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Brothers and Lovers (NC-17) Print

Written by Jenny Elffan

29 May 2007 | 3228 words

Pairing: Boromir/Faramir
Rating: NC17
Warning: Incest and slight bondage, all of it adult and all of it consensual
Disclaimer: Boromir and Faramir belong to Tolkien; I just let them play
Archive: MightyBean

Brothers and Lovers

Boromir lay naked on his brother’s bed. His wrists and ankles were tied to the bedposts. He looked trustingly into his brother’s eyes.

Faramir stood a couple of paces back from the bed, fully dressed, his arms folded. He ran his appreciative gaze over his brother’s body. He loved Boromir’s strong, wide shoulders, his slender hips and his powerful muscular thighs. He never tired of this sight.

“You are beautiful.”

Boromir smiled. On anyone else’s lips, the word ‘beautiful’ used to describe the Captain of the White Tower, heir to the Steward of Gondor, would sound ludicrous, but he loved to hear Faramir say it.

Faramir picked up a strip of cloth and approached the bed. Boromir’s eyes widened and tension radiated off his body. Faramir held it above his brother’s mouth, just touching his lips. Boromir whimpered. For some illogical reason, he feared being gagged. It made no sense, even to him, but he feared it.

“Do you trust me, brother?”

Boromir swallowed hard and closed his eyes briefly. Forcing himself to relax, he opened his eyes and answered, “I trust you, brother.”

Faramir smiled and removed the cloth.

“I’m not going to gag you, Boromir. I have other plans for your mouth.” Boromir shuddered. “But I do want you to be quiet.”

Faramir knew how difficult it was for Boromir to agree to this. Boromir was very vocal during love-making. He needed to love Faramir with his words as well as with his body.

“You may make sounds of pleasure and you may call my name. And you have our safeword.”

Their safeword was ‘Denethor’. The very sound of the name was enough to drive all thoughts of sex out of Faramir’s head.

Boromir was still hesitating.

“Do you understand me, Boromir?”

There was an edge to Faramir’s voice. The implied threat was not an idle one. Faramir had never raised his hand to his brother but if Boromir broke one of the rules, Faramir simply withdrew himself and sat and watched him. Boromir so ached for his brother’s touch that he made sure he rarely broke the rules.

“I understand, brother.”

Faramir smiled again and kissed Boromir’s mouth tenderly.

“I love you, Boromir. Never doubt that.”

“How could I doubt it when I see it in your eyes every time you look at me; when I hear it in your voice every time you speak to me?” Boromir froze, realising that he had spoken without permission. “I’m sorry,” he whispered, “Have we started yet?”

Faramir grinned.

“No, we haven’t started yet, don’t worry. I’m going to blindfold you first and then it begins.”

“Please… let me look at you a little while longer. I love to see the desire in your eyes. I love your lips and the thought of what they do to me. You are perfect, my beautiful brother.”

Faramir leaned down and kissed him again.

“You are stalling, brother! You will not get your own way. I am immune to your flattery.”

Boromir grinned, knowing that that wasn’t true.

“I confess, little one. I was stalling. Go on then,” he said, sighing dramatically, “do your worst!”

Faramir gave him a playful slap on his thigh.

“Brave words. You have no idea how bad my worst can be! Lift your head a bit so that I can get this cloth round it. And no more talking. I love you, Boromir.”

“I know,” whispered Boromir as the cloth covered his eyes.

When the blindfold was in place, Faramir stepped back. Boromir lay still, trying to catch any sounds that would give him a clue as to what Faramir was going to do, but he heard nothing. There was no sound for so long that Boromir was almost beginning to panic.

The touch of a feather on his mouth startled him so much that an exclamation had left his lips before he could think. He shut his mouth quickly and hoped Faramir would interpret it as a sound of pleasure. Faramir smiled and decided to be merciful. This time.

The feather moved across Boromir’s face and tickled his ear. Boromir squirmed and giggled. It caressed his neck and moved down his chest to his navel and then back up to circle his nipple. He arched his back and twisted to try to get the feather in contact with his nipple. Faramir moved the feather to the other side of his chest and repeated the torment. Boromir arched and strained but could not achieve the contact that he wanted. He groaned in frustration. The feather left him.


“Was that a pleasurable sound, Boromir?”

Boromir nodded frantically.

“It sounded like displeasure to me.”

Boromir shook his head desperately. Faramir bit his lips to try to stop himself laughing at the sight. Boromir looked like a little boy who has realised that the plate of jam tarts in front of him was very likely to be taken away and replaced by a bowl of prunes.

“Hmm.” He tried to sound stern. “I’m not sure I believe you. Perhaps I ought to sit down to give you a chance to reflect on the words ‘sounds of pleasure’.”

Boromir shook his head again.


Gods, Boromir! You have no idea what your pleading does to me. No idea how difficult it is for me to continue this game sometimes.

It was one reason he had taken to blindfolding his brother. While he could usually control his voice well enough to sound angry, he knew he could not hide the expression of anguish in his eyes whenever Boromir pleaded with him.

“All right, I shall ask you again, do you understand the rules?”

Boromir nodded and was rewarded with a kiss. He sighed.

The feather returned, trailing up his sides and tickling him and then moving back to circle his nipples. He arched and squirmed again and Faramir took pity on him. He shuddered and drew in his breath as the feather brushed the ends of his nipples.


Boromir groaned with pleasure. The feather trailed away across his chest and he twisted his body to meet it. Faramir gave him what he was seeking and he sighed.

Once the feather touched his sides, Boromir giggled. Faramir was ruthless in his application of the feather to Boromir’s ticklish spots until Boromir was convulsed with laughter but unable to plead for mercy. Faramir leaned forward to kiss his mouth. Boromir stilled under him, savouring the feel of the soft lips against his own. At times like these, Boromir felt he could be perfectly content with just his brother’s kisses, no other touch, just Faramir’s mouth on his. This intimate contact with his brother brought him such peace.

All too soon, Faramir stood up again. Boromir was careful not to vocalise his disappointment. The feather continued its tormenting journey, criss-crossing his belly, twisting in his navel, and moving tantalisingly close to his erection. Boromir did not expect that Faramir would be merciful enough to touch him there, and he wasn’t.

Instead, he dragged the feather up and down his legs with barely enough pressure to ruffle the hairs on them. He dragged it between Boromir’s toes. Boromir tried his best not to react but Faramir knew his brother too well and soon had him helpless with giggles again.

“Faramiiiir!” he begged and Faramir relented.

The feather continued its journey up his legs and then over his sac. Boromir jumped.

“Do you like that, brother?”

Boromir groaned and nodded his head.

“Do you want something more?”

“Mmm!” He nodded frantically.

“Maybe this?” The feather ghosted over his lips. Boromir shook his head.

“Or this?” Faramir tickled his ear.

“Or maybe this?” The feather trailed down the midline of his body.

“Mm! Mm! Mmmm!”

The feather touched the tip of his penis and his hips jerked off the bed.

“Oh, you liked that, did you? Do you want some more?”


The feather moved down and up his penis repeatedly. It felt wonderful but…

Faramir knew only too well that the feather light touches were stimulating but not satisfying.

“Do you want more than this?”


“Very well” said Faramir, pressing harder with the feather and suddenly removing it altogether.

Boromir could hear Faramir moving away from the bed and opening a drawer and then… nothing.


“I’m here, brother.”

He heard him return to the bedside and then he jumped again as he felt Faramir’s hands on his sides; hands encased in soft leather gloves.


Faramir smiled and ran his hands over his brother’s chest, tweaking his nipples and pressing down on the muscles of his belly. He moved lower, stroking Boromir’s abdomen either side of his erection, deftly avoiding it as Boromir squirmed and twisted trying to bring his penis into contact with those gloved hands. The mere thought of how that would feel caused the muscles in Boromir’s abdomen to contract, and his breathing to quicken.

Faramir read the signs and withdrew his hands.

“I want to feel your skin against mine, Boromir.”

Boromir groaned. He heard the sounds of Faramir removing his shirt over his head and then he felt his warmth as Faramir leaned over him and brushed his nipples across Boromir’s mouth. His lips parted and his tongue licked at the passing flesh. Faramir stopped moving and Boromir captured a nipple between his lips, drawing it into his mouth and sucking.


Faramir’s body was hairier than his own and he loved the contrast of the soft skin in his mouth and the wiry hair against his lips. He suckled and pulled and nibbled at the nipple until Faramir’s groans became one continuous sound.

Faramir gripped his face at the angle of his jaw and squeezed. Boromir opened his mouth and Faramir replaced his nipple with his tongue, thrusting it rhythmically into his mouth.

This time, a kiss was not enough and Boromir’s hips were thrusting in time to the movement of Faramir’s tongue inside his mouth. Faramir caressed his arms and his chest and then he pulled away again. Boromir heard the whisper of his breeches as they fell to the floor. Faramir got on to the bed, straddling his chest and offering his penis up to his mouth. Boromir took him inside hungrily, licking and sucking hard, moving his head up and down the shaft as much as he was able in this difficult position. When Faramir felt the urge to thrust was becoming too strong, he withdrew and lay down at Boromir’s side.

The gloved hand didn’t tease any longer. It grasped Boromir’s erection and stroked up and down, first gripping hard and then relaxing. Boromir was beginning to pant. Faramir let go and reached over to the bedside table where a small bottle of oil stood. He took out the stopper and poured some oil on to his gloved fingers. Returning the bottle to the table, he knelt between Boromir’s thighs and introduced one gloved finger into his entrance.

The eroticism of this almost caused Boromir to come, and he bit his lips and tried to relax. Faramir pushed steadily inside him. The leather, though oiled, still provided more friction than oiled skin.

“Is this all right, Boromir?”

“Ohh, yesss!”

Nevertheless, Faramir added more oil before pushing in further. When the guardian muscles had relaxed sufficiently, Faramir added a second finger. Boromir moaned and pushed down on his hand. The slight increase in friction coupled with the sheer eroticism of Faramir’s wearing gloves brought Boromir very close to the edge very quickly.


“Are you ready for me, brother?”


Faramir withdrew his fingers and applied oil to his erection. The feel of leather on his skin was so arousing that he had to sit back on his heels until the urge to stroke himself to completion passed. When he was in control of himself again, he put his hands under Boromir’s buttocks and raised him slightly, lining himself up and beginning the slow slide into his brother. He knew he wouldn’t last long and he struggled to stop himself plunging into the warm tightness surrounding him and finding his own satisfaction as quickly as he could.

He concentrated on touching Boromir, squeezing his nipples and stroking his erection with his oiled glove. He withdrew slightly and pushed back in, repeating the movement as slowly as he could. Boromir groaned and clenched his muscles around Faramir’s shaft, and Faramir could feel his control unravelling.

“Oh, Boromir! I love seeing you like this. I love to see you desperate and wanting me. You are beautiful, my brother.”

Boromir could not help but respond.

“Faramir, I love you with all my heart. Only you…”


Faramir stopped moving.

Oh, Boromir! I’m so close! I’m so bloody close! He could have wept.

He lay still for a moment then with a supreme effort of will he let go of Boromir’s shaft, withdrew himself carefully and stood up.


Faramir laid his fingers gently across Boromir’s lips, pulled his gloves off and sat down on a chair, his head in his hands, his shoulders heaving and his whole body trembling.


There was desperation in his voice now.

“No! No, Boromir. Be quiet.”

What is the point of this? Why do I torture us both like this?

The answer came, as it always did, that there would be no point in playing the game at all if he overlooked infringements of the rules.

“But it will be the death of me!” he thought, with a wry smile.

He lifted his head from his hands and looked across to the bed. Boromir’s chest and shoulders were heaving and the blindfold was soaked with his tears. Faramir felt his heart breaking.


He crossed to the bed and tore at the knot on the blindfold.

“You may speak, Boromir.”

As soon as the blindfold was removed, Boromir turned stricken eyes on his brother.

“I can’t bear it, Faramir! It feels as if my soul has been ripped from my body when you leave me. You are my life, Faramir!”

Faramir lay on top of his brother, kissing his neck, his face, his eyes.

“I only withdraw my body from you, Boromir. My heart, my mind, my soul are yours always. Will you let me untie you? I need to feel your arms round me.”


He untied the cords binding his brother as fast as his trembling fingers could manage it.

“Hold me?”

Boromir willingly obliged.

“No more games, Boromir. I can’t go through this again. Just loving from now on. Slow and tender or hard and fast, as the mood takes us. But no more games.”

“No more games” agreed Boromir.

They lay side by side in each other’s arms for a long time, kissing, whispering words of love. Then Boromir reached down between them and took Faramir’s penis in his hand. It sprang to life at his touch.

“So,” said Boromir, grinning, “how is the mood taking you, would you say? Do you want it slow and tender or hard and fast?”

Faramir grinned too.

“Hard and fast,” he said, pushing Boromir on to his back and rolling on top of him again. “I was so close when you had to open your big mouth and force me to stop. Once I get inside you again, I don’t think you’ll have time to breathe before I come.”

Boromir grinned as he watched his brother oiling himself again.

“That’s the trouble with you young boys; you don’t have the staying power that we men do!”

“RIGHT!” said Faramir, lining himself up and pushing in slowly, “I’m not going to touch you at all. I shall just fuck you, and we’ll see which one of us comes first!”

Boromir groaned. He knew it was no empty threat. Faramir had made him come like that many times. He had not often been able to return the favour. Faramir withdrew slightly then angled his hips in such a way that his next thrust brought his penis in contact with Boromir’s prostate. Boromir groaned and arched his back. Faramir made his thrusts shallow and rapid, and he brushed against Boromir’s prostate with every inward and outward stroke.

“Faramir! That feels sooo good. You are perfect, my beautiful brother. So good. Feels so good. Love you.”

Faramir leaned forward to kiss him. Boromir’s right hand sneaked down between them but Faramir grabbed it and held it, with the left one, on the pillow beside Boromir’s head.

“Oh, no you don’t! I said I would bring you this way and I will,” he said, speeding up his thrusts. “Don’t you believe I can?”

“I know you can, my beloved brother. You demand this of my body and it has no power to resist you. It dances to your tune. Ohhh, please! Please, Faramir, please, pleeeease!”

And his seed was spurting between them, spattering his belly and chest. Faramir smiled.

Which of us has the staying power, brother mine?”

You have, my lover. And you control my body as easily as you control your own. But will you not find your own release now?”

Faramir withdrew.

“Lift your legs.”

Boromir put his legs over his brother’s shoulders and Faramir entered him again, hard. Boromir smiled.

“Definitely not slow and tender, then?”

“Definitely not!” said Faramir, suiting the actions to the words, thrusting hard and deep until he too climaxed. He collapsed on top of Boromir who stroked his sweating back and kissed his hair.

“You are beautiful, little brother, and I cannot get enough of the sight of you, the feel of you, the taste, the smell of you. You are perfect.”

“I feel much the same,” said Faramir sleepily.

They lay quietly for several minutes until Boromir spoke. Faramir could hear the smile in his voice.

“You know you said no more games?”

“Yeeees,” said Faramir, cautiously.

“How about a different game? How about if I make the rules, and if you break them, I beat you?”

“What?!” Faramir spluttered.

“Just on your arse. Not with my fists, just with the flat of my hand. Or a belt…”

“You seriously expect me to agree to this?”

“Why not? You might enjoy it.”

“Enjoy it? Enjoy being beaten?! Are you out of your mind?”

Boromir said nothing, just wrapped his arms loosely round his brother. They lay together, each thinking his own thoughts.

“Besides,” said Faramir, “I wouldn’t agree to being bound, so just how do you plan on getting me into a position where you can spank me?”

Boromir sat up suddenly, bringing Faramir, who was taken by surprise, with him. He turned him face downwards across his legs, leaned heavily on his back with one arm and brought the other hand down hard on Faramir’s buttocks. Faramir yelped.

“Easy!” said Boromir, with a smirk, “Just like that!”

“You sneaky bastard!”

“Rangers should always be prepared for the unexpected, Faramir!” he taunted. “Anyway, was it all that bad?”

“I… er…”

“Would you like me to refresh your memory?” asked Boromir, bringing his palm back down on to Faramir’s buttocks. This time Faramir squirmed. Boromir smiled.

“So, a new game, then…”

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Absolutely loved it. Made me smile a lot, you know these things ;)

— Ula    7 November 2009, 21:16    #

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