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A Friend if You Like? (G) Print

Written by AlexanderW

05 August 2009 | 127 words

Pairing: Faramir/Beregond
Summary: Drabble100 based on the prompt “friends”
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the Tolkien Estate, I am merely borrowing them for non-profit

A smallish child, running through the halls bumps into a Tower Guard. Falling backwards, the guard just about catches the child before he hits his head on the cold marble floors. The child looks up incredulously, then whispers quietly,

“Thank you.”

The guard looks back with a concerned expression, worried for the child.

“And your name is, young lord?”

The child tilts his head slightly, surveying the young guard – he doesn’t recognize him – he must be new then.

“I’m Faramir, who are you?”

The guard looked surprised, but then smiled at the question.

“I’m Beregond, a friend if you like?”

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4 Comment(s)

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What a sweet story. It isn’t easy to say so much with so few words. Well done. Thank you.

— Ingrid    5 August 2009, 23:08    #

Nice story, but too short. I want more.

— Anastasiya    7 August 2009, 12:19    #

a wonderful story! Or better Drabble ^^ makes me smile and squeel happily. I can so imagine it^^ and it’s nice that Faramir has a nice friend from then on ^^

— Gemenice    9 August 2009, 07:11    #

Thanks Ingrid! I wasn’t sure how this would turn out, so I’m pleased you like it

I can see your point Anastasiya, it is quite short and I do have some plans for this, but they’re quite unformulated at the moment – glad you like it though :)

And Gemenice, thank you very much! – I’m happy you could see this happening, just like I could when I wrote it

— AlexanderW    9 August 2009, 15:53    #

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About the Author


Hi, I must say, I am bit of a rubbish writer, even if my imagination is in the right place! But I hope anything I write is enjoyable to read for those who read it.

I’m very much into Faramir/Aragorn or Faramir/Beregond (which there not enough of!) and a nice bit of slash would be most appreciated

Feel free to leave messages and criticisms – as feedback is how I get better


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