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  • December (To See You Again) Thanks so much iris! Yes, l’ve begun working on that, but who knows if it will ever see the light of day, given all the other stories l should be finishing first… Oops. This place is very special to me. It feels like home. Everyone who comes here, l already know they …

    17 August 2018, 12:25

  • iris (To See You Again) Thank you so much for taking the time to also post here — so nice to see something new! Your Faramir is adorable as always! Here’s hoping for a sequel because these two need to be reunited!

    16 August 2018, 13:52

  • December (All Colours are Born of Grey) Aww, Lizzy, what big, generous things to say! Funnily enough, the sort of love l write about is, l think, not the best for us regular people. l used to chase love like that, but now l prefer to be loved like Rosie by Sam :) As for an original book, since …

    16 August 2018, 10:03

  • Lizzy (All Colours are Born of Grey) If I be in love with somebody someday, I want to be it like as in your stories. Why don’t you write books?

    14 August 2018, 15:52

  • Kayla (Ablutions) HEY I cried, this is so wonderful and so painful and I love it.

    8 August 2018, 03:05

  • December (To See You Again) Lizzy, thank you so much!

    4 August 2018, 01:25

  • Lizzy (To See You Again) Always amazing!

    3 August 2018, 21:52

  • raven22307 (Thou shalt not mix business with pleasure, Part II) Thank you so much! So glad this little fic is still around! :)

    30 July 2018, 06:19

  • Susana (Thou shalt not mix business with pleasure, Part II) I liked this! Thank you for drawing and sharing.

    30 July 2018, 02:42

  • December (The Silver Crown's Temptation) Thank you Lizzy! I guess being in love with Faramir is pretty much the sole reason l write, teehee…

    16 June 2018, 11:08

  • Lizzy (The Silver Crown's Temptation) I love the style you write. It’s very beautiful. When I read your work, I fall in love with Faramir again. Thank you.

    9 June 2018, 11:26

  • Meg (The Visitor) Oh wow, love your style of writing, every detail, it’s like I’m there. I wonder what is next!

    23 May 2018, 13:53

  • December (Across the Darkness) Yes, l had first read the story at the time of the swap, don’t know why l hand’t commented? l like this rendition of Eowyn, it rings true. While for Faramir’s benefit l would have preferred to see him with a spouse who would be more sympathetic towards his interpretation of …

    26 April 2018, 16:26

  • Bell Witch (Across the Darkness) Thank you, December. I was very surprised to get a comment so long after the story was written—had to skim it to refresh my own memory. Glad you liked it, and especially those scenes. The transition of Boromir is important, and the scene with Pippin was part of the request—and …

    25 April 2018, 07:08

  • December (Across the Darkness) Hi Bell Witch! Boy, this story makes me hunger for a Swap again! It’s hard to believe that you’ve worked in so much character and plot development, and around such a difficult and complex topic, in such a short amount of time! I especially liked how you did the parts where …

    23 April 2018, 12:08

  • December (Of the First Joining) Hi Geale! Thoroughly enjoyed the story, thank you for sharing! Among the other things, I really, really love the style! I can see why you would call it a parody, but in saying that it does ring very true to the original – or even more so to what the original …

    23 April 2018, 03:56

  • December (The King, the Prince and the Steward ) I love the complex premise of this story, you work so many different needs and considerations by three very different people into such a concise piece of writing, impressive! I’d be very curious to see how this develops if you ever consider continuing, as from here it could go any …

    23 April 2018, 03:31

  • Blondie (Guestbook) Hi, im so happy this site still excists.

    7 April 2018, 11:19

  • December (The Gifts in Small Packages) Screams. How did l miss all these lovely comments? Wasn’t seeing the notification somehow? This treasure was sitting here waiting for me all this time! Anyway. hals_hallow wow thank you so much, that some very generous praise! Yes, it’s definitely an interesting challenge, given Pippin’s position provides a rather limited view. …

    6 April 2018, 08:53

  • December (The Silver Crown's Temptation) Thank you so much bell witch!

    6 April 2018, 08:38

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