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Reversal of Fortune (G) Print

Written by Linda Hoyland

02 March 2008 | 502 words

Prompt: Formal.
The characters are the property of the Tolkien estate.

Reversal of Fortune

The City was almost as crowded as it had been for the coronation. A new King was a cause for excitement, but the man was a stranger and from the North too! Today, one of Gondor’s own was to be honoured. The people chattered excitedly voicing such sentiments as “It’s about time someone took notice of our Captain!”

The crowd fell silent as a herald came forth. The silver trumpets were blown and the herald read the formal proclamation. “It is the pleasure of the Lord Elessar Telcontar, King of the Reunited Kingdom to appoint Faramir, son of Denethor as Prince of Ithilien and grant him all rents, lands and titles of the said region.”

The crowd murmured approvingly then fell silent again as a solemn procession came forth. A page carrying a silver coronet on a silk cushion walked slowly past, then Lords and Ladies dressed in their finest garb. At the rear of the procession walked the King and Queen, both magnificently attired in black and silver. Faramir walked slightly behind them even more splendidly clad in a dark green tunic, on which was embroidered the emblem of the White Tree. He wore breeches of the same green material. A white cloak embroidered with gold thread was about the young Steward’s shoulders.

Faramir walked as if in a dream. He could hardly believe this was happening to him. He had believed the King a man of his word when he had been appointed Steward and Prince, but he had never expected this ceremony to honour him. How his fortunes had changed! But a few months ago Faramir had been the scorned younger son. Worst was to follow when his beloved brother died and he almost lost his own life. All had seemed lost, not only for him, but for Gondor. Then the King had come and restored his life before defeating the forces of the Dark Lord in battle. Not only that, but the fairest lady that lived was troth plighted to him.

Faramir knelt before the King and in a loud, clear voice pledged fealty to him for the first time in public. Aragorn then took the coronet from the silken cushion and placed it upon Faramir’s head. “Arise, Faramir, Steward of Gondor and Prince of Ithilien!” Aragorn cried in a loud voice. He raised Faramir to his feet and turned him to face the crowd.

Loud cheers erupted and the people threw flowers to show their joy. During the long dark years of the war, there had been few formal ceremonies. Now within a few short weeks there had been the King’s coronation, the King and Queen’s wedding and now the investiture of Captain Faramir as a Prince of the realm.

At the King’s orders food and drink were distributed amongst the crowd while the Royal Party left for a ceremonial banquet. Times had indeed changed in Minas Tirith and greatly for the better.

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