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Brotherly love (PG-13) Print

Written by Fawsley

12 February 2007 | 189 words

Brotherly love

‘Good morning to you little brother, on this specially fine and wondrous day!’

‘Well Boromir, you certainly seem more revived and refreshed than you have done in weeks.’

‘Strange, considering how little rest I got last night…’

‘Really? What were you up to then?’

‘Not much, just lying there. Our king, on the other hand, was most gratifyingly active…’

‘Thank goodness that you’ve given in to him at last!’

‘Given in? What do you mean?’

‘Oh come on! He’s been getting horribly grumpy over your rejection of him.’

‘Grumpy? Rejection?’

‘Didn’t you notice all those long looks he’s been giving you?’

‘I thought it might be indigestion. I suppose that’s why he threw that bag of peppermints back at me…’

‘Never mind, it’s worked out in the end. And if you’re happy to keep him entertained for a while it’ll give me a chance to recover and start walking straight again. He can be most demanding, as I’m sure you’ll discover.’

‘You? You and Aragorn? You and Aragorn as well as me?!’

‘Well, dear brother, you did always insist that I share my favourite playthings with you!’

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um, brotherly love, sharing favorite playthings…very interesting!

— traveller    12 February 2007, 11:14    #

Very amusing, Thank you

— Peersrogue    28 February 2009, 16:12    #

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