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Ready To Love (PG) Print

Written by Laurëlóte

08 July 2007 | 467 words

Title: Ready to Love
Author: Laurëlóte
Pairing: Aragorn / Faramir
Table/Prompt: 20_est_relships – Prompt 18. Cherish
Rating: PG
Summary: Faramir watches his lover sleep
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, they belong to Tolkien, I merely like to borrow them for my own pleasure.

Ready To Love

Faramir could not help but sit for a while and just watch his lover who had slept on, well into the morning taking his first day off for a long time; a well deserved break from the pressures of ruling a kingdom.

During his short time as king, Aragorn had done so much more for Gondor than Faramir had ever hoped for; for the first time that he could remember people had hope. They had a belief that the dark times had passed and that there were only better things to come.

He reached over and brushed a strand of hair from Aragorn’s face and smiled as he reflected on all the things that Aragorn had done for him alone. He had healed him, first physically in the Houses of Healing and then mentally, until finally, he had a sense of belief in himself once more.

Aragorn had done it all willingly with what seemed to be all the patience in the world. He had never once given up on him, giving him time and space whenever he had needed it.

It was one of the reasons why he cherished him so much.

Unable to resist any longer, Faramir slipped off his robe and slid underneath the sheets in front of his lover.

In an instant, Aragorn’s arm slipped over him; even when asleep he seemed to know exactly where the younger man was, pulling him closer to him so that Faramir’s back was flush against his chest.

Faramir snuggled contentedly into Aragorn’s embrace, taking his lover’s hand in his and kissing each finger softly.

“I love you Aragorn,” he whispered quietly, saying the words out loud for the first time, seeing how they sounded, how they felt.

They felt right.

It must have been his imagination, but his lover’s hold seemed to tighten at the words, as if sub consciously he had heard them, yet Aragorn remained asleep.

It had been so difficult to reach this point. After losing his brother, it had felt as though he would never love again, but Aragorn had once again proven him wrong.

The next time he spoke those words, Faramir promised himself, would be when Aragorn was awake to hear them, because he had been so patient and understanding, Faramir knew that he would have waited forever.

But he did not have to wait longer, for now Faramir was finally ready to speak them.

As Aragorn began to stir, Faramir smiled to himself.

The time was now…


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