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"It will take less time, if I do it for you" (NC-17)

By Raven22372; with Aragorn

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Illustration for Minx, the lovely author of Grief and Hope because she asked for it (without knowing what it would be she might get). I`m afraid I altered the scene more than a little – sometimes during the process the scenery begins to sprout and I let it have its way. Also, meanwhile it seems to me that it is almost too cluttered. Perhaps I should start considering a different format. Bayeux Tapestry would be an interesting alternative…

Posted Jun 06, 2013

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4 Comment(s)

again, thank you ever so much! :) i loved it, every little bit of it :)

Minx    Saturday 8 June 2013, 9:26    #

Thank you! I´m glad you like it, even though I grabbed the artistic license and ran away with it!

— raven22372    Saturday 8 June 2013, 12:09    #

Massive snicker. This is just so witty in so many ways. The crown hanging casually on the bed post. The finger raised in half-hearted objection. The archer in the grate, the tapestry – these are so cheeky, they are like, look at us, we are important, and I’m like, sorry guys, you are being outshined.

— December    Sunday 1 September 2013, 0:23    #

My goodness, you truly, literally, noticed ALL the details in the background, even the tapestry and the archer! I´m stunned, next time I´ll start to produce busy pictures, themed “Find the little white mouse and the four Hobbits hiding in there”!

But seriously, once you get into medieval architecture and art, there´s so much to discover, so many things one can use to create atmosphere… meanwhile I´m convinced that the biggest part of creating whatever is the research, not the work itself!

— raven22372    Sunday 1 September 2013, 11:05    #

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