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A Breeze of Spring II (G)

By Raven22372; with Éomer

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Although since recently a king, I felt like a clumsy courtier.
Illustration for A Breeze of Spring.

Posted Jul 21, 2012

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Again this is so lovely, and again I find myself feeling only warmth from the image due to the perfect choice of tones and the memory of the accompanying story! Faramir’s smile is melting my heart a little, you know, as much as the story involves Eomer selecting a horse for Faramir, I think it is very much the latter who is driving the encounter in a direction he wishes it to go (luckily the same one that Eomer wants, too.) That little smile there, his gentle humour even when speaking of sad things, is somehow all encompassed in a few strokes of your pencil and I am eternally envious of that skill!

Eora    Tuesday 28 August 2012, 23:29    #

What is there to say in the face of such lovely praise? I feel how little I deserve it and yet I could bath in its glory for hours… ah, the mind of men is easily corrupted..!

Oh yes, I think Faramir has the ability to, well, not push people into a certain direction, but, let´s say, slightly adjust them, given the circumstances are not too adverse. ;) And I must say I´m glad the situation has obviously some appeal; after finishing the fic there was a moment when I realized “Oh no, there´s nothing happening in there! They´re just – talking!” XD

Regarding Faramir´s voice I think what I secretly had in mind was the scene when he and Pippin meet in the hallway. I could endlessly listen to Mr. W.´s voice here, so soft and gentle, and though with a hidden touch of laughter. I wished that man would do audiobooks or something – alright, I would be confined with him reading the telephone book! XD

Fair lady, your accolade is a cup of sweetest nectar enjoyed by a warming fire. And wrapped into this cloak of warmth (and slight hubris) I´ll hover to bed now… *_*Good night…

— raven22372    Wednesday 29 August 2012, 21:27    #

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