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Introducing: The Faramir Gen and Het Exchange

Jan 15, 2008

You have just missed the sign up period for our own slash story swap. There’ll be another chance come summer, but if you can’t wait that long, or slash isn’t your thing, please have a look at this gen and het exchange.

- the archivists

PS: All stories have now been posted over at faramirexchange – go have a look for some great gen and het fanfiction!
(And if you’ve participated in this exchange: please know you are warmly invited to share your work here – it is up to folks like you to get more gen and het into this archive!)

Looking for a fic exchange that is both Faramir-centric and for just gen/het fics? Look no further! alexajohnson and arahiril are pleased to announce the creation of faramirexchange, a new exchange community solely dedicated to Faramir-centric gen and het fanfiction.

The first exchange is set for January 1, and we are looking for participants to request the writing of a fic and write someone else’s request in turn. The deadlines are as follows:

Fic requests due by: end of November 14th
Assignments mailed by: no later than November 16th
Fics due by: December 29th
Fics posted on: January 1st
The Big Reveal: January 5th

Since this exchange is brand new, we especially need you to contribute!! Please help make the gen/het fic exchange a success by requesting a fic. Your request is whatever you want to see written – so ask for whatever you like: hurt/comfort or fluff; Third or Fourth Age; friendship fic with Aragorn or romance fic with Eowyn – whatever floats your boat!!

Then tell us what you would like to write. If you have a rating limit that you stick to or are particularly strong in one genre, do tell us; we’ll try to make sure your assignment is appropriate for you.

As stated above, fics are due by December 29th, and then we’ll post all of the completed fics on January 1 for everyone to enjoy!!

This is the exchange’s first round, so please help by signing up at faramirexchange!!

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