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"...Mylord..?" (G)

By Raven22372; with Pippin

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Two attempts to create an illustration for The Gifts in small Packages by December.

Rather poor attempts, I´m afraid, that won´t do justice to the delicate and tender atmosphere of the story (and speaking of it, I have no idea why the cone of this candle is obviously trying to escape). However, since this is all my noodle fingers will come up with at the time – would you like to accept it?

And yes, I am a pathological apologizer. Erm… why do you ask?

Technique: Black ink

Full-sized versions are available at LiveJournal

Posted Jan 18, 2012

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4 Comment(s)

Why on earth do you apologize? Your artwork is very good! I especially liked the one that showed Faramir looking all pensive, while Pippin approaches from behind, bearing a cup. Both drawings are very well done. Thank you for sharing them with us. Sincerely, Darkover

— Darkover    Saturday 21 January 2012, 6:17    #

(Sniff) I thank you! :))) You know, there´s always the difference between what it was meant to be and the way it turns out eventually. And may I say your lovely feedback is hugely welcome? It encourages me to trust myself a little more… and the kindness of my fellow-fans. Thanks again! :)

— raven22372    Saturday 21 January 2012, 20:52    #

By Sauron’s balls, why do I always miss these?!!! Roars in frustration and pulls imaginary beard out.

To accompany your customary apologies, may I present my customary thanks? :) I truly am so honoured and amazed that you find inspiration in a story of mine.

Mm, of course there’s always a difference :) For me there is one too, both in writing and especially more so in art. It is only at night right before slipping into slumber, if I am thinking on a story that Faramir will show his face to me sometimes. And I would think, yes! there he is, I must draw his like this. And then in the morning he is gone…

But that’s an artist’s unsharable plight, I guess – I mean, we only see the result, and for my part I think you perfectly well have an ‘atmosphere’. I especially love Faramir’s pose and expression in the window scene. And I can’t help but notice your Faramir looks very consistent from one artwork to another… Do you use someone as reference, or?

December    Saturday 11 February 2012, 0:23    #

No no no, leave your beard alone! It´s way too pretty to be torn out! If Gimli son of Gloin could see it he would go green with envy!
But feel free to pull Sauron´s balls a little bit longer. XDDD To be frank I didn´t expect him to have some. It would have explained his constant bad mood…. XD

Consistent? Funny you ask that because actually this is my main issue. I was thinking of many people to be my model but none of them gave me a “SNAP! That´s him!” Which makes it hard to nail an image for all I can see on my inner screen is very vague and misty. Whereas meanwhile I´m so familiar with the movie version I don´t even need a picture of David Wenham close at hand. Oh and… maybe I should take take the opportunity to explain my special preference for the movie character, though you did not ask me about that and I´m afraid it will bore you. See, when I first saw The Two Towers I didn´t even like him. I think I walked into the same trap as many other people who went “What the hell has happened to Faramir???”. And the crucial scenes, the flashback sequence that would have told what happened to him, were still about to come. It took another year and the release of The Return of the King to change my mind. I must add that back then I was caught in a very mischievous relationship and desperately trying to gain somebody´s love. And when the “You wish our places were exchanged” scene came there suddenly was that sentence in my head, rather like an epiphany than a conscious thought, saying “Whatever you do it will never be enough.” I wasn´t even sure whether it was addressed to me or to the fictional character on the screen. It didn´t make any difference either. Because for a moment it was as if I was looking at a reflection of my own innerspace, mirrored by an incredibly skilled actor. I can´t remember how I got home (it had been a late night show and public transports were hard to come by) for all I could think of, all I could see, was that one single face. It wasn´t like “Dude, What a man!”, not even “Poor bloke, have to cuddle him!”. What I felt was a strange connection between fictional and “real” world, so intense I had only very few before. From that moment it was sealed.

So, well, the story of a questionable obsession, undemanded and yet delivered. No idea how it could come to this, I can only assume it ´s your inspiring presence – and the overwhelming discovery that you really accepted these as “official” illustrations. Many many thanks to you! :)

— raven22372    Saturday 11 February 2012, 17:17    #

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