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Midwinter Swap 2012

Oct 28, 2012

Here’s your chance to read that one Faramir slash story you wished someone would write… and to return the favour by writing one in return: it’s the 12th edition of our Swap!

If you feel up to the challenge, please review the rules below and send in the form.


  • Send us your request by Saturday 10 November — signup is now closed; assignments will be out shortly.
  • Assignments will be have been sent out no later than Wednesday 14 November — this will give you five weeks to complete your story
  • Last date of submission: Wednesday 19 December noon GMT

All stories will be posted here on Midwinter, which we’ll celebrate a bit late this year on Sunday 23 December.

Exchange challenge rules

(Yes, they’re long, but please try to read, especially if this is your first time participating, as that can spare us all a lot of misunderstandings and thus save a lot of time later on.)

1. This is an adults only site, so naturally, this is an adults only swap as well. So please don’t sign up if you’re under-aged — and shoo! You shouldn’t even be reading this!

2. This is a Faramir slash fic exchange. Therefore all resulting stories will (a) feature Faramir as one of its main characters (and not an innocent bystander, nor as one of Harry Potter’s classmates / member of a boyband / crew member of the starship Enterprise / or some other character of your own invention with the unlikely name ‘Faramir’), will (b) be slashy (though you are free to request any rating you wish, and write any rating that you wish within the boundaries of your assignment), and (c) will be of fic length (ie, no drabbles).
This rule exists to ensures the challenges will all be within a reasonable range, so everybody knows what to expect and no one will be too surprised or shocked by the challenge they are assigned. If you’re unsure what’s expected, have a look at the previous entries: you’ll find links at the bottom of this page, or contact the archivists.

3. Make your fic request as detailed as you like. You can just give a rough or vague idea if you want to, perhaps only request a favoured pairing, but this is your chance to get something very specific written if that’s your desire. However, don’t be so detailed that whoever receives your request would have to write a multi-chaptered epic to fulfil it: that, again, would not be fair on that other writer. We’re aiming for one-shot fics here. If you’re not sure what that is, have a look at the previous entries (links at the bottom of the page), or contact the archivists with your idea. If you have a longer challenge, or do not feel up to the task of writing a story in return, you’re always welcome to send us your bunnies for posting on our Challenges page.

4. You request a story, you write a story, that is the deal. But not everybody is comfortable with writing everything the other participants might come up with. Therefore you can let us know if there are some things you don’t want to write (e.g, “no violence”, “no incest”, “no hobbits”). However, please don’t rule out so much (say all but one pairing, or all but one situation) that it’ll be impossible for us to match you up with someone else’s request. Again, have a look at previous challenges to get an idea of what people might ask you to write and contact the archivists when in doubt.
Please think about this carefully. Once you’ve received your challenge, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to change it: after all, the other authors will have received their challenges too, and will have started making plans. Should you receive a challenge you really cannot work with at all, you can always contact us and we can try to negotiate a trade with one of the other writers. However, you’ll be the mercy of the other writers, and there may be no one willing to trade with you. Once again, please have a look at the previous entries (links at the bottom of the page) to see what kind of challenges you may expect.

5. Stories must be complete and emailed to the archivists (please do NOT post the story yourself) before the deadline on Wednesday 19 December. If you request a fic, you also promise to write a fic. Please make sure you have both time and inclination to fulfil your part of the deal. It’s not fair on whoever your request came from if they do their part but do not receive a fic in return. If you should run into unforeseen trouble, please let us know as soon as possible so we help out, or in the worst case scenario notify the recipient that her story is going to be late.
Please note that although we accept stories in all languages at this archive, the stories for the Swap need to be in English, so everyone here can read them. It is not mandatory to have your work checked by a beta reader before sending it in, but if you feel your work needs to be beta read before it can be published on the site, make sure before you sign up that you have a beta reader who has time to read your story. Bear in mind that on the deadline day, we need your finished story, ready to be published, so if you want a beta reader to look at your work, you will need to complete writing well before the deadline.
All stories are unveiled at this site on Sunday 23 December at noon GMT; after that time, you are free to repost your story on your own site/blog/journal/…, to other archives or mailing lists, or wherever you want — but please keep both your story and the challenge secret beforehand. If you want to distribute a story written by someone else (eg, the story written for the challenge you entered), remember to ask the author’s permission first.

6. You should receive at least two emails from us: first an email as soon as you sign up using the form below, with all the data that you entered. If you don’t receive this email, chances are we didn’t receive your entry either, so check for it (also in your junk folder!), and let us know if you do not receive it. On (or before) Wednesday 14 November, there’ll be another email with your assignment. Look out for these emails, check your junk mail if necessary and PLEASE EMAIL US IF YOU DON'T RECEIVE EITHER ONE OF THOSE EMAILS. Of course those two emails may not be the only communication you receive from us: please check the email account you’ve signed up with regularly so we can get in touch with you in case of trouble, and if your email account has an over-eager spam filter, remember to add faramirfiction@gmail.com to your safelist.

And last but not least:

7. This swap should be as much, or perhaps even more, about the joy of giving as of receiving. If you give us the impression you’re participating in order to get someone to write your plot bunny for you while you make light of your part of the bargain, you won’t make friends with us. Needless to say (we would hope!) that recycling stories, combining two challenges into one story, and any such trickery is unacceptable.
In short, if you ask for a lot while trying to get away with doing as little as possible yourself, don’t be surprised if you’re refused entry in future swaps.

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