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The Meaning Of (G) Print

Written by Faramir_Boromir

28 November 2004 | 319 words

Author: faramir_boromir
Pairing: Faramir/Boromir
Rating: G
Warnings: This may be the only G-rated sibcest piece I’ve ever seen. But if incest squicks you, read no further.
Summary: Faramir tries to find words to explain what his brother means to him
Disclaimer: It all belongs to the Tolkien estate. I’m just borrowing the brothers for a brief time.
Inspired by an exchange of comments with aesc about which brother might hide from the other, if it came to confrontations about brotherly love. EDIT: aesc has written a companion piece to this fic, entitled “The Sense Of” which you can find HERE.

The Meaning Of

How old were we when you told me the meaning of the White Tree?
Where were we when you told me the meaning of being a Steward?

You led me by the hand, guided. You showed the way by your example, though you did not know it at the time. There was no need for most conversations, for your actions said all. Explained the inexplicable, a missing parent, a parent missing.

What were we doing when you told me the meaning of courage?
Why were we speaking when you told me the meaning of being a soldier?

You could not be less than you are, brave. To be otherwise would be someone else, a brother I have not. Your fearlessness shielded my doubts, kept me safe from harm. Preserved hope, when hope was nearly gone.

When were you going to tell me the meaning of love?
How long would you have stayed silent before you told me the meaning of your heart?

You taught all, yet you would not instruct me in one final act, the greatest lesson. You would not brave my heart, afraid not to find there what you needed most. Instead, I heeded your example, showed you my fearlessness: dared you, brother, to exceed definition. To know the meaning of a lover, beloved.

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