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Dirge (G) Print

Written by Númenora

12 July 2006 | 241 words

Title: Dirge
Author: Númenora
Characters: Faramir (10 yrs), Gandalf
Rating: G
Warnings: Angst
Timeline: TA 2993 (Minas Tirith)
Book verse
Disclaimer: Neither character is mine.
Word Count: 200
Summary: Gandalf comforts a grieving Faramir. For the faramir_fics challenge: ‘Friendship’

Faramir’s brave front crumpled and he buried his tear-stained face in Gandalf’s robes, ancient arms encircling. He could hear the continual thud of damp earth hitting the small coffin concealing the treasured pup.

Boromir’s words echoed in Faramir’s tortured mind, “She’ll be your friend while I’m away, Little One; take care of her.” Now the little dog was dead, her cold body found lying between Faramir’s bed and her half-eaten breakfast.

“Boromir…will…be angry…he” Deep sobs cut off the rest as Mithrandir patted young shoulders in comfort.

“Boromir will not blame you, for he loves you so. This was not your fault; these…things…happen everyday and is all a part of life. Little Finduilas is with her name’s sake and your mother will care for your friend.” Gandalf soothed.

“Do you think Mama will be happy with her?” Trusting blue eyes stared from beneath curly red hair.

“Oh, yes, my child; she’ll be most happy!” It heartened Gandalf to see the watery smile on Faramir’s sweet face.

As Faramir knelt next to the small mound in the garden, Gandalf’s heated gaze flew up to the shadowy figure smirking down from above.

One day, Steward, he predicted as the dark figure slipped away.

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Sweet piece! I loved that the pet was Faramir’s mother’s namesake, and how Gandalf looks at the smirking Denethor. Sweet yet disquieting. How did the pup die? Looks like Denethor overshadows all in Minas Tirith… all but Gandalf.

— Nerey Camille    3 April 2013, 22:27    #

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