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Written by Valkyrie; with Glorfindel, Erestor

Glorfindel, in a moment of brain-vacation absence, dares to dare Erestor. The fool thinks such reserved and respected councillor is not able to lose his hair once in a while.

Warnings: The pic companion piece to this piece is totally R

Posted Apr 08, 2012 | 224 words | Comment [1]

Written by Valkyrie; with Aragorn

The King and the Steward of the Realm have to undergo the Ritual, an ancient tradition of Gondor. Thus, the King will get to know his Steward better in order to fulfill this duty and in the way he will have to deal with Faramir’s many doubts.

Warnings: m/m relationship

Posted Apr 22, 2004 | 36310 words | Comment [7]

Written by Valkyrie; with Aragorn, Éowyn

Sequel to The Ritual.

Warnings: m/m relationship

Posted Dec 18, 2007 | 23588 words | Comment [8]


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