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By Iris

Posted 13 March 2006

Aragorn is forced to punish Faramir for breaking a law. Nothing too serious, something silly like falling asleep while on duty. Aragorn doesn’t want to punish him (they might be lovers already, they might not be, that’s up to you – but at least they’re close), but other people know about the incident, and Aragorn can’t be seen administering selective justice. Faramir is still a soldier, and there is a standard punishment for sleeping on the job: so many lashes, to be doled out by one’s superior officer, which in the steward’s case obviously would be the king.

Aragorn’s more worried about it than Faramir: it’s all his fault, he should have noticed Faramir was too tired to stand guard (this could be a ceremonial duty so no one was ever in any danger: old tradition of the steward standing watch by the door to the king’s bedchamber on his wedding night to ensure he’s not disturbed – after F has already had little sleep planning the wedding), and he’s not sure he would even be able to purposefully hurt F at all. Very distressed, needs comforting.
F of course convinced he fully deserves it, didn’t fulfil his duty and the rules shouldn’t be any different for him. Besides, he has taken worse punishment before, he can take this. But he’ll surely need comforting afterwards just the same, they both will: think of it as a comfort/hurt/comfort format.

Archivist’s Note: Done! See The Steward’s Duty. (but please don’t let that stop you from writing another version! ;) – iris)

Archivist’s Note 2: Also Raven22372 was inspired by this challenge, resulting in both a story and a watercolour, entitled Not You.


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