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Atque in perpetuum, frater, ave atque vale (PG-13) Print

Written by Alex

01 October 2009 | 161 words

Title: Atque in perpetuum, frater, ave atque vale
Author: Alex
Fandom: LOTR [The Two Towers]
Characters: Boromir, Faramir
Rating: PG-13
Feedback: Is treasured.
Warning: Some angst.
Disclaimer: The brothers belong to Tolkien and heirs. Written for love, not money.
Summary: Faramir bids farewell.
Notes: Written for the seans_50 September film challenge. Inspired by govi20’s lovely and sad Road to Rivendell.

That day, Faramir claimed the right to array his brother in splendor.

Silently they labored together, battle-scarred hands rough with callus catching on plush velvet and sleek silk, layering mail and surcoat and shield over sumptuous garments befitting a royal emissary to Imladris.

Boromir held out his hands. Faramir secured one gleaming vambrace, then the other.

When they finished, Boromir tousled Faramir’s hair, then with infinite tenderness rested his palm against Faramir’s cheek. He smiled, a pale shadow of his customary glorious grin. “So gloomy,” he chided softly. “I shall return soon enough.”

Faramir nodded, and held back his tears.

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10 Comment(s)

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Perhaps, Faramir felt, that Bobomir would be never back… Sadly!

— Anastasiya    2 October 2009, 09:52    #

Yes, I think he did feel that. Thank you.

— Alex    4 October 2009, 06:41    #

Lovely, bitter-sweet moment. Nicely written – loved the ‘little’ touches – especially the ‘raiment.’

Alcardilmë    26 October 2009, 03:34    #

That’s very kind of you. Thank you. :)

— Alex    26 October 2009, 05:10    #

Beautiful! And very touching. Aaaaaaand loved the Catullus reference in the title!!! :)

— Little Dwarf    25 December 2009, 18:21    #

Thank you, that’s very, very sweet of you to comment!

— Alex    27 December 2009, 05:06    #

So short, yet it says a lot. Quite possibly one of my favorite fictions encountered here. Excellent work.

— Thauryn    27 January 2011, 07:35    #

Thank you very much indeed. That’s most kind of you. :)

— Alex    27 January 2011, 15:18    #

Just beautiful. As Faramir is given to visions, perhaps he sensed or believed that his brother would not return. Good descriptions (liked the reference to the vambraces—watched the PJ movies, did you?) Nice dialogue, too. Just a jewel of a story. Thanks for writing it. I don’t know Latin, so I would have appreciated a translation of the title, though. I assume “frater” means brother, and “perpetuum,” probably means perpetual or always, but beyond that, I don’t know what it means.

— Darkover    17 November 2011, 05:26    #

Thank you so much! I’m delighted that you enjoyed it. You’re absolutely right, I should have given a translation of the title – it means “And forever, brother, hail and farewell.” I truly appreciate your kind comments.

— Alex    17 November 2011, 05:40    #

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