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No Revelry (G) Print

Written by FoxRafer

15 October 2007 | 140 words

Title: No Revelry
Author: foxrafer
Characters: Boromir, Faramir
Rating: G
Warnings: Worrisome thoughts, but nothing super angsty
Disclaimer: All make-believe; the characters belong to Tolkien
Book/Source: LOTR, pre-Fellowship
Author’s Note: Written for the tolkien_weekly “hearing” challenge and the “birthday” words_challenge

Faramir found him in an antechamber off the reception hall. The sounds of the celebration permeated the walls, its steady hum no more than white noise in his ears.

Boromir’s head was bowed, his shoulders stiff with tension. But the grim set of his jaw hurt Faramir the most, as his brother’s smile could brighten any room and lighten all moods.

Birthdays were meant to be joyous occasions, but today the constant struggles and obligations wore heavily on his mind. Faramir sat beside him, ready to listen to Boromir’s worries, hoping his presence would help soothe his brother’s troubled spirit.

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