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  • Loreley (Grief and Hope) At least once a year I come back to this truly wonderful, beautifully written story. Sometimes I wonder whether or not I misremember its compelling tone, fascinating characterizations or moving story line – silly me! From the very first sentence I’ve been drawn in without fail every single time. I …

    19 October 2019, 18:46

  • Romanse (The Gifts in Small Packages) I love the quality of your writing. It is emotionally deep and there are plenty of places in this story that simply shine beautifully! That being said, I would be lying if I said I liked your version of Pippen here. I don’t. His obsession with …

    6 October 2019, 05:10

  • Blondie (Guestbook) Am still enjoying your site, please keep it😍

    19 August 2019, 22:08

  • comrade hannah (Seeking) it’s so cute i love it

    25 July 2019, 23:18

  • comrade hannah (Faramir's Second Chance) I really like the whole concept of Faramir being adopted by Elrond, it’s so cute

    22 July 2019, 23:50

  • comrade hannah (Elves, Orcs and the Road to Recovery) It’s really great and I love it apart from the spanking bits but I’ll just grin and bare it. the idea of Faramir being adopted by thranny d is so cute and I love it.

    20 July 2019, 23:16

  • Treedweller (War of the Wizards) Me again. I’ve just read the entire series up to here for the third time. It looks like this has been abandoned? Alas, so many of us are dying to find out what happens! Thank you for your work and for sharing it with us.

    14 June 2019, 14:27

  • sian22 (Forging Old Links Into New ) what a delight to see this here…congrats

    23 May 2019, 17:04

  • LCD (Unholy Light) The first time in my life I beg for winter’s month to come back) Please, December, let us enjoy the next chapter, don’t stop your breathtaking storytelling.

    22 May 2019, 08:18

  • Eve (Unholy Light) Will you countine this story, dear December?

    12 May 2019, 18:11

  • Tora (Wishful Thinking under the Summer Stars) I have read… wait, no, I have devoured your writing just now. Yes devoured, because it was like sitting at the finest feast ever laid out to men and elves. The metaphors you used were just beautiful, I am sure Elrond himself would be proud to have them written in …

    29 March 2019, 20:08

  • Cornelia (Wishful Thinking under the Summer Stars) After this story I’d plucked up my courage and went to the tattoo artist. Now I wear faramir’s name on my left arm, it was written by tengwar. Thank you the inspiraton. You write beautiful.

    21 February 2019, 11:21

  • Treedweller (Shattered illusions) Wow! …Please don’t tell me this was never finished?

    8 February 2019, 11:32

  • December (Sweet Disbelief) Thank you so much, Liza, what a beautiful thing to say!

    3 February 2019, 11:10

  • Liza (Sweet Disbelief) Somewhere in the middle of the story, tears started to run upon my face. I’ve been reading a lot of books, and sories sofar, but you write the most beautiful way, use beautiful pictures and words to discribe love. I’m thankful to you to play with Tolkien’s characters, and make …

    2 February 2019, 13:41

  • Treedweller (Hope in the Hiding, or "Bad Kitty" ) I like be your stories, too. It’s been 9 years; are you still writing?

    2 February 2019, 00:28

  • Treedweller (Beginnings & Endings) Please, was this ever finished?? I’m enjoying it so much!! Please tell me it has an ending… :0

    1 February 2019, 23:44

  • Treedweller (Out of Memory and Time) Wow! … Wow. I spent the entire day reading this from start to finish; so intriguing I simply could not put it down. You did an amazing job! I know it’s been over ten years since you wrote this, but I hope you still get …

    26 January 2019, 10:11

  • Treedweller (The Star-Tree) Thank you again, as always! Wonderful writing.

    26 January 2019, 04:33

  • Treedweller (Paying the Piper) You could have kept this story going on and on and we your readers would have been thoroughly entertained the entire time! Thanks for your work.

    26 January 2019, 04:00

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