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Written by QueenCria

05 August 2006 | 573 words

Title: The Midnight Hour
Prompt: 006—Hours
Author’s Notes: time always slows when you have to wait.

Logically, Faramir knew that there were only eight of hours of night. Eight little hours. Four hundred and eighty minutes.

But as he stood outside the Halls of Healing, waiting to hear if Aragorn was to overcome the arrow to his chest, or succumb to death, those hours seemed to last for eons.

Memories flooded over him.

Their first kiss. Their last kiss.

The hours crawled by. He could hear the healers work. He could hear their frantic movements.

Ages later, cold, pale dawn began to paint the white stones of the city in red.

Hours later, he finally knew.

Title: For Every Day
Prompt: 007—Days
Author’s Notes: Faramir’s time is running out.

For a long time after Faramir started coughing, the healer’s measured his time in years. Five years, perhaps even as many as six or seven, if he took good care of himself.

And then it was months. Ten good months of living. He was a strong man.

Then he started coughing up blood and it became weeks. Six weeks to be alive..

And now, he couldn’t walk and he could barely move and it was days.

Aragorn sat beside his bed. “I’m going to kiss you.”

Faramir just stared at him.

“A kiss for every day that I love you.”

Title: Welcome
Prompt: 008—Weeks
Summary: Faramir eagerly welcome Aragorn back after an altogether too long journey.

When Aragorn returned from his first tour of Gondor, to get better acquainted with the people he ruled, he return was heralded with much pomp and ceremony.

There were speeches.

There was a parade.

There were crowds.

There was a banquet.

As a consequence, Faramir had to wait more than twelve hours after he laid hungry eyes on his king before he could touch him.

His welcome was quite enthusiastic.

After wards, as they lay together, when Aragorn finally regained his breath: “I take it you missed me?”

“You were gone for six weeks. That is a long, long time.”

Title: Forever and Always
Prompt: 009—Months
Author’s Notes: Faramir is going to miss Aragorn.

“It’s only a month, Faramir. A single month. I’ll return before you know it.”

“It’s a whole month, Aragorn. An entire month. I’ll be ages before you return.”


“I can’t help it. I know I’m needed in Minas Tirith, but I’m going to miss you.”

“Just as I will. But I’ll be back. I promise.”

“You had better. I will never forgive you if you got yourself killed.”

“I’ll be in Rohan. Éomer will keep me safe.”

“You can tell him I’ll kill him as well.”

“I will. I love you.”

“I love you too. Forever and always.”


Title: A Prayer
Prompt: 010—Years
Author’s Notes: Faramir makes the same wish every night.

Every night, laying alone in bed, Faramir would look out the open window to the stars that glittered beyond.

He imagined the Valar, the gods who had come together to create Middle-earth, existed among the glowing gems. He imagined that they looked over him.

“Let him be happy.” Faramir would murmur in the darkness. “I will suffer another day if he may find joy.”

His prayer for Aragorn. The man he loved and the man who he could never have.

Every night for years upon endless years.

“I would have him, but if I cannot, I would give him peace.”

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