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A Heart’s Wager (NC-17) Print

Written by Lucky

21 June 2008 | 6889 words

Title: A Heart’s Wager
Author: Getty
Pairing: Haldir/Legolas/Faramir
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: AU
Author’s Notes: As always I could not have done this without my beloved IgnobleBard, he gave more of himself for this story than I ever dared ask. His wise guidance kept me going when I hit that blank wall called writer’s block. He knows my mind better than I do and always helps me to write clearly. I will forever be a better writer because of him. Thanks also go out to Oshun, who kindly gave of her time too, helping craft this into a true love story.
Disclaimer: This story is a work of fanfiction based on the works of J.J.R. Tolkien and is intended for entertainment purposes only.

Written for the 2008 Midsummer Swap.

Request by Angelstar3999: I would like a story where Faramir is being fought over by two elves (Haldir/Legolas, Glorfindel/Thranduil, Erestor/Elrond, Celeborn/?-you decide what two elves you want to use) Make it a THREESOME please and have Faramir be a submissive, but not a push over in the relationship. Please have a Happy ending. (bonding, marriage-your choice)

“Look, Haldir, over there.”

Legolas turned to look as his mate walked up beside him.


“There,” Legolas hissed, nodding his head over in the direction of the book stacks, “standing on that stool, shelving a book.”

“Look how his black hair flows down his back, contrasting so beautifully with his fair skin. He must be royalty,” Haldir breathed reverently.

“Nonsense, he must be the librarian. What nobleman would be shelving his own book?”

“A nobleman who is also a reader,” Haldir laughed.

Faramir slid the book neatly in place and perused the rest of the books on the shelf. He reached for a volume, drew his hand back, and gazed thoughtfully at the next shelf down before making his selection. He pulled the book out and stepped down, turning to see two Elves watching him from across the room. With regal restraint he managed not to sigh. What could they want in the library? He came here for the solitude, to relax in his favorite chair by the window that looked out onto a garden courtyard two stories below. All he wanted was a little quiet time away from the tumult of dignitaries visiting the city for trade negotiations, and now two of them were his library, disturbing what should be his private time. He dropped his eyes and made for his chair, hoping they would have the good sense to go away.

“Would you like to make a wager of it?” Legolas asked with a grin.

“Certainly, but how shall the matter be decided? Suppose we ask him? If he is a noble, he will be insulted and our negotiations may go ill in our next round of meetings. If he is a librarian, the questioning by two strangers could frighten him and then we might not have the pleasure of making his acquaintance.”

“_Ai_, you think too much, Haldir. Let us observe him a moment and see if he will give himself away.”

Just as Legolas finished speaking, Faramir reached the chair and sat down, opening the book and holding it up as a shield between him and his unwanted guests.

“The matter is settled with ease, for no librarian would ignore patrons by reading in front of them,” Haldir said. “The game is mine.”

“Game? We did not even agree to the wager or set terms for the winner,” Legolas laughed.

“The usual terms apply,” Haldir said with a dismissive gesture. “As the winner, I get to make the first overture.”

“And should your overture lead to the usual result, who shall get first taste?” Legolas asked.

“Winner takes all,” Haldir said with a wicked grin.

“You always say that,” Legolas chuckled. “Very well, do as you wish. Yet, if you should meet defeat, I shall be close by to pick up the pieces.”

Faramir heard the light laughter and a blush bloomed upon his cheeks. Probably having a joke at his expense, he thought. Well, let them. He would not be goaded into losing his composure by two marvelously turned out, stunningly beautiful Elves. It wasn’t as though he was unfamiliar with the creatures. Their blood ran in his veins after all — though thinly in these latter days.

He pretended not to notice as the silver-haired one wandered casually over to the shelves and began to look at the books. The golden-haired one, meanwhile, seemed to be interested in a map upon the opposite wall. Faramir was reminded uncomfortably of wolves circling prey as the Elves made a show of ignoring him, and each other. He tried to concentrate on the words before him, to show these upstarts he had no interest in whatever game they thought they were playing, but the page might has well have been in Khuzdul for all the sense it made to his wary eyes.

“How interesting,” Haldir said.

“What might that be?” Legolas asked, still idly studying the map.

“This book seems to be of a… romantic nature,” Haldir said.

Legolas snickered. “In the Steward’s library? Are you joking, Haldir?”

“Not at all,” he countered. “The title is ‘A Blushing Rose’ and it is the story of a maiden who is torn by her love for two men.”

Faramir could remain silent no longer. He lowered his book and glared at Haldir. “That book happens to be about gardening, you charlatan,” he said tersely. “I know every book in this library and none of them contain fictional tales.”

Haldir turned to him with a look of mild surprise. “Is that so?” He turned back and flipped the pages of the book. “Why yes, this is about gardening after all. Must be my overdeveloped sense of metaphor that led to the error.”

Legolas rolled his eyes but did not turn around, as he listened to the exchange play out.

“If you are looking for that type of story, I suggest the library on the seventh floor. It is strictly for tales, folktales, and myths.”

“Ah, but why would I wish to seek a fictional tale when the real thing awaits me here?” Haldir said with a wicked grin.

Legolas turned to see the expression on the young man’s face, amused at the crimson that colored his pale cheeks.

“The real thing? I see no maiden here, torn by her love for two…” he trailed off, looking from one Elf to the other, discomfited by their openly suggestive looks. He hastily put his book on the table beside his chair and jumped to his feet. “I must take my leave,” he stammered, and headed for the door.

Legolas managed to swiftly insinuate himself between Faramir and the door while Haldir stepped in behind the young man.

“Forgive my friend’s brash words,” Legolas said smoothly. “He sometimes takes his jests too far. I hope he has not angered you.”

Faramir looked into those brilliantly blue eyes, the color of a cloudless winter morn, and dropped his gaze. “Not at all,” he said quickly. “I just remembered that I must meet with the Steward before supper.” He chanced to look again into Legolas’s eyes. “Now if you’ll excuse me…”

“Yes, of course,” Legolas said, stepping aside. “We are here for the trade council and would like to make your acquaintance under more agreeable circumstances. Will you be at supper tonight?”

A hint of a smile played over Faramir’s lips. “Indeed I shall, but I will be rather busy this week so our acquaintance may not be possible.”

“As you wish,” Legolas said with a slight bow, but his eyes clearly showed his disappointment.

Faramir left and Legolas turned to Haldir just in time to see the trajectory of his gaze — right upon the young nobleman’s bum.

“Well, that went well. You scared him off before I got the chance to ply my wiles,” Legolas huffed.

“He did not seem averse to what wiles you were able to get into that look you gave him,” Haldir grinned.

Legolas grabbed Haldir in a headlock and shook him good-naturedly. “One of us has to keep our eyes on the prize.”

Later that night Faramir walked hesitantly into the Great Hall, which was filled almost to capacity with peoples from many lands. The Elven contingent was at the second table to the Steward’s and Faramir tried to make himself invisible as he slunk in and took his seat to Denethor’s right. His hair was held back with a silver band and he wore his finest tunic, the White Tree depicted upon his chest with silver brocade.

Self-consciously his eyes scanned the Elves’ table and he spotted his two tormentors almost immediately. The golden-haired one was smiling, illuminating the room with his joviality, while the silver-haired one sparkled like a white gem amongst his merry brethren. Relieved that they had not spotted him, he relaxed and took in the rest of the tables. Men from Rohan and the North lands, Dwarves from the mountains, Elves from three realms, even a few of the peoples from Umbar and Harad had answered the call for peace and fair trade. Denethor turned to him and smiled, happy with the beginnings of his council.

“You did an excellent job of spreading the word, my son,” he beamed at Faramir. “Since all this is the result of your years of hard work and diplomacy, I would like you to make the speech.”

Faramir’s face fell and he turned two shades paler. “Oh, no, father. This is your night. The welcome will be held more dear if it comes from the Steward himself.”

Denethor shot him a look of surprise. “Indeed? But you have done so much to make this possible and I am so proud of you, I want you to have the honor.”

Faramir could not refuse, especially since Denethor had already had the herald sound for silence and all eyes were now upon the Steward’s table.

“Tonight is a special night,” Denethor intoned. “A night I must credit to my youngest son whose hard work and determination over the past five years has made this council possible. He has long past convinced me of the importance of this assembly and now I shall let him welcome you in his own words.”

Faramir felt like a deer in the line of a hunter’s arrow as he stood to the applause and smiles of the crowd. Of course the biggest smiles, the ones that drew his gaze inexorably, were those of the two Elves. The golden-haired one leaned over and whispered to his companion and the other frowned briefly, then grinned and applauded with more vigor. Faramir gulped and began to speak. He would never know exactly what he said, so flustered was he, so unable to look away from the Elves whose eyes followed his every move.

Finally, his ordeal was over. He closed with an invitation for all to join in the talks upon the morrow and seated himself as the crowd gave him a happy ovation and the servants began to bring in the food.

All through the meal, Faramir studiously avoided letting his gaze wander to the Elves’ table. At the same time, the two Elves unabashedly stared at him and whispered to each other.

“The Steward’s son? What did you almost get us into?” Legolas asked, aghast.

“Nothing you do not want as well, and do not deny it,” Haldir said with a frown. “How does this change things? Did I not say he must be royalty?”

“I thought him a librarian or, at the most, some minor dignitary, not the son of Gondor’s ruler,” Legolas said. “How dare we now pursue him? A misstep might cost our realms more than trade.”

“Ah, my love, always you see problems where I see opportunities. How much better deal might we strike if we bed him before the council is over? At the very least we will have fond memories to take home with us.”

“Or a place upon the gallows for despoiling and abandoning the Steward’s son. Mortals do not take their pleasures as casually as we Elves.”

“You have been too sheltered, Legolas. Mortals may not appear as causal, but their pleasures are the same and their pursuit of them as dedicated as ours.”

“Be that as it may, I shall not join you in your quest this time. I have no wish for my father to have his son’s effects returned to him while my body dangles from a gibbet in a foreign land.”

“You lack an adventurous spirit, dearest,” Haldir said, leaning over to kiss him lightly, “but you make up for it in oh-so-many-other ways.”

Legolas accepted the kiss but he was troubled by Haldir’s determination to pursue the young noble.

After supper, Haldir, against Legolas’s pleas, went to seek for Faramir while Legolas went to the garden courtyard below the library to walk off his anxiety. He feared Haldir would succeed and then he feared what the consequences might be. Alternatively, he feared Haldir would not succeed but the consequences would be just as dire. As he paced, listening to the counsel of the trees, whose song was always of patience through hardship, he came upon a bench placed under a moderately sized beech tree. Upon the bench sat a lone figure, his head in his hands.

Legolas approached cautiously, not wanting to frighten the man for he knew mortals could not hear his movements. Yet just before he got to the figure, the man raised his head and looked up at him.

“Oh, no, not you,” the young man groaned.

“Faramir?” Legolas asked,, struck again by the young man’s beauty, even in his anguish.

“Yes, it is I. It was inevitable that my identity be revealed but I could not bring myself to tell you two in the library today. I’m afraid your friend’s attitude was quite annoying and I did not want to give him the satisfaction of knowing he had bested his host’s son.”

“Haldir can be a bit overbearing at times, but his teasing carries no malice,” Legolas said, sitting down on the bench beside Faramir. “I apologize for disturbing your rest today. I can see you have much on your mind. This council is most important. It will be the first time some of these lands have ever sent representatives in the pursuit of peace.”

“Thank you, and I accept your apology,” Faramir said. “Truth be told, I was quite taken with you both when you walked into the library today. You are so natural together. Pardon me if this is indelicate but you seem to be a couple.”

Legolas smiled. “We are indeed, though even Elves who have pledged themselves to one another do not confine their pleasures solely to their partners. We are free to include others in our unions if we wish. Now you must pardon me if this is indelicate but we were both smitten with you when we saw you today. We even had a little wager going as to which of us might be the first to capture your fancy.”

Faramir smiled awkwardly. “You give me a difficult choice but I will say only this. I hope you were the winner.”

Legolas laughed, and clapped the young man on the back. Faramir started at the unexpected contact, then laughed as well.

“Forgive me, I am not usually this jumpy,” Faramir said. “It is only because I do fancy you that I find myself out of my depth. Though I have dreamed of sharing the kind of love you and Haldir share, never have I known another in this way.”

Legolas’s eyebrows shot up. “You must be younger than I thought.”

Faramir shook his head. “No, that is not the reason. I have no interest in the women of the court and so I have channeled my efforts into the security and prosperity of my homeland.”

“Ah, then I have judged you correctly,” Legolas said. “As the son of a King I also have spent my fair share of years tending to my duties as Prince. It is a function of this duty that brings me to your council. Yet it is a privilege to have the opportunity to serve my people in this way, and it poses no hardship to my relationship with Haldir, other than the times we must part. For his realm is Lothlórien and he has responsibilities he must often tend there.”

“It must be difficult to find ways to be together,” Faramir said.

“At times, but being immortal does have its advantages,” Legolas grinned.

“You are lucky to have found one worthy of eternity,” Faramir replied.

“One thing immortality teaches are that many are worthy, even those who have not eternity to spare.”

Legolas looked into Faramir’s eyes, silver-grey in the light of the new summer moon. Faramir gazed at him with such melting adoration that Legolas, unable to hold back, was moved to kiss him. The young man’s soft, full lips met his with hesitant curiosity, then with more eagerness as the moment grew. Legolas parted his lips, his tongue gently seeking entrance which Faramir initially denied. Then he grasped the concept and opened to Legolas’s insistent advance.

Just as they began to lose themselves in the moment, they heard a voice ring out.

“So, you beg me to be discrete and now I see why. You planned to run the prey to ground yourself, Legolas,” Haldir sneered.

The two jumped apart and Legolas spun around to see Haldir standing there, as angry as he’d ever seen him.

“This is not how it looks…” Legolas began. “Well, it is how it looks but not what you think.”

“It is clear enough what is going on,” Haldir said. “Oh, you were so worried about pursuing him for fear of the repercussions. I knew you wanted him but I never thought you would be so underhanded as to sneak around behind my back!”

“Underhanded?” Legolas shot back, angered. “Had you not been so arrogant today I would not have been so concerned about our pursuit turning out badly. I admit I let my desire for him get the better of me, but that has nothing to do with our earlier wager.”

Faramir looked back and forth between the two angry Elves, confused and angered himself. He had thought Legolas truly desired him but now, to see him angry, to hear him speak of again of the wager, Faramir felt like he had in the library, that they were playing a game with him. It hurt his heart to be the cause of dissention between the two, but also the knowledge that he was nothing more than a momentary amusement to them.

He jumped to his feet. “You needn’t fight over me. I am sorry for any misunderstanding but your game is over. Both of you lose. Good night!” He took his leave while the two stunned Elves glared at each other. A heavy silence fell.

At last, Haldir spoke. “It seems your attempt to undermine me has gone awry. I hope you are happy, Legolas.”

“Haldir, truly you are an ass at times,” Legolas growled. He stalked off, leaving the nonplussed Elf standing alone in the romantically moonlit garden.

The next day found the two Elves in similar foul moods. Faramir managed to avoid the beginnings of the council with the excuse of seeing to a security matter for fear of having to face them across the negotiation table. At last he was forced to attend, only to find the realms of Lothlórien, Mirkwood, and Rohan in a battle over horses and lumber. He listened to the arguments until his head began to ache, then insisted the combatants leave their debate until the next day. As the meeting broke up, he saw that the two Elves parted at the door without a glance at each other. He sighed and started to his quarters. He would have a glass of wine, do a little reading and turn in early. What chance had his trade talks if the two bonded Elves could not set aside their differences over him?

As he wandered the hall, despondent and cheerless, Haldir happened to be approaching from the opposite direction. Faramir saw him and tried to duck into a nearby antechamber but the door was locked. He cursed his own security measures as he rattled the door then looked up to see Haldir standing beside him.

“Having a problem?” Haldir asked.

“No. No I’m not,” Faramir said. “I was just checking to make sure my order to lock all the doors down this hall was followed.”

“It seems it has been,” Haldir observed dryly.

Faramir turned and found himself almost chest to chest with Haldir. Why did these blasted Elves have to stand so close?

“Um… Well, I must be going,” he said, trying to edge around the tall Elf.

“Of course,” Haldir said, stepping aside.

Faramir went to continue down the hall and Haldir called after him, “I want you to know, Faramir, it was not a game.”

Faramir was brought up short by the Elf calling him by name. “What was it then?” he asked without turning around.

“It was me being jealous of you,” Haldir said softly.

Faramir turned then and he saw the sorrow in Haldir’s eyes. He hesitated a moment. “What did you say?”

“I was jealous,” Haldir said, approaching Faramir who felt rooted to the spot by the Elf’s admission. “Always before, our games had been simple amusement, a way to keep our relationship fresh. But when I saw you with Legolas I realized it was more.” He shrugged.

Faramir tilted his head and regarded Haldir skeptically. “More?”

Haldir blushed deeply and Faramir decided he liked this look more than the haughty demeanor he’d seen from Haldir before.

“Yes, more,” Haldir said, a slight edge to his voice. “When I saw you and Legolas kiss, I feared he might… I heard what he said about you being worthy of eternity and I was afraid, for I feel the same way about you.”

Faramir didn’t know what to say. He stood motionless for a long moment, breathing in the scent of the Elf who, again, was standing uncomfortably close.

“I do not know of these things. I thought I knew the ways of Elves, from my studies and my occasional dealings with them, but this… interest in me is entirely new. I have deflected the attentions of others for many years, out of duty and… reluctance I suppose. Now I see in you two…” A group of men rounded the corner, talking and gesturing in an animated manner. Faramir fell silent, nodding and smiling to them as they passed. When they had disappeared down the hall he said to Haldir, “Come with me, I would prefer to have this discussion in a less public place.”

“Indeed, as would I,” Haldir agreed. “Lead the way.”

Faramir led him through halls and up flights of stairs until they found themselves again at the library where they had first sighted each other. When they walked in Faramir closed the door behind them and started to lead him back behind the shelves. Just then, the door opened and both turned to see Legolas enter.

“I saw you two come in here,” he said, closing the door. “I hope you don’t mind if I join you.”

Faramir’s heart pounded, both at the sight of Legolas and at the worry that he might witness another dust- up between the Elves.

“Not at all,” Haldir said. “I was apologizing and explaining myself to young Faramir and I need to add an apology to you as well.”

“What for?” Legolas asked.

“For not trusting you, for letting my jealousy get the better of my reason, and for not being honest with you about my feelings for this young mortal,” Haldir said contritely.

Legolas looked at Faramir. “I too have feelings for him, I will not deny it. But how can you think that would change anything between you and I after all these years?”

“I am a fool to have even let the possibility enter my mind,” Haldir said.

Faramir saw a gentle glow begin to envelop each of them, growing brighter as he watched. The glow surrounding them brightened and expanded, reaching toward the other. He watched in fascination as their auras touched then slowly parted and dimmed until they were once again just two Elves standing in a musty library. His Elven blood was stirred by the display and his heart was captivated to see what perhaps no other mortal had ever witnessed, the love bond of two Elves.

For a moment he felt himself superfluous. They were perfect together; he had no place in their lives. Then they both turned to him and he gulped to find himself the focus of twin predatory gazes.

“What say you, Faramir? Have you any objections to joining in union with us?” Legolas asked.

“For one night or forever, whatever you wish.” Haldir added.

“What is the wager this time?” Faramir quipped, trying to lighten the atmosphere to cover his nervousness.

Legolas closed the distance between them and Haldir followed suit so they were standing within inches of Faramir. Legolas looked deeply into the young man’s eyes. “No more gambling for affection,” he said. “A heart’s wager is its readiness to risk all to find its mate. Our hearts gambled together and won long ago.” He put his arm around Haldir’s shoulders. “Since then we have wagered much but risked little. Now we find ourselves willing to risk all again, for you. We only await your answer.”

Faramir felt his pulse quicken and he inhaled sharply as he considered the offer of these Elves. He thought of his father, of his duty to Gondor. How could he commit himself to this bond? Yet Boromir was the heir. Boromir, who even now was in Osgiliath tending to the troublesome matter of recent orc raids upon the surrounding villages. He would be the one to take over once Denethor was gone, and there would be no better Steward than he, for no one loved Gondor and its people more. Faramir could tend to diplomacy and trade but it was Boromir who would lead the country to greatness unmatched since ancient times.

Faramir’s eyes traveled from one Elf to the other, their grey depths lighting like the sun on upon a river as he made his decision. “I know I can only be a moment within your eternal bond, but I would like to be the best moment you will ever have,” he said with a hesitant smile.

Both Elves beamed at him with such sincere joy he knew at once he had made the right choice. Haldir kissed him and, remembering his earlier lesson with Legolas, Faramir parted his lips to allow Haldir to explore. Meanwhile, Legolas pushed aside his thick black hair and blew gently in his ear. The feelings that raced through him in response to these attentions were like none he had ever known. It was as though every emotion he had ever felt had met in his heart and exploded in a rainbow of unutterable bliss.

He was dimly aware that the laces of his tunic and trousers were being tugged loose, that a hand was touching his belly beneath his tunic, traveling upward. He grew bolder, sending his tongue into the fray, dueling with Haldir’s as soft, wet kisses dappled his neck.

Haldir broke away with difficulty, for Faramir was loath to relinquish his lips having discovered the eroticism of a simple kiss. Haldir smiled at him as Faramir blushed like a maiden and lowered his eyes. “Pace yourself, my sweet, we have only begun,” he teased, helping Legolas remove the young man’s tunic.

Legolas moved behind, wrapping his arms around Faramir’s torso and feasting on his neck while Haldir nibbled down his chest and latched onto a nipple, sucking gently. Faramir gasped and let his head fall back on Legolas’s shoulder, giving the Elf room to nuzzle warmly into the crook of his neck. Legolas splayed his hands and moved them down Faramir’s belly, swirling the small hairs below his navel with the tips of his fingers. As he slipped beneath Faramir’s waistband, however, the young man raised his head, stiffening and placing a staying hand firmly upon his.

“Please, I…” Faramir began.

“Relax, Faramir,” Legolas whispered in his ear. “Do not fear. We shall be gentle.” Faramir complied as though in a trance, the tension in his muscles loosening at the Elf’s soothing words.

With a wicked grin, Haldir went to his knees, easing down Faramir’s leggings, massaging the outside of Faramir’s thighs as he gazed upon the beautiful sight before him. As rosy as the young man’s blushing cheeks his manhood swelled before Haldir’s keen gaze and the Elf leaned in, his breath ghosting over the sensitive organ. Faramir’s arousal surged to full hardness, pulsing mere inches from Haldir’s lips, and those lips parted, taking him in with eagerness. Faramir gasped, his eyes widening as Legolas held him in place, stroking him, gentling him, as the young man trembled in his arms.

Haldir worked magic with his tongue as Legolas kissed Faramir’s shoulders and toyed with his nipples. The pleasure that flooded Faramir could not be long denied and within moments he was spilling himself into the Elf’s willing mouth. He shuddered mightily and went limp in Legolas’s arms but Haldir was not done with him yet. He rose and kissed Faramir, letting him taste his passion as well as his own seed. Faramir groaned and reached for him when he drew back, but Haldir just stroked his damp cheek and smiled.

“Is it always like this?” Faramir moaned.

“Always with Haldir,” Legolas chuckled.

“Often better with Legolas,” Haldir said, giving his mate a wry grin.

Legolas smiled in acknowledgement. “Always the flatterer, my love.”

After a moment, Faramir found himself able to stand without support, but as the pleasure ebbed he realized he was standing naked in the library with two clothed Elves. A wave of humiliation struck him and he turned red from head to toe, his hands moving to cover himself.

“Perhaps there is a place a bit more… comfortable, we can repair to for the rest of the night,” Haldir suggested, glancing at the unlocked door.

“There’s more?!” Faramir blurted in surprise and the two Elves burst into uncontrolled peals of delighted laughter.

Faramir was red as an Orodruin sunset by the time the two got their mirth under control.

“Oh, much, much more!” Legolas said, turning Faramir in his arms and pulling him into a fervent kiss.

It wasn’t long before Faramir was able to pull himself together enough to hastily lead them to a wing of the palace that once acted as guard’s quarters. Though no longer used as such, there were several smaller rooms within the wing that had been equipped with soft beds for guard captains visiting from outlying areas of the realm. Servants tended the quarters weekly but the area was not guarded because its entrance was hidden within a maze of dizzying hallways and unprepossessing passages.

Faramir chose a room and the three entered, Faramir with a guilty glance around as though afraid of being seen. He closed the door and turned to the two with a sigh.

“Forgive my caution but I fear our tryst might cause unwanted tongue wagging that the talks can ill afford,” he said.

“We understand,” Legolas said.

“Yes, it would not go well for our realms if this were discovered,” Haldir agreed.

A moment passed and then Faramir gave them an expectant look. “Did you say there was more?” he asked.

The two Elves nodded seriously and began to stalk forward as one, the look in their eyes unmistakable. It took all of Faramir’s resolve not to back away as they approached and stood next to him. Breathlessly he asked, “Will you be getting undressed this time?”

Legolas suppressed another outburst of laughter and looked at Haldir. “Shall we oblige our young lover?”

“By all means,” Haldir said.

They faced each other and began to kiss, slowly, tenderly, letting Faramir watch. Then Haldir grasped Legolas by the hair and pulled his head back, kissing his neck passionately, licking and sucking at the smooth, blush-ripening flesh. When he reached the laces of Legolas’s tunic, he seized the ends in his teeth and pulled hard, ripping them loose. At the same time he pushed the garment up from the hem and Legolas raised his arms obligingly while Haldir peeled the tunic off him, attacking his chest, nipping and licking forcefully.

Faramir watched the display, his leggings becoming uncomfortably tight as he took in their rough grappling. Legolas began tugging up Haldir’s tunic, practically tearing it off in his haste, before pawing his smooth chest and back like a wild animal, as Haldir bit his nipple hard, making Legolas gasp. Legolas caught Haldir’s head in his hands and brought him up for a fierce kiss as Haldir unlaced Legolas’s leggings and skinned them down, stroking his turgid arousal.

That was all Faramir needed to see, he could hold back no longer. He stepped forward and with swift, nimble movements freed Haldir’s erection as well, taking him in hand and stroking as he ran his other hand down Legolas’s back to fondle his buttocks. The two Elves came up for air, inclining their heads against Faramir’s, all three panting with excitement.

They linked their arms around each other’s waists, kissing and nuzzling, enjoying the warmth and closeness of the circle they had created, until they all caught their breath. Legolas and Haldir removed their leggings while Faramir stripped off his tunic. Legolas then lifted Faramir under the arms and Haldir pulled off his leggings. Legolas gently set him down and rubbed a hand playfully over his lightly furred chest.

“Now we are all undressed, as you wished, dear Faramir,” he said, kissing him lightly. “Shall we make use of that splendid bed?”

“Oh, yes!” Faramir said with enthusiasm.

Haldir smiled. “It seems our young friend here has conquered his shyness.”

Faramir batted his eyelashes and looked at the floor. Legolas took his hand and together they all walked over to the bed. Faramir sat on the edge with Haldir on one side and Legolas on the other. The two Elves’ erections had subsided but he was still painfully aroused by their proximity, their beauty, and the thought of pleasures to come.

Legolas placed a warm hand upon his back and rubbed in comforting circles as Haldir stroked his neck and kissed his ear.

“It would please me to take you,” Legolas said softly. “Would that please you as well?”

Faramir’s arousal answered before he did, giving a twitching nod as he looked into Legolas’s eyes. “Yes. And I want to please you, both of you. I want to give you everything,” he said sincerely.

“You have already given us the greatest pleasure by agreeing to become part of our lives,” Legolas said,. “This is only a small part of what we wish to share with you.”

Faramir’s heart swelled to hear these words. He could not have imagined, even a day ago, feeling the love he felt for these two Elves. He took the initiative, grasping and stroking Haldir’s semi-hardness while he licked and nibbled the tip of Legolas’s ear. The two Elves responded with twin moans of delight and within moments were as ready as he. They moved to the center of the bed and had Faramir lie on his back, with the two of them on either side. They ravished him with their hands and mouths until he was squirming, each lifting a leg, fingers playing over his taut thighs and firm buttocks.

Haldir’s face filled Faramir’s vision and he closed his eyes as soft kisses sprinkled his cheeks and eyes. Fingers teased his nipples, danced along his navel, traced his quivering ribs. He opened his eyes, looking into Haldir’s face. The Elf studied Faramir’s varying expressions, continuing his gentle, massaging touches while Legolas moved between his thighs, tonguing and suckling his peach-ripe orbs. He went lower and Faramir gasped, raising his head to see the golden crown dip lower, feeling the wet flick against his opening. Instinctively he tensed but Legolas worked tenderly, coaxingly, until he relaxed enough for the Elf to push past the tight muscle.

Faramir let his head fall back, panting, his muscles flexing and relaxing randomly until he began to synchronize with the rhythms of his partners’ touches and tonguing. Soon Legolas replaced his tongue with a finger, probing, slipping in a little at a time. A touch deep within made Faramir spasm and clutch Haldir’s shoulder bruisingly.

“What…?” he began.

In response the touch came again and he cried out, his arousal surging dangerously.

“That is what it will feel like when I am within you, only better,” Legolas promised. He added another finger and Haldir distracted him with a kiss until he was twisting his hips to get Legolas to touch that spot again.

Legolas had Faramir swivel his hips and he moved to position himself. Haldir helped raise Faramir’s leg until he got the idea of what was to happen and kept it raised high. Legolas entered him then and Haldir teased back the young man’s foreskin with his tongue, sliding his mouth over the Faramir’s arousal. Awash in overpowering sensation, time ceased for Faramir as he lay suspended within the love of the two Elves. A pulse like a beating heart thrummed through him as the Elven fëar met with him at their center. He gave a shout, caught in a paroxysm of ecstasy, his release an instant and infinity of the purest joy.

When he came around, as though waking from a dream, he was lying in their arms, stroking smooth skin with trembling fingers, murmuring words he would not later remember… and then he slept.

He awoke, feeling hale and fresh as though he had been riding through a meadow on a spring day. He felt a moment of sadness that his dream was over but then realized he was still lying between the two Elves. They lay propped on their elbows, watching him, and he blinked, then blushed. Legolas twirled a strand of black hair between his fingers while Haldir lifted Faramir’s hand and kissed his fingers one by one.

“Did you rest well, Faramir,” Haldir asked with a grin.

“Very well from the look of him,” Legolas smiled.

“Yes, I daresay I rested well indeed,” Faramir said with a smile of his own.

The talks lasted the rest of the week and, by the time they ended, the realms of Mirkwood and Lothlórien had struck lucrative deals with Rohan and the North lands. Faramir had gone to Denethor and explained his wish to travel with the Elves, for diplomatic reasons, which Denethor welcomed as a boon to Gondor. He was released from his duties and given a commission of three years. Faramir thought this would give him time to work out his future with his new mates.

Faramir was in the stables preparing to leave when Boromir arrived back from his journey to Osgiliath. He dismounted and walked over to see his younger brother saddling his horse.

“I was told you will be traveling to the Elven realms, brother,” he said. “Why do you wish to leave your homeland?”

Faramir started to explain that it was for reasons of diplomacy and how his travels would be good for Gondor, but he could never lie to his brother. “I have found love, Boromir. Me. At last.” He looked up with a shy smile. “Two Elves have captured my heart and I must follow it wherever it may lead.”

He was surprised to see Boromir nod in understanding. “I have always known this life was not for you. Ever have I hoped you would find your destiny and that it would lead you to happiness.”

“So I have,” Faramir replied. “I will return one day, or should Gondor or you ever have need of me. I promise you.”

“A life of service is the duty of those such as us. Your service will be different but no less than mine, forging a life as a mortal among Elves. Your path may be more difficult than you realize, but you have always had the strength to overcome. My blessings go with you, Faramir.”

As they embraced, Haldir and Legolas came into the stables to see to their own mounts.

“This is Haldir, of Lothlórien and Legolas of Mirkwood,” Faramir said by way of introduction. “My friends, and my mates.”

The Elves raised their eyebrows but Boromir shook their hands and wished them all well. He left the stables with a backward wave which Faramir returned with a bittersweet smile.

“An old life ends, a new one begins,” Faramir said thoughtfully.

“Which is as it should be,” Legolas said.

They mounted and rode away as the sun rose in the brilliant summer sky. Faramir allowed himself a glance back at the White City, its spire gleaming beneath the snowcapped mountain peak, and in his eyes there was a flicker of sadness, but no regret.

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This story was truly amazing Getty. I loved how you made Legolas and Haldir act when dealing with Faramir. I also found it amusing on how Faramir dealt with the two elves when he first met with them.

Faramir smiled awkwardly. “You give me a difficult choice but I will say only this. I hope you were the winner.”

I loved this sentence and it made me laugh. It seemed that Haldir was a little to aggressive for Faramir taste in the beginning.

I hope that you have a great day. I loved the story.

Hugs, Angelstar3999

— angelstar3999    1 July 2008, 01:38    #

I’m thrilled you like the story. I was hoping I had fulfilled your reuuest as you wanted. Yes, Faramir was put off by Haldir at first but then he came around. I mean, who can resist Haldir, right? :) Thanks for your comments.


— Getty    2 July 2008, 13:29    #

I enjoyed the fic immensly. Loved the shy but not a pushover Faramir. Legolas and Haldir squabling over Faramir but still so in love with each other too. Awww Haldir was a bit too agressive for Faramir.I can understand that to some people agressive works to others it is sacry and has an adverse effect. Lol Faramir having to give a speech cracked me up. And also yayy for Boromir entering the fic. The smut was very hot though. nodnodnod

— annakas    4 July 2008, 11:11    #

I’m glad you liked the plot, though you have Angelstar to thank for that. :) True, Faramir wasn’t used to being the center of attention but Elves have a way of making you get over that. And I just had to throw Boromir in there. I’ve always pictured the brothers as being very close. I’m glad you liked the story, and I thank you for your comments.

— Getty    6 July 2008, 16:48    #

Oh Getty.
How I wish I was as good as you are at writing Finding just the right words to describe a situation… and thank you.

— Ingrid    24 May 2009, 17:05    #

Great story. Poor Faramir desired by two naughty elves :-))) but I think he liked it.

— Blondie    4 January 2014, 18:51    #

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