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Fairborn (PG) Print

Written by Paul Price

26 August 2011 | 24652 words

Title: Fairborn
Author: Paul Price
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Faramir & Éowyn

This is a sixteen chapter short novel detailing curious events and various adventures in the twentieth year of Faramir and Eowyn’s marriage. The adventures and events concern them, their children, their friends, the countries of Gondor, Rohan, Dunland, and Harad, and enemies they did not know they had.

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A Prologue

Many events which influenced and impacted the Fourth Age of Middle Earth happened at the end of the Third Age. One of those events was the marriage of Faramir of Gondor and Éowyn of Rohan. This book tells of events twenty years into that fateful marriage. The book concerns not just Faramir and Éowyn, but their children, their household, and their previously unidentified enemies. Additionally, it concerns the people of Middle Earth, both high-born and low, who were impacted by these characters’ actions. Also, the book concerns the Lands of Ithilien, Gondor, Rohan, Dunland, and Harad.

This tale is not on the important and grand scale of the Lord of the Rings, but is worth telling, none the less, to see the changes in character of Faramir and Éowyn during the first twenty years of their marriage. For example, the stern, cold Shield Maiden of Rohan will scarcely be identifiable in the warm, loving Lady of Ithilien. However, some core character traits are not often changed by time and circumstance.

Hopefully, this book gives the reader the opportunity to become acquainted with Faramir and Éowyn’s household members, including their children, and to become re-acquainted with some old friends from the Lord of the Rings.

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About the Author

Paul Price

- I am a retired Federal Auditor who writes for the joy of storytelling or imparting information. I write what I want (music reviews, newsletter articles, etc.) when I want. I learned much about how I do not want to write from my thirty-two years of government service. Currently, I live in Dayton, Ohio.


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