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Worth of A Brother / Payback Is A Bitch (NC-17) Print

Written by Sivan Shemesh

22 December 2006 | 2324 words

Beta: Manon for part 1; Eryn for part 2
Type: FPS
Pairing: Faramir/Boromir
Warning: Crackfic! Rape, incest, angst, violence, character death = cruel death!!! – You’ve been warned; don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Disclaimer: They did not belong to me.
Timeline: AU.
Summary: Following his father’s orders makes Boromir prove that he is the chosen son of Denethor.

First part written for the 2005 Secret Santa Fic Swap.

Second part written for the 2006 Midwinter Swap.

Request by Bell Witch: Ideas: Faramir with human partner, known in canon, darkfic. Violence and non-con are fine, incest fine for darkfic. Even orcs and other creepy things are fine (must be the season.) For a lighter fic, still prefer Faramir with human partner. Not into sappy romance but I do read sweet things too (I’m so ashamed.) Aragorn, Éomer. Do not like Boromir/Faramir for anything like healthy relationship. Incest=darkfic to me. Smut not required, certainly.

NB: Please note that if you want to participate in one of our Swaps, you are required to write a story for the request you are assigned, and for that request only. Recycling old stories, or combining two assignments from two different exchanges like Sivan has done here, is not acceptable.

Part 1: Worth of A Brother


“I have a request for you my son,” Denethor said and had a cunning smile upon his face.

“What is it father? I would do everything that you ask,” Boromir said with gleam in his eyes.

“I want you to find out if there is anything about your brother that would deem him worthy to keep alive. Is he, in fact, even your brother? I have always had my doubts.” Denethor looked at Boromir. “I do not care how you do this, but find out what you can,” Denethor said, his voice dark and menacing.

Boromir walked to his brother’s room and entered without knocking.

“What? What are you doing in my room?” Faramir asked, noticing the smile that was on his brother’s face.

“I am here, by the request of my father,” Boromir answered, and came even closer to his brother.

“My? I thought that he was mine too…” Faramir asked confused, and kept staring at Boromir.

“Well… you see, little brother… father is not so sure, and has asked me to find out if there is any value in keeping you alive,” Boromir hissed at his brother, and started to unbutton his shirt.

“Am I nothing to you?” Faramir asked him as he approached Boromir, searching for sympathy.

“For that, brother, I need to check…” Boromir answered Faramir, his eyes cold.

Faramir stopped where he was, and watched as his brother came closer at him. He was not prepared when Boromir punched him, and the last thing he remembered was the vicious look on Boromir’s face as he lost consciousness.

Faramir woke slowly, blinking several times till his sight cleared. He was surprised to find that his hands were tied tightly to a ring on the wall.

“W… what?” he asked weakly, his mouth dry.

“I see that you have finally awoken…” Boromir hissed at him, and began to strike Faramir, his cold eyes showing no mercy as he struck his brother repeatedly.

Faramir could see the change his brother; it seemed as if Boromir had become like their father – a father who had ceased to show any love for him once their mother had died.

“You have changed,” Faramir said quietly before lowering his head. It was then that he noticed that he was naked.

“You are so young and innocent but father does not love you, and neither do I,” Boromir coldly said to him and spat on his brother.

Faramir stared at his brother. He could feel the anger burning inside of him, though he did not believe that his brother hated him. He knew that since their mother died his father did, never showing him any signs of love or care. But he refused to believe that his brother hated him as well.

Boromir untied the ropes and then turned Faramir around, smashing Faramir’s face upon the wall. Boromir could smell the fresh blood and, leaning in, he started to lick at the blood that was trickling down Faramir’s face. At the same time he unlaced his breeches, allowing his hard cock to spring free.

Boromir’s hands cupped Faramir’s butt, and he pushed his cock into the tight entrance, not caring about the pain he was causing his brother.

Faramir felt the burning as his body was breached and tried to pull away, but Boromir stopped him, hitting him on the side of the head.

“No… please stop…” Faramir begged. The pain was terrible and made him feel ill, and he wished that his brother would stop it.

Boromir showed no mercy as he thrust inside of his brother, gripping Faramir’s cock in his hand and stroking it hard with every thrust.

“You are hurting me… please stop…” Faramir begged again, but it did not help as Boromir continued with what he was doing.

“No… please… just stop…” Faramir whispered, and tried to fight against his brother.

Boromir saw his brother’s movement and slapped him hard across the face, not caring about the flowing blood, not caring about his brother’s cries as he brutally raped him.

Faramir continued to fight for his life, but his attempts became more and more feeble as his strength failed him.

“I hate you…” Faramir said angrily, still weakly trying to retaliate.

“It is mutual, brother… I have always hated you. I only pretended that I loved you…” Boromir spat at him, and slapped Faramir so hard that he fell unconscious.

Boromir never stopped; he continued to rape his brother and hitting him. It was enough to awaken Faramir, but Boromir hit his brother further, his mind controlled by rage.

“You never loved me? What… what was I for you… then?” Faramir asked as he gritted his teeth, once again feeling anger burn inside of him. And there was sadness too, for now he did believe that Boromir hated him

Boromir moved fast inside Faramir, prolonging the torture, and answered as he moaned in pleasure, “Nothing but a pet, soon you will be prey…”

“Why… why do you not kill me…?” Faramir asked. Death was preferable than suffering this torture.

“It will come…” Boromir answered.

Boromir continued to rape him, coming hard inside his brother. He then pulled out and turned his brother around, pushing him down to the cold floor. He grabbed Faramir’s head and forced Faramir to suck his cock.

Faramir wished that he would die. How much pain could he take, he did not know.

Two minutes later, Boromir threw Faramir to the floor, and called for his father.

“Well, my son – does he live? Or is he to die?” Denethor asked.

“To die, father, only to die,” Boromir answered and smiled at his father.

“Tell me, have the wargs received their food today?” Denethor asked, returning Boromir’s smile.

“I do not think so father,” Boromir said with a curious look on his face.

“Then, my son,” Denethor said, and pointed to Faramir as he continued, “Then, you should let the wargs have something to fight for… for they are hungry…” he smiled, and then he laughed so hard till his sides ached.

Boromir knew his cue, and ordered the guards to take Faramir’s weak body and to throw him into the wargs’ cage.

The guards did as they were told and threw Faramir over to the beasts, while father and son watched from a safe place, laughing and enjoying the scene of the creatures eating Faramir alive.

Part 2: Payback Is A Bitch


1 day later…

Boromir lay on his bed, ready to rest after the day he had; raping then killing his own brother.

He smiled as he remembered his brother being eaten alive; the sight please both him and his father. He smiled again as he closed his eyes.

And then something was attacking him; attacking his mind!

Boromir jerked his eyes open and tried to calm his harsh breathing. He could feel the sweat on his face and he wiped it away before returning to sleep, hoping that this nightmare would go away.

But the nightmare had only begun as Faramir’s tormented spirit returned to claim retribution…and Faramir did not care what would remain of his brother that he loved once.

Boromir felt his clothes being torn from his body and he could feel the pain, but not a single word left his mouth.

Boromir stared in shock at Faramir’s spirit, his eyes begging him to stop. But Faramir not bother to look as he continued what he started; he wanted his brother to feel what he had done to him.

Boromir could not recall how the chains came to tighten around his hands and legs or how he came to lay on his belly…be he was afraid he knew what was to come.

He could feel the first burn slice his skin and he shouted and began to yell, urging him to stop. Nevertheless, it continued, including invisible whips he could feel touching his back, leaving red marks in its wake.

He kept apologizing to the spirit to be easy on him, but Faramir kept on with his revenge.

“Why are you doing this to me?” Boromir asked him.

“You know why,” Faramir’s thickened voice answered him as he pierced Boromir’s back with another swing of the whip he held.

Boromir cried as the pain filled his body.

“But I love you,” Boromir said to him, hoping that the spirit would believe to his words.

“No, you did not love me, you pretended to be… you told me that once before… you raped and hit me!” Faramir snarled at him with anger and punched him with no mercy.

The next morning, Boromir found himself staring blearily; his eyes were unfocused and his body still burned from the rape last night.

He walked over to wash himself, needing to see where the burning pain was.

He could see the black and blue dark bruises that showed on his skin and he noticed the considerable amount of blood that dripped off his body. He shuddered at the sight as he washed it away, not able to stop thinking of what had happened.

Then Boromir dressed slowly, knowing that every step he took would cause pain.

Denethor noticed how slowly his son moved and asked him with worry in his eyes, “Has something happened to you?”

“I… I do not know,” Boromir replied, still shaky, as he tried to calm his body. “I had this hurtful nightmare last night.”

“Hurtful nightmare… explain yourself,” Denethor scanned his son’s face, noticing how Boromir wrapped his arms around his body to stave off the shivering.

Boromir stared at his father; not knowing if he should reveal everything that he saw in his nightmare.

“I could see Faramir,” Boromir said and stared at his father, noticing how he raised his eyebrows before he continue. “His spirit tortured me as I tortured him before he died.”

“Are you saying that Faramir’s spirit is now haunting this place?” Denethor asked with concern in his eyes.

Boromir stared at him and simply nodded.

“Where did it hurt you?” Denethor asked, wanting to comfort him.

“Everywhere,” Boromir answered, and then he asked, “Would you watch me at night, in case he comes again?”

“You can count of it, my son.” Denethor slowly moved his hand over Boromir’s shoulder and squeezed it lightly, not wanting to hurt his son.

Later that day…

Denethor tucked his son in bed and he watched him fall asleep…and then he let the tiredness claim him as well.

Boromir screamed for his father to help him, but his father was too asleep to hear him.

Boromir begged and begged though the torture continued with more force than before. The chains were even tighter, stopping blood flow and Boromir panicked when he could not feel his hands anymore..

Then, he felt something wet and hard pushing inside of him.

“Please,” Boromir begged, praying that this torture would stop, as he faced that which he could not take anymore.

“Why should I?” Faramir asked him, and Boromir could see the wicked smile that he gave him.

Boromir shuddered.

Faramir continued his act, not caring about his ex-brother; the one who violated him, and raped him so brutality.

Boromir started to cry for his father to help him as he could not bear the pain that burned inside him.

It hurt too much! He could smell his own blood; fresh droplets oozing from new wounds.

And his father, even his father could not help him! He was still locked in his nightmare and Faramir showed him how his father just sat there, sleeping, seemingly not caring at all of his beloved son’s fate.

Boromir could feel the rage strengthening his weak body. He yearned to wake and blame his father! He wanted him to take some part of the torture he was going through.

Faramir smiled as he licked his lips.

He saw how Boromir hit the man that he once called ‘father’. He smiled with pleasure as Boromir and Denethor beat each other and then he began to torture the mind of Boromir.

“I thought that you said loved you more than me, and now what?” Faramir asked him, testing the mind of his brother.

No answer came and Faramir continued with wicked words, “Now it is my time for payback, and you are the one I most want to torture with no mercy.”

“Why? Why me?” Boromir asked him with innocent eyes.

“Because if you did love me you would have protected me from him! But you did not, you followed his orders, and that is why you are going to pay,” Faramir answered, and then he continued, “Payback is a bitch, is it not sweet?”

The End!

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Thank you for writing for me. And a prequel, too…

— Bell Witch    Saturday 23 December 2006, 3:14    #

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