confusion he was feeling, Faramir could not stop himself from snoring ironically. “I somehow doubt that. You were quite distracted from your conversation with the King to miss me.”

“You saw me looking at you.”

Faramir gulped uneasily. That was certainly true.

“And I saw you looking at me.” Legolas smiled triumphantly and refilled his glass.

The Man could now feel cold sweat dripping from his face and prayed that the darkness around them would not allow Legolas to see the major blush on his cheeks. Not knowing from where to draw strength, he brought the glass to his lips and emptied it with one sip.

“More wine?” Legolas asked cheerfully and without waiting for an answer, he filled Faramir’s glass. “So where were we? Ah, right! You were looking at me and then suddenly you vanished. Why was that?”

“I didn’t vanish!” Faramir retorted angrily. Once again, he emptied his glass. “I told you that I needed some fresh air. And I just happened to look at you just like everyone else, because you were drawing all that attention to yourself.” He sounded much more irritated that he wanted.

“Do I make you nervous, Faramir?” Legolas asked calmly, the barest hint of a smile twitching the edges of his full lips. He drew one leg up to the railing, revealing the exercised muscles under those incredible tight leggings. Faramir’s gaze was immediately drawn there.

“No,” he said weakly, trying to sound as calm as possible, “Why would you make me nervous? We are friends…”

In a second, Legolas climbed down from the railing and was now standing directly in front of Faramir. “Then why does your body tense when I am around you? Why does your breath become sharper? Why do you stare at me like a hungry baby?” With that storm of questions, Legolas moved closer to the Man, his breath now caressing his face. “It is hopeless to try and hind your feelings, Faramir. I am well aware of the effect I have on you…”

Without further warning, Faramir found Legolas’ lips pressed against his and the elf’s arms wounded around his waist. Legolas was aggressive in his kiss, his tongue demanding entrance in the warm mouth, which Faramir happily gave as soon as he got over the first shock. It felt like a lie, been trapped within the elf’s embrace, their lips locked in the most passionate kiss anyone had ever given Faramir. He responded with matching ferocity, his lips crushing the soft lips of the elf.

Neither of them knew for how long they kissed, until Legolas drew back, breathless. “I was right, wasn’t I?” he asked with an evil grin, his arms still circling the Man’s waist.

Still gasping, Faramir studied the elf’s enticing face. He wanted him, he wanted him so much that it hurt, but it was all wrong… He was a man of honor, and his consciousness did not allow him to cheat on his wife, no matter how badly his heart and his body begged to have the elf. “This is wrong…” he whispered and attempted to move away, but Legolas’ grasp tightened around him.

One of his hands moved to the back of Faramir’s head and brought him down for another breathtaking kiss. It felt like Legolas was trying to suck all the air from his burning lungs, while at the same time, he was rubbing himself on him in a way that drove the Man insane with desire.

“Do not resist it, Faramir,” he whispered huskily when they broke apart, “I know you are crazy about me, it is written all over your face. Do not let anyone tell you what is right or wrong. Do what your heart commands you.”

“I want you badly, more than you can imagine,” Faramir admitted, the words coming with difficulty, as the heat between their bodies prevented him from thinking straight, “But I have a wife. I must think of her.”

“I doubt that she is thinking of you, every time she meets with the deputy commander of the Dúnedain,” Legolas commended and smiled when he saw Faramir gasping.

“This cannot be!” Faramir exclaimed, obviously shocked, “How do you know?”

“I have my sources,” the prince replied, smiling mysteriously, “No let’s forget about these ridiculous details and proceed to the most important stuff.” His mouth mercilessly attacked Faramir’s exposed neck and he sucked and bit him with uncontrolled desire.

His mind fogged by the wine and the growing desire, Faramir succumbed and pushed his doubts aside. He groaned loudly when Legolas, who had already unbuttoned half of his shirt, find a sensitive spot here his collarbone met his shoulder and marked him with his mouth. However, despite his clouded mind, he still was able to remember that they should not be outside, where anyone could see them.

“Not here…” he whispered and when he managed to tear Legolas’ lips from his body, he took his hand and carefully led him back inside. Bringing his childhood memories back to his mind, it was easy to take some hallways, which were unknown to the most and avoid being seen in such a state.

Within minutes, they reached the room Faramir had been looking for, and the Man pushed Legolas gently inside and locked the door behind him. As soon as he turned around, he felt Legolas’ strong hands slamming him against the door, while the elf continued what he had left unfinished at the balcony. Faramir’s shirt was now completely open and he could feel the elf’s lips sucking hard at his nipples, making him writhe against him. “More, more, more…” was all that he managed to whisper.

“Yes, more,” Legolas agreed and finally tore his lips from the other’s chest to lead him to the bed. He pushed him down and after kicking his boots aside, he joined him on the large bed. He stopped for a moment, drinking in the sight of the handsome Man in front of him.

“I still don’t think we should be doing this,” Faramir whispered, making a last attempt to remain faithful to his loveless wedding. But even he was not convinced that he had to stop, because at the moment, Legolas was the center of his world. The beautiful prince he had admired from afar for so long was now in bed with him, prepared to do the most wonderful things to him.

Legolas arched an eyebrow with pretended interest. “So you do not want me? You do not want me to make love to you, to make you moan with pleasure, writhe under me, and scream my name in ecstasy, as I am buried deeply inside you, driving you to insanity? You…”

Legolas never had a chance to finish his sentence, as he found himself pinched on the bed, with Faramir between his legs. The elf’s provoking words had only served to arouse him even more and he knew he could not control himself anymore. Hazed by the burning desire, he did not care about being gentle, tearing Legolas’ shirt in on movement instead. Legolas smiled at the determined expression on the other’s face.

Faramir admired the lean, hairless chest and soon placed his mouth on it, eager to taste the elf’s smooth skin. His lips and tongue tantalized the elf’s already hardened nipples and elicited the first moans of pleasure from the golden-haired prince. And when Faramir’s teasing tongue reached his navel, Legolas arched his back, crying the Man’s name huskily.

“What about you, Legolas?” Faramir asked then, “Do you want me? You haven’t told me so far.”

“What do you think, you stupid git?” Legolas asked with obvious irritation, “Would I be here with you if I didn’t want you?”

The Man smiled with satisfaction and then bent over to kiss Legolas’ swollen lips. “You have to show me more,” he whispered huskily at the tip of his pointed ear.

Legolas did not need further invitation to reverse their roles and climb on top of Faramir. Wanting to drive the Man insane, he purposely pressed their clothed erections together, creating an impossible friction, which made Faramir scream in need. Legolas then withdrew his hips and reached for Faramir’s member with his hands. “Please! Please,” the gondorian prince shouted, almost at the verge of tears from the rising desire.

“It’s time to get rid of these, isn’t it?” Legolas teased mischievously and finally he proceeded to free the Man from his leggings and breeches. He pulled them down swiftly and kicked the Man’s boots aside, before he refocused on the Man’s erection. Faramir was incredibly beautiful in his desire.

He took him in his hands and started stroking him with long movements, bringing the think shaft to its full length. All this time, Faramir threw his head from side to side, whispering the prince’s name over and over. And when he felt his hot mouth closing around him, he just couldn’t stop himself from bucking his hips against him, not caring if he hurt him.

Just when the Man thought he could not hold any longer, Legolas’ mouth suddenly disappeared and Faramir growled in frustration. “What happened?” he asked, his eyes struggling to focus on the figure hovering above him.

“I have other plans for the night, darling,” Legolas laughed and sat up to pull his own leggings down, sighing with relief, when his erection was released from the painful tightness. Without speaking, he reached for his destroyed shirt on the floor and took a small vial from the pocket.

“You planned this?” Faramir asked with amazement, his head spinning at the thought that this painfully beautiful creature had anticipated this and had made thoughts of seducing him and spending the night with him. It was just too much to comprehend.

“It was a thought that has crossed my mind several times, and I thought that tonight was be the perfect opportunity,” Legolas confessed, a she carefully unscrewed the vial. Faramir shuddered with anticipation, as he watched the elf, coating the elf with the glistening oil, and then placing the vial on the nightstand.

Legolas shifted his position, suddenly becoming slower and gentler than he had been the entire time, and brought one of Faramir’s legs on his shoulder, winding the other around his waist. His fingers searched his entrance and when he found it, he pressed slowly into it.

Faramir tensed momentarily, as it had been too long since he was last touched that way, but immediately relaxed and let the sensations wash over him. Legolas moved two fingers inside him, preparing him with all the caution of the world. Faramir had the impression that this act meant a lot for the prince.

Knowing that he could not wait much longer, Legolas withdrew his fingers and reached again for the vial. “You do it,” he said quietly and handed it to Faramir. The Man followed his lead and after he had covered his fingers with the thick oil, he grasped the elf’s erection and began massaging him slowly, their eyes locked together all the time. The elf was gasping, his eyes glazed with desire, and Faramir could not help but draw their lips together for a fervent kiss, never taking his hands off Legolas.

The elf was the one who broke the kiss, gently pushing Faramir back on the mattress and positioning himself between the Man’s spread thighs. “Tell me if I hurt you,” he said seriously and when the Man nodded, he began pushing in.

Faramir squeezed his eyes shut and bit his lips hard, but he still did not manage to stifle his cries. It hurt, it had been so long since he had last been stretched that way, but he still could not stop. Not now, he was with Legolas now, his dream was coming true.

Alarmed by the tensed expression on his lover’s face, Legolas stilled his motions and brought one hand to the Man’s damp face. “Are you all right? Does it hurt?” he asked with concern.

“Yes,” Faramir admitted, his voice husky, “but you cannot stop. I will die if you do, you have to continue.” Legolas smiled at his words, thinking of how much they echoed his own thoughts.

Determined not to hurt the Man anymore, he moved very slowly, until he was fully sheathed in the hot tightness. He gave them both a few moments to adjust and then he began thrusting. They moved together, their bodies twitching and bucking restlessly, as their loud moans filled the room.

Faramir was in heaven. He had never been taken so utterly, so possessively. He wanted to be marked by Legolas, to be owned by him. Watching the breathtaking elf moving against him, slamming his erection deeper and deeper, going mad with passion, Faramir could not hold back anymore.

He came hard, screaming Legolas’ name at the top of his ecstasy, sure, that he could never experience higher emotions than these. Feeling Faramir’s body closing and tightening against him, Legolas lost it too. With one long thrust he emptied himself inside the Man’s body, moaning loudly in his own language.

They lay entwined for many long minutes, the elf still inside Faramir, and waiting for their breathing to slow down. After what seemed like hours, Legolas pulled away and snuggled closer to his lover, pulling the covers around them.

“So, have I met your expectations?” he teased, while he rested his head on the Man’s broad chest.

“I never imagined it could be like this,” Faramir replied with honesty, “I could never imagine that you would want me, Legolas. You have no idea how long I have dreamed of this.”

“Oh yes, I do,” Legolas said with an evil smile and turned his head so that he could see the Man’s face, “You thought that I hadn’t noticed the way you looked after me, how you desired me. But it was obvious to me. I have been around longer than you.”

“Yet, you still do not know the whole truth,” Faramir said sadly, “I did not just desire you.” He felt the elf tense against him, and subconsciously tightened the grip around his waist. Please don’t go now, he begged silently.

“Faramir, you must know that I do not desire attachments,” Legolas said, his tone serious and somehow sad, “I cannot promise you that I will love you back or live the rest of my life with you. You are a mortal man. I will not allow myself to fall for you, or else the grief afterwards will kill me.”

“Yes, I understand,” Faramir said, fighting away the tears. It is all right, he said to himself, he still made love to me and told me that he wants me. That is enough. But it was not and he knew it.

“We can still be close to each other and share moments like these,” Legolas continued, oblivious to the emotional battle his lover was in, “I cannot deny that I feel affection for you or that I am attracted to you. We can be lovers, but just that. Besides, there is also someone else.”

It was Faramir’s turn to tense. “Someone else?” he asked, instinctively hating the person who had the chance to share this intimacy with the elf. “Someone you love?”

“Someone who asks the same questions like you and gets the same answers like you. Someone I also cannot love, even though I would like to. Just like you.”

Faramir was relieved a bit, but the small knot remained at his chest. “So,” he said, pretending to sound casual, “Won’t this someone be disappointed that you spent the night away from his bed?”

“This someone will be busy tonight, reassuring his wife that she does not have competition,” Legolas replied, running his hands over Faramir’s face, “She was quite outraged the last time I saw her.”

Suddenly, something clicked in the prince’s head. “Arwen…” he whispered, recalling the menacing expression on the queen’s face, while she was looking at Legolas.

The elf sat up and took Faramir’s face in his hands. “You are a clever boy,” he said quietly, before bending to place a tender kiss on the other’s lips. “You realize that this must remain a secret. Both our relationship and what I just told you.”

Faramir did not reply immediately and it was doubtful that he had even heard Legolas’ words. “So, you seem to have a liking for married Men,” he said, half-serious, half-teasing.

“No,” Legolas smiled, “I only have a liking for beautiful, married Men.” With that, he claimed the Man’s swollen lips in a fervent kiss, attempting to erase all questions from his mind.

“You know, of course,” he said when they pulled away, “That my clothes are destroyed and I cannot leave the room without them.”

A cheeky smile brightened Faramir’s face, as he clasped his hands tight around Legolas’ warm body. “I can get you new ones, but until then I think it would be wise to seize the opportunity of your inability to get out of the room, wouldn’t it?”

“That was the best idea you had all night!”

The End.

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