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G-Skywalker also has fiction stored at this archive. More of G-Skywalker’s artwork is available at deviantArt.

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By G-Skywalker; with Boromir

This is another drawing of my Boromir/Faramir fic. Boromir is enjured in battle on the fields of Ithilien by the leader of a company of Uruks. Boromir in an attempt to protect his youngest brother, falls wounded by a poisoned arrow.

Posted Jul 27, 2013 | Comment

By G-Skywalker; with Boromir

I love Faramir, definitely my favourite character on LORT.
I’m writing a fic (angst/romance) about him and Boromir, so I decided to make an image cover for it. :)

Posted Jul 10, 2013 | Comment [2]


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