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Brotherly Issues II: You Shall Not Pass (PG)

By Raven22372; with Boromir

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Boring title, I know, but I somewhat ran out of inspiration. A big big SORRY to Chaos_Erevos who patiently endured my bad mood after noticing that I´d accidentaly erased an entire comic.

Full version available on LiveJournal

Posted Apr 03, 2011

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4 Comment(s)

The black speech-bubble of Doom! Hahahaha

P.S. I knew this wouldn’t end well.
P.P.S. Boromir, you sure you really want him to come out? After all, he promised a long and painful death upon ye.

December    Friday 6 January 2012, 22:24    #

Indeed, this phrase is an endless source of joy! It can be used in multifarious ways, from road signs to “exam failed”! :D

P.S. Of course not. It´s Boromir we´re talking about! XD
P.P.S. Weeeeeeell… maybe he just assumes that a) it wasn´t meant like that or b) his brother is a soul too kind to get really angry..? Due to all we know Boromir is rather the kind of “I am so awesome and there is nothing I cannot deal with” guy. XDD
P.P.S. Which might turn out as a serious mistake. XDDD

— raven22372    Sunday 8 January 2012, 3:52    #

Hahahah. I have a feeling it’s going to end in one of those ‘oh what have I done?!?!’ for dear Boromir.

December    Monday 9 January 2012, 7:29    #

Very well perceived, Holmes! However, he´s supposed to be accustomed to this. “Better make an impressive, guilt-ridden hero than think before”, that´s Boromir´s motto in life… X)

— raven22372    Monday 9 January 2012, 8:45    #

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