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"It will take less time, if I do it for you" (NC-17)

By Raven22372; with Aragorn

Illustration for Minx, the lovely author of Grief and Hope because she asked for it (without knowing what it would be she might get). I`m afraid I altered the scene more than a little – sometimes during the process the scenery begins to sprout and I let it have its way. Also, meanwhile it seems to me that it is almost too cluttered. Perhaps I should start considering a different format. Bayeux Tapestry would be an interesting alternative…

Posted 2179 days ago | Comment [4]

Bid me Farewell (G)

By Raven22372; with Boromir

Five minutes ago I realized that, after scanning this painting a couple of weeks ago, I totally forgot to post it. First sign of age, I guess…

Posted 2223 days ago | Comment [8]

The Comfort of Sleep (PG-13)

By Raven22372; with Boromir

If a picture could be a sequel to a tale, this one would continue the story of Not You, the first of the very few fics I posted here.
After an incident like that, who would be there for comfort if not a brother – and the shielding cloak of night.

Posted 2236 days ago | Comment [8]

Sad Faramir (PG) External Link

By GazekLor; with Boromir

Posted 2243 days ago

Childhood (G) External Link

By M-azuma; with Boromir, Denethor

“A very foolish one; who spent many hours slaying dragons instead of attending to his studies.” (Faramir/RotK)

Posted 2255 days ago

Home is behind...

By Caravaggia; with Pippin

…the world ahead.

Posted 2263 days ago | Comment [1]

Reading in the bath (PG-13)

By Caravaggia; with Haldir

Posted 2263 days ago | Comment [1]

Going to the bath (PG-13)

By Caravaggia; with Haldir

Posted 2263 days ago | Comment

Rohan and Gondor united (R)

By Caravaggia; with Éomer

Some LOTR slash again… fandom, why u no leave me alone ?

Posted 2263 days ago | Comment

Steadfast jewel and sufficient jewel (G)

By Caravaggia; with Boromir

Boromir and Faramir, the Gondorian jewels… I just love Faramir and when his big bro’ takes care of him because his relationship with his dad is too heartbreaking!

Posted 2263 days ago | Comment [1]

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