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Written by colonelduckie

08 January 2008 | 233 words

First his mother then is brother and his father as well. He was alone.

Until the day he met Éowyn. She too was wounded in the war. They spent many days together. He took her around Gondor when the pair of them felt well enough to leave the Houses of Healing.

“You see that tree over there?” he asked her one day. “Yes,” she responded with a smile. “I spent many days reading there. The sunlight was always the best there. Come,” he motioned for her to follow him.

He sat on the tree and made room for Éowyn to sit beside him. She smiled at him then they kissed in the setting sun.

Faramir turned pink as the setting sun. “Will you be my wife?” he asked quietly.

Éowyn let out a little laugh; she could tell he was nervous. “Yes, of course,” they kissed. He held her against his chest, they looked to the heavens.

A tear fell down the fair maiden’s cheek. “Even though my parents died when I was child I wish they could be here for our wedding.”

“At least your brother will be there.” Faramir’s head hung even when talking of Éomer it reminded him of his own brother, Boromir.

She brushed a tear away from his cheek. “Our parents, and my brother will be at out wedding, you uncle too, and all those close to us.”

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