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Forbidden Memories (NC-17) Print

Written by Laurëlóte

09 May 2006 | 1678 words

Title: Forbidden Memories
Author: Laurëlóte
Beta: None (Any mistakes are completely my own)
Feedback: Yes please – laurelote@hotmail.co.uk
Pairing: Boromir/Faramir
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Incest
Disclaimer: None of the other characters mentioned are mine; I just borrow them for my own amusement.
Summary: Faramir remembers an evening spent with his brother.

Written for the lovely Autumnverse, who helped return my muse by providing me with this lovely starting sentence.

Forbidden Memories

Eyes roam over stone walls, he knows that if he touches, it will feel of the sun’s warmth, but mostly it will remind him of an evening spent in bliss long ago; the day that he and his brother crossed the line into a forbidden realm, but he did not regret it for an instant.

Unable to resist, he reached out and tentatively stroked the stone beneath his fingertips, his eyes closed and he started to remember.

Boromir had been on one of his rare visits home, and they had found themselves up on the roof of the citadel in an attempt to spend some time alone together, away from the prying eyes of their father.


“I wish we could stay like this, just for a while,” said Faramir sadly, cuddling up closer to his brother, enjoying the feel of Boromir’s arm around his shoulders, but knowing that that it would come to an end much sooner than he wanted it to. “Or better, just a few days away from everything, just you and me, out in the wilds.”

“Maybe we can one day little brother,” replied Boromir reassuringly, knowing deep down that it was highly unlikely.

“No we will not. Father will never let us for fear I might corrupt you and that you might return with some obscene idea in your head like wanting to become a scholar.”

Boromir laughed and wrapped his other arm around his brother, pulling his into an embrace. “Fear not little brother, I do not think even you could make me voluntarily read a book. Do not talk of him anymore; this time is ours alone.”

Faramir sighed as his Boromir embraced him, straight away feeling much more content. It just felt so right being there in his arms. Suddenly he felt an overwhelming urge to look up and press his lips against his brothers, which just seemed to be there waiting, just out of reach, teasing him. Knowing it was wrong, he buried his head closer against Boromir’s chest, willing the feelings to go away.

After a few moments the feelings were still there, haunting him. Losing the fight, he leaned up and kissed his brother lightly on the lips, forgetting all about his inhibitions as Boromir groaned and pulled him closer, instantly deepening the kiss.

Faramir parted his lips as a tongue sought entry into his mouth, he allowed his brother to take complete control over the kiss. Their tongues danced together, exploring each other leisurely, savouring each other’s taste; neither brother wanting it to end for fear of regrets.

Boromir tugged nervously as the fastenings of Faramir’s tunic. He had dreamed of this happening so many times before but had never dared to hope it might come true.

He broke off the kiss and looked at his brother for reassurance that he was not going too far, needing permission to continue. He prayed that Faramir would let him because he did not trust himself to be able to stop even if he was begged.

Feeling much the same way, Faramir answered his brother’s silent question by pulling his tunic over his head, and then making quick work of removing Boromir’s also.

“I want you Bora, I need you,” he said huskily, exploring his brother’s exposed upper torso with his hands. “I always have.”

The words and touches rushed straight to Boromir’s groin causing him to groan in anticipation. Gently, he lay Faramir down against the hard stone flooring and started to rid them both of their remaining, offending clothing.

The stone was surprisingly warm against his skin, warmed by the setting sun and Faramir could not help but shudder with desire as he admired his brother’s perfect body kneeling between his legs, accentuated by the last of the sun’s rays.

Similarly, Boromir was also studying the form in front of him, taking in every detail. Seeing his brother lying there, aroused and waiting for him, was more erotic than he had ever imagined. If this was another dream, he never wanted to wake from it.

“So beautiful, little brother,” he whispered, not wanting to break the spell which had possessed them.

“Come and claim me Boromir,” said Faramir as he sat up briefly, pulling his brother back down with him, wanting to taste his lips once more. “I am yours, always yours.”

“And I, yours” replied Boromir lovingly as he started to plant dozens of little kisses down his brother’s neck and chest.

Faramir moaned as his brother kissed and licked his way to a darkened nipple and proceeded to suckle on it gently, the actions were driving him mad with desire, his body seeming much more sensitive than ever before.

“Bora please,” he begged entwining his hands in his brother’s hair, not really sure what it was he was asking for.

“Patience, little one. I thought I was the hasty one,” chuckled Boromir continuing his ministrations downwards, wanting to worship every inch of his younger brother’s body.

Faramir closed his eyes and lost himself to his brother’s actions, feeling himself aching with desire more than he ever thought possible.

As Boromir moved out of reach, Faramir looked up just in time to see his erection disappear into his brother’s hot, moist mouth, their eyes meeting and reflecting the desire and need they both felt.

Faramir cried out at the erotic sight and the new sensations which over whelmed him, knowing that he would not be able to last long under such treatment. “Please, I need you inside me.”

“Come for me Fara,” demanded Boromir, sensing his brother was close. At the same time he increased his assault on his brother’s shaft. “I wish to taste you first, and then you can have me where ever you want.”

Moments later, he got his wish as Faramir came hard and fast crying out his brother’s name in ecstasy; Boromir knew in that moment that it was the sweetest sound he had ever heard, and moved to claim his brothers lips with his own once more.

Faramir accepted the kiss hungrily, wanting to taste himself on his brother’s tongue. Still trembling from his orgasm he wrapped his arms tight around Boromir needing to hold him close, just for a moment.

Boromir moved away, just long enough to retrieve a small vial of oil from his tunic and quickly covered his fingers with a few drops of the contents. Before capturing his brother in a deep kiss once more; one that demonstrated the passion and need he had for him.

Faramir let out a soft moan as he felt himself being breached, the tight ring of muscle gradually being stretched. He wanted this so badly, needed to feel his brother inside of him. A second finger was added to the first, stretching him further as they moved within him in a scissoring motion. “Boromir please, just take me. I am ready.”

“Soon my love, I do not want to hurt you,” his brother replied, brushing his fingers against Faramir’s prostate causing him to moan out in pleasure. Quickly Boromir added a third finger wanting to ensure that Faramir was as prepared as possible for what would happen next.

Faramir let out yet another moan in delight as his brother brushed against his prostate again, but it quickly turned to one of disappointment as the fingers were withdrawn from his body.

Having oiled up his shaft, Boromir quickly positioned the head so that it was pressing against Faramir’s entrance, lifting his brother’s legs up onto his shoulders. “Tell me again that you want me,” he said softly, needing final reassurance that this was what they both wanted.

“I love you Boromir. I want you.”

Those words were more than he needed, and he slowly breached his brother’s body, feeling the muscles tighten around him, he paused to allow Faramir to adjust before continuing. The sensation was incredible.

“So tight little brother,” he groaned as he buried himself up to the hilt. “So good.”

“Move then,”

Boromir started to thrust, slowly at first, but quicker and harder as he got caught up in his own desires.

“Harder Boromir, give me everything,” stuttered Faramir, finding it hard to form words as his brother hit his prostate again and again. He needed everything that Boromir could give.

Wrapping his hand around Faramir’s shaft, he copied his movements as he slammed into his brother as hard as he could, his actions becoming erratic as he found himself losing control.

“Come with me Fara.”

Just hearing the words pushed Faramir over the edge, and he cried out, his orgasm rocking through his body, triggering off Boromir’s own release.

They lay there exhausted, as they slowly returned to reality. They knew they would have talk about what had happened, but neither of them were prepared to ruin the moment, instead choosing to remain silent cuddled up in each other’s arms.

—-End of Flashback—-

“What are you doing little one,” came a voice from behind Faramir, returning him to the present.

Faramir turned and smiled, happy to see his brother and lover standing there. “I was just remembering that evening we spent up on the roof.”

Boromir chuckled, it was an evening he had day-dreamed about many times as well, and he still could not believe that his brother wanted him as much he did Faramir. “That was a particularly fine evening I must say. We should do it again some time.”

“I will be there tonight,” whispered Faramir seductively in his brother’s ear, before walking off towards the citadel, grinning to himself; knowing his brother would never be able to refuse the unspoken invitation.
The End

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