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Small site changes: sorting and translating

Jan 11, 2007

I’ve made two small changes to the site today. As always, let us know if something is not working.

First: on author, artist and pairings pages (so pages such as Minx, Dream_in_a_Jar and Boromir), you now have the choice between a list sorted by title, date or (for pairings only) author. Until now, these lists were sorted by title only, and recent items were marked with ‘NEW’ (yes, that marking will probably have to go from the lists sorted by date.. but that’s something for another day).

This process is technically somewhat challenging, and I haven’t yet had a chance to test it in a wide range of browsers. So if it’s causing mayhem in your browser, please let us know at faramirfiction@gmail.com.

Second, the translation links on fiction pages are back. Powered by Google translations this time — not necessarily because they produce the best translations, but because they give nice clean links. So far only for English fiction, but I’ll get to creating translation links to our vast stock of non-English fiction soon enough.

Again, if something doesn’t work, or if you want me to include another language, get in touch.

PS: More changes: The recent comments per section are back (recent fiction comments on the fiction index page, and recent picture comments on the pictures index page). They were removed months ago, leaving only the general recent comments list on the recent additions page, when our previous host complained we used to many database queries, so were long overdue for a return.

New are the “By the same artist” links in the margin of a picture page, mirroring the “By the same author” list for fiction.

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