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Written by Bell Witch

03 March 2008 | 827 words

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Prompt 32: Past
Title: Sight
Author: Bell Witch
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Characters: Faramir
Rating/Warnings: PG, none
Word Count: 100
Disclaimer: I own nothing and am making no profit from this.
Author’s Notes: Prompt 32: Past in the 50_darkfics challenge. Written 21 November 2006. Unbetaed. First in the five senses arc. Written as part of a writer’s workshop for an online RPG (role-playing game.)

Darkness, flickering light. Except that’s only one layer because I see yellowing grasses and the looming ruin as well, almost close enough to pick out individual figures, or imagine I do. I know they’re there, hiding in shadows and crumbled buildings. Out of the corners of my eyes are flashes of horses, glints of light off armour. I know what’s in their eyes, the same look as mine with the exception of one thing. They do not have the cold, grey memory of a stare filled with contempt to send them on this journey, likely the last we’ll ever take.

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Bell Witch

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