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Written by Gemenice

24 August 2009 | 1563 words

Title: Firsts
Author: Gemenice
Disclaimer: I don’t own the LOTR characters, only borrowing them for a while.
A/N: just something stupid… And I’m afraid the characters may be a little OOC

Faramir stood in the garden, the wind playing with his hair as he smiled softly in nothing in particular… Not yet, anyway. There was a parchment in his hands – a message from his brother, really short one, but still it made Faramir smile because not only it meant his brother will be returning today, but also…

Faramir’s smile widened as he scanned the words once again – A night of firsts…

He chuckled quietly – there were many firsts in Faramir’s life already and every one had something to do with his brother… First laughter, first cry, first memory… First kiss. Actually… There were TWO “first kisses” that had something to do with his brother and Faramir’s features softened at the memories…


Faramir sniffles and brushed his eyes with his left hand, seeing that his right was currently trapped in the warm prison of his brother’s larger hand as his brother was pulling him towards his chambers. They found out long ago that always when Faramir felt bad it was easier for him to calm down in his brother’s room; maybe it was because the whole room was giving out some… Boromir like presence.

“Does it still hurt?” Boromir asked as he pushed his younger brother down on his bed and he himself crouched down, gently grasping Faramir’s leg.

Faramir shivered at the soft warm touch and shook his head.

“Not rea-” he blinked at the glare his brother send him and sighed. “A little.”

Boromir sighed, before something glittered in his eyes and he leaned closer pressing a soft kiss to the abused area.

“Better?” He asked, lifting his eyes to meet the confused blue gaze of his brother and he grinned. “Mother used to do that when I got hurt.”

Faramir blinked… And again before a little smile appeared on his face.

“It’s fine now.”

Boromir grinned before pushing his brother on the bed and lying down, hugging the younger one close to him.

“I’m glad… I did promise to protect you after all.” Boromir muttered, closing his eyes and Faramir felt the little smile on his face widening – the knee really didn’t hurt anymore…

End of Flashback

Faramir smiled fondly at the memory… Yeah that kiss was pure, one that an innocent child offered as mean of comfort to another… That was first of the two kisses… The second… Was a little bit different; maybe not so innocent, but… the two of them were older too…


Faramir was sitting in his room after he listened to a lecture of being incapable from his father once again, and was currently blinking at the book in front of him. It was another one of Elvish romances – which he didn’t want to tell his brother, because Boromir was making good natured fun of him already, when it came to ‘relationships’ as his brother called it or ‘quick release’ as Faramir nicknamed it after he heard his brother talking about one of his adventures. But none of his brother’s adventures was as the tale in the book, his brother never mentioned that a kiss was… sweet. Honey-like, sweet, burning… As that story described it and Faramir blinked, lifting his hand to his mouth, running his fingers over his lips and wondering if his kisses would taste like that too. Sweet honey with a hint of strawberries.

He blinked and almost jumped as his doors opened and Faramir was staring at his brother.

“Hey, father was angry – you didn’t show up at the dinner.”

Faramir’s eyes widened… The dinner, an official sinner that required his presence… and he forgot about it. Faramir winced as he imagined what his father will be like in the morning.

Boromir shook his head, sitting down next to his brother.

“What were you doing?” he knew better than to shook it off and pretend that their father won’t be mad…

“just… Reading.” A wince escaped Faramir’s throat and he looked pleadingly at his brother, silently begging him not to tell Denethor – it wouldn’t make any good if their father found out that Faramir forgot the dinner because of something ‘as useless’ as reading.

Boromir grinned and shook his head.

“don’t worry… I won’t tell him.“Boromir was rewarded by a sheepish smile. “What ‘reading’ was so interesting anyway?“the older teen asked and before Faramir could stop him, Boromir snatched the story from the younger one, his eyes lightening when he scanner the page Faramir was currently on and at that moment Faramir knew his brother was going to tease him once again. But…

It wasn’t Faramir’s fault that he didn’t have any… Experience so far; it wasn’t his fault that wherever they were all eyes were automatically turned to Boromir – the one more capable of Steward’s sons, with not only admiration, respect but also jealousy and lust… Maybe even love, Faramir wasn’t sure as he hadn’t see anyone look at him with love in their eyes – other than Boromir, and no one in the hall had the glint Boromir had when looking at him, but… That was because that was a look of brotherly love, probably.

“‘She looked up into his eyes and could feel her heart bearing faster with every moment… His armor felt cold against her warm body and she could feel his breath over her lips as she noticed his face getting closer to her own, before she closed her eyes, expecting the now way too familiar sweetness over her lips…’ Stupid.” Boromir grinned. “You know, you don’t have to read these things to know what a kiss feels like.” he chuckled when he noticed the blush on the younger’s face.

“Well, I’m not the one others swoon over.” Faramir tried to fight down the blush, pointedly looking sideways and ignoring the snort coming from his brother. Until he felt a hand on his cheek.

It wasn’t much, just a soft touch he and Boromir often shared and he complied, when Boromir turned his head towards him… There was some weird glint in Boromir’s eyes and Faramir blinked, trying to decipher what it was, but Boromir was smiling sweetly and his hand moved from Faramir’s cheek to his hair brushing softly.

“You know… If you really want to know what kiss feels like, I can show you.”

Faramir blinked, stating at his brother as the information slowly seeped into his brain… Boromir? Show him?

“Do you want to?” Faramir blinked again disturbed from his thoughts by Boromir’s voice and before he could persuade his brain to really think, he felt himself nodding and licking his lips nervously.

There was a smile on Boromir’s face and the other chuckled, whispering as he drew closer to Faramir.

“Then close you eyes.”

And Faramir did close his eyes, even though he could feel himself shaking inwardly, but that stopped when he felt a warm preassure over his lips…

There was a tongue running along side his bottom lip and Faramir’s mouth opened slowly, letting the invading tongue run over his teeth and when Boromir’s tongue met his, Faramir frowned.

That wasn’t like the kiss in the tales, no way – his brother’s lips weren’t as soft as the stories described and he didn’t really feel anything sweet – not honey, not strawberries nor cherries… The kiss wasn’t sweet, it was wet and tastes of flesh and a bit of wine – that Boromir was probably drinking with his dinner, and as Boromir’s lips moved over his, Faramir was almost afraid that his lips will bruise by the force with witch his brother was kissing him… Surely not as it was supposed to be, the stories didn’t portray kisses like that. But even so… It was nice.

One of Faramir’s hands came up to rest on Boromir’s chest, when his own lips began to move, his tongue slowly playing with his brother’s as a shiver ran down his spine along with a warm feeling – almost too warm and Faramir had a hard time deciding whether he liked that or not, but he really didn’t care as one of his brother’s hand brushed at the nape of his neck, while other encircled his waist pulling him closer and against the warm firm body of his brother. And a quiet moan escaped Faramir as he tilted his head, giving Boromir better access… He didn’t know if it was good or bad but he decided to just let himself experience the kiss and think about that later. Later, when he won’t have those arms around himself and those lips on his and he prayed for it not to be too soon… But there was a burning in Faramir’s lungs, a burning that was reminding him that even though what he was experiencing was… intense, he, unfortunately, still needed to breathe. And Boromir’s lungs were probably protesting too, because the older one pulled away breathing hard, making Faramir realize that he was panting as well, and grinned.

“Now that, little one… is a kiss.”

End of Flashback

Another smile appeared on Faramir’s face. Their firsts were surely nice… And he hoped tonight’s ‘night of firsts’ will be as nice as the rest…

The End

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Oh yes! It was a very beautiful story,Gemenice! How soft, dreamy and innocent Faramir was… And Boromir – realy the best brother! And I would like to read ‘night of firsts’ faster!!! Please…
But after a number of years Faramir has become harder and more, more beautiful! I wonder what would Boromir felt seeing a young brother among the rangers, who respect him.., love him. Gladness? Pride? Maybe jealousy? How do you think?
I must say “Thank you” once again! You write simply wonderful!

— Anastasiya    25 August 2009, 09:56    #

Agree with Anastasiya, we want Night Of Firsts :)

Please bear in mind that all our authors give up their spare time to write, and are kind enough to share their work with us free of charge. Making demands is not appropriate.
- The archivists

— Ula    9 November 2009, 15:19    #

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