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Forbidden Kisses (NC-17) Print

Written by Laurëlóte

07 August 2008 | 4745 words

Title: Forbidden Kisses
Author: Laurëlóte
Betas: Minx and much encouragement, hand holding and suggestions from Moanahine. Thank you both!
Pairing: Faramir/Boromir
Table/Prompt: 25fluffyfics – 9. Blanket prompt
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Incest
Word Count: 4,670
Summary: A cold and worried Faramir receives a very welcome guest. First-time fic
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, they belong to Tolkien, I merely like to borrow them for my own pleasure.

Faramir shivered and pulled his cloak tighter around him, the weather had changed very quickly and he was ill prepared for it.

He cursed himself for his stupidity and wished for once that he could return to the citadel. In fact, he would willingly go right now if not for the fact that he could already see his father there mocking him.

It was Denethor’s fault that he was here in the first place. Ever since he had returned home on leave his father had been continually watching him, finding fault in every little thing he did, wanting to know why he was even on leave in the first place. According to his father, a steward’s son should captain his men every second of every day, unless his name was Boromir of course, in which case he would have to return home more frequently than was necessary just to please his father.

Faramir had soon had enough. In truth his own reaction to his father’s criticism scared him, he was numb, it was as if he had lost the ability to feel and so he had taken off for a few days to spend some time alone, hunting and reflecting.

He had left in a rush and now he was cold, without his warmer cloak, and having ventured right into the cave in which he had set up camp to shelter from the rain, he could not even light a fire or he would be smoked out.

With a sigh he huddled up into a corner and tried to get some rest. He could only hope that the warm weather he had had when he set out, returned.

It was nearly night fall when Boromir reached his destination. He only hoped that he had picked the right one for he knew that he would not be able to go any further tonight.

Turning his horse loose and slinging his bag over his back he scrabbled around looking for the entrance to the cave that he knew was there.

Once inside the cave he allowed his eyes to adjust to the darkness and to his relief he could just make out the outline of a man in the far corner who was just beginning to stir, presumably having been disturbed by his arrival.

“Well met, friend,” he said loudly, announcing his presence, his words echoing around the cave.

He laughed as the figure practically squeaked.


“Aye little one, it is I,” he said with a chuckle. “And am I glad to find you here! I did not much like the idea of spending the night alone. Now let me change out of these wet things and then I will greet you properly.”

Boromir had only half changed when he turned his attentions back to his brother. Clad only in trousers he wrapped his arms around Faramir and squeezed him tightly and kissed him softly upon the lips.

“Now that is a proper greeting, though you are far too cold” he said, sounding a little concerned, “I have your cloak here somewhere.”

Boromir returned to rummaging in his pack, finding a dry tunic for himself and Faramir’s warm, fur-lined cloak which he was very grateful that he had chosen to bring, in case the weather had changed.

“Aye, the weather managed to surprised me for once, I was not prepared for it,” replied Faramir in explanation, taking the warmer cloak gratefully. “Thank you, Bora. I have been wishing for this all day. So what exactly are you doing here? Not that I mind of course.”

“I missed you,” replied Boromir simply. “And I thought you might like some company.”

“Yes, company would be nice.”

The two brothers settled near the entrance to the cave and sat in silence watching the raindrops fall from the sky and slide down the tree leaves onto the ground. Faramir had always liked this most about their relationship; they were always so comfortable with each other that sometimes there was simply no need for words.

“You are nothing like him you know,” Boromir said finally, causing Faramir to look away giving away the doubt that the words had caused in him.

“I feel nothing now when I talk to him, it matters not what he says; I am so cold,” Faramir explained slowly, his voice filled with despair. “I can turn my emotions on and off so quickly that it scares me. I do not want to be like that.”

“Oh, Fara!” Boromir exclaimed his voice breaking as he shared his brother’s pain. He pulled him close, practically pulling the younger man onto his lap and held him closely. “You are the most caring man I know. You would do anything for anyone if you felt that it would help. There is nothing he can say or do to change who you are. You do what you must to survive. If you did not you would go insane from his mind games.”

Faramir snuggled down into his brother’s embrace where it was warm and comforting. “I know what you say is true,” he said after a few moments of thought. “But I am still scared that one day I will start hiding my feelings from everyone and then I will store them all up until my temper gets the better of me.”

“You are just talking nonsense now, little one. If you were like our father then you would not worry how you treated other people,” replied Boromir finally but with much affection in his voice. “Now, it is late and I for one am exhausted from the journey here so let’s get some rest. We can continue this tomorrow if you like, but I am sure that things will seem better upon the morn.”

Boromir placed a kiss upon Faramir’s forehead, disentangled his brother from his lap and went to prepare a place to sleep.

He wandered over to where Faramir had been sleeping earlier and frowned. It looked uncomfortable and he suspected he had made the right choice in bringing his extra supplies. Taking off his cloak he laid it gently on the ground and then took Faramir’s and did the same so that they would be lying on the warm fur. Then he reached into his pack and pulled out a large, but rather tattered blanket.

“Here, come on,” he beckoned.

Faramir laughed when he saw the blanket. It was their old childhood one that they had once stolen from the laundry room. It was past its best now, from excessive use from camping in the citadel gardens and later, many stolen moments together up on the roof. “I cannot believe you still have that thing!”

With a smile on his face, Faramir shed some layers of clothing and then joined his brother in their make-shift bed and cuddled up to him, wrapping his arms around his neck as a small child would, seeking comfort. Boromir responded without a moment’s hesitation, pulling his younger brother on top of him and wrapping his arms around him, running his hands up and down Faramir’s spine as if he was soothing a frightened colt.

Faramir relaxed at the comforting gesture, it was the same one that Boromir used when he suffered from nightmares as a child. Boromir did always know exactly how to make him feel better, his earlier concerns vanishing into as if by magic.

They slept like that the whole night through, sharing each other’s warmth and comfort and Faramir could not remember the last time he had woken so relaxed and carefree. A single sun beam shone down through a crack in the cave roof just to the right of them and he took the opportunity to study his brother. Boromir was still sleeping soundly and Faramir could not help to think that he looked so beautiful and peaceful lying there. A strand of golden hair had fallen across his face and as Faramir reached out to brush it away he could not help but notice his brother’s lips, parted slightly, as if waiting for a kiss.

Faramir slowly and cautiously closed the gap between them, Boromir’s lips too tempting to refuse; even though he knew that he could not afford to be caught stealing a kiss from his own brother. Boromir’s lips were deceptively soft under his own and the stubble of hair on his brother’s chin rubbed against his cheek sending a wave of excitement through him. Before he could stop himself, Faramir whimpered as images of Boromir kissing him back passionately flickered through his mind.

Boromir woke feeling content and warm, his brother’s weight pressing down upon him reassuringly. Not wishing to spoil the delightful feelings he was experiencing he kept his eyes closed as he savoured the feeling of Faramir’s body stretched out on top of his own. It was only when Faramir whimpered did he realise that he was feeling his brother’s lips against his own. Confused and still half asleep, he did not know how to react. “Fara?” he spoke questioningly, the sound of his voice sending Faramir into a complete panic.

Flustered, Faramir pulled away suddenly, losing his balance from on top of his brother onto the hard, stone floor. He tried to scramble away, not wanting to face his brother after what he had done but Boromir grabbed hold of his wrist, gripping it firmly, refusing to let him escape.

“Faramir, little one, it is alright.” Alarmed at his brother’s actions, Boromir spoke softly in the voice he always used when trying to calm his younger brother even as Faramir continued to fight to get away. “I am not angry at you.”

Faramir gave up struggling and allowed Boromir to pull him close once more. Although assured that Boromir was indeed not angry with him, he buried his head against Boromir’s chest, not yet daring to meet his brother’s eyes for fear of what he might find there.

Now wide awake, Boromir knew he had to use this opportunity; he needed to find out if Faramir felt the same way about him as he did towards his brother. His feelings for Faramir had passed being brotherly long ago and he had tried so hard to hide the fact over the years. The thought now that Faramir may want more as well was more than he had ever dared hope for.

“Fara, will you not look at me?” he asked softly, his voice almost breaking with emotion as he struggled hard to fight his own desires. “Will you not tell me what is going on? Do I not deserve that?”

Hearing the emotion in his older brother’s voice surprised Faramir, he sounded… upset. It was this emotion that caused him to obey his brother’s plea and he lifted his head to meet his brother’s eyes.

“You know I will not lie to you,” he whispered softly to his brother. “So please do not ask me to explain. I fear if I do, I will lose you completely.”

Boromir pulled his arms tighter around his brother. He understood that Faramir was scared, he certainly was himself, but he was so convinced now that everything would work out alright. And even if he was wrong and Faramir did not want what he did, he was sure their relationship could withstand any problems they faced.

“Please, little one, I have to know,” he pleaded. “Did you kiss me out of curiosity perhaps, of what it is like to kiss another man? Or was it because you wanted to kiss me and only me?”

Faramir found himself blushing at his brother questions and worried his bottom lip with his teeth as he tried to work out how to answer. He knew what he wanted to say but he was terrified as to how his brother would react. Perhaps it was best if he just put it down to simply curiosity, Boromir himself had given him a way out.

Boromir sighed as he watched his brother battle with his emotions, now it was time to put his own feelings on the line, it was unfair of him to ask Faramir to face this alone.

“I ask because I have wanted to kiss you for a very long time. Do you understand what I am trying to say?”

Boromir’s honesty was rewarded with Faramir gifting him a small, but nervous smile.

“I know it is a sin,” Faramir spoke slowly, never once breaking eye contact. “But I am in love with you Boromir, not as a brother but something much more. I know it is wrong, but I had to kiss you, just once, because I cannot spend the rest of my life wondering what it would be like.”

All of Boromir’s nervousness simply melted away at Faramir’s words; there would be no hiding away their feelings any longer, not while they were so far away from the citadel. Slowly, giving his brother chance to pull away, he closed the gap between them and kissed Faramir gently. The kiss was simple, yet it conveyed all their feelings for one another and left no room for doubt.

Faramir quickly surrendered to his older brother and groaned as the kiss deepened into something more passionate and full of desire, their tongues dancing together, sending thrills coursing through their bodies when they touched.

When the kiss was broken, Faramir was surprised to see the tears in his brother’s eyes. He reached up and gently swept them away with his fingertips.

“I never imagined….” Boromir tried to explain the tears away, only for Faramir to stop him with a small kiss to his cheek and nod in agreement.

With a smile Boromir pulled Faramir back to his usual place on top of him and ran his hands up his brother’s sides and down his back, pushing the fabric of Faramir’s undershirt upwards and out of the way exposing the lean but firm frame of a ranger.

To Faramir, it felt as though his brother was touching him for the first time. His strong hands on his skin felt right somehow. His touch was firm yet gentle and the ranger found himself desperate for more contact. He pulled the undershirt off over his head and then started to undo the buttons of his brother’s. It was barely moments before both shirts lay discarded upon the cave floor.

Faramir kissed Boromir’s neck from his jaw down to his shoulders and was pleased when his brother practically purred in contentment and craned his head to one side to allow him better access.

“You like that do you?” he asked teasingly, replacing some of kisses with small licks and nibbling on Boromir’s ear lobe. Watching his brother squirm with pleasure beneath him was addictive and Faramir knew that he would enjoy exploring his body completely just to find those few actions and touches that would really torment his older brother, driving him mad with desire.

Boromir whimpered at his brother’s touch. He felt as though he was stuck in a dream, that at any moment he would wake up in a cold and lonely bed. He wound one hand through Faramir’s hair and slipped the other around Faramir’s waist.

“Do not leave me,” he murmured and blushed slightly when he realised that he had spoken out loud.

Faramir just smiled and kissed his brother once more. “I am not going anywhere, I am right here. This is no dream.”

He moved himself down Boromir’s body, kissing and touching his brother’s chest, teasingly sweeping his tongue over a hardened nipple. He tried his best to distract his brother with his touches while untying Boromir’s leggings with his other hand. He succeeded too, as Boromir jumped in surprise as he ran his fingers along his hardened shaft.

Boromir’s eyes fluttered open to take in the sight of his brother when he realised that he was not even aware that he had closed them in the first place. He was mesmerised by Faramir’s touch. Who would have thought that it would be his own brother to make him feel so complete when all other lovers had failed? And for the first time, he allowed himself to relinquish all control, to be at the complete mercy of another. Somehow the thought of this was no longer a concern to him.

Experimentally, Faramir ran his tongue over the slit at the top of his brother’s weeping erection before taking it in his mouth and sinking his lips down the length.

“Oh Gods, Fara!”

The words on his brother’s lips were heavenly to Faramir, long had he wondered what his name would sound like while Boromir experienced such pleasures and it was better than anything he could possibly have imagined.

Selfish ego-trips aside, Faramir quietly marvelled at how right and good it felt to have his brother trembling under his ministrations. He had not had too many opportunities to practice the art of pleasing a lover, but he knew the all-consuming love he had for his brother would guide him in his quest.

He enveloped the head of Boromir’s shaft with his lips, sucking lightly, instinctively placing an arm over his brother’s hips, in case Boromir jerked up and caused him to tumble backwards. The needed precautions taken, he could focus on the silky soft texture of his brother’s manhood, which throbbed and leaked onto his tongue. He had feared he would find it hard to do this for his brother, but somehow the intimacy, knowing who Boromir was and what he was to him, made the thought and actual feel of it infinitely arousing and pleasant. Not to mention he could drown in Boromir’s unique, spicy taste.

Soon he became bolder and took more of the length into his mouth, sliding his lips up and down as he swallowed more of the pulsing flesh, letting Boromir set a languid pace of minute thrusts. All Faramir could do was lovingly cup his brother’s hips, hoping this would encourage him to dare and move as he needed to.

At a certain point, his hands caressed the sensitive inner parts of Boromir’s thighs, raising goose bumps where they traced the skin. His brother’s hips stuttered helplessly in their back and forth motion and Boromir stiffened right before he filled Faramir’s mouth with hot essence.

Trying to focus enough to swallow without choking, Faramir nearly missed the desperate gasp-sigh coming from above, which carried his name, barely intelligible in his brother’s slurred speech as he rode the waves of his devastating pleasure.

Boromir was having trouble focussing after his brother’s ministrations. He was not unused to such acts between men, but never before had it felt so intense and so right.

He pulled Faramir up, like a blanket covering his body, held him tight and lazily kissed his lips. In the back of his mind he knew that his brother needed his own relief but he just needed a few minutes to come back down to earth and to regain control of his body.

His hands roamed down Faramir’s back and down to his buttocks, squeezing them gently and enjoying the feeling of his brother’s hardened length pressing against his thigh and knowing that he was the cause.

“That was wonderful” he purred sliding one hand round Faramir’s body, causing the younger man to buck in surprise as he came into contact with his throbbing shaft. “Let me share with you the pleasure that you gave to me.”

In one fluid movement, Boromir pinned his brother against the fur lined cloaks and copied his actions from moments before, teasing Faramir’s arousal with his tongue, collecting the drops of fluid that leaked from the top on his finger.

With no prompting needed, Faramir lifted his leg placing his ankle onto Boromir’s shoulder allowing his older brother access to his secret entrance. It was as if no words between them were necessary, the offer was made and accepted, trust shining brightly in Faramir’s eyes.

Although it pained him to do so, Boromir moved momentarily away from his brother rummaging in his pack for something to use to ease the way. If they were going to cement their bond the way they both wanted to, then he was determined to make their first time as painless as possible for Faramir.

Distracting Faramir with a deep kiss, he slipped an oil covered finger between his buttocks and pressed it into the entrance he found there, causing his brother to gasp at the sudden invasion. After giving him a moment to relax and become used to the sensation, he set about preparing him carefully, stretching and ensuring there was a generous coating of oil to ease his way.

Faramir writhed at his brother’s touch; the sensation was strange but felt quite pleasant once he had relaxed. He trusted Boromir completely, but he had heard many tales of men finding pleasure with each other. It was painful at first, he had been told, some rangers had gone so far as to say they would never be on the receiving end again, others however had seemed to get much pleasure from their encounters, enjoying the pain almost as much as the pleasure itself. As a result, he could not help but be a little nervous, but he felt safe in the knowledge that his brother would never hurt him intentionally.

Boromir added a second finger, a third and then finally a fourth, each time making Faramir tense and feel slightly more stretched than before. He tried his best to relax, not wanting Boromir to see his discomfort for fear that he might stop. He wanted this more than anything; it was as if he had dreaming of this moment for all of his life.

Boromir noticed his brother’s discomfort and frowned, Faramir was far too tense not to hurt him. He stopped and pulled out his fingers, the act causing an enticing groan to fall from the younger man’s lips.

He returned to his previously act, sinking his lips around Faramir’s erection, encouraging him to thrust into his mouth until he found his release, his body bucking off the furs almost violently before sinking down again as if relaxing into the comfort of his feelings of pleasure.

Now relaxed, Boromir slipped his fingers back into Faramir’s passage, distracting his lover with kisses and marvelling at how Faramir’s body reacted as he curled his fingers round and found the sensitive bundle of nerves that hid there.

When he was finally satisfied that Faramir was ready and suitably relaxed he pulled away again, replacing his fingers with the head of his, now oiled shaft. The trust which Faramir displayed in him brought tears to his eyes. He did not deserve this gift, this forbidden act, but he could not bring himself to refuse, if only because he could not bear to see the disappointment in his brother’s eyes.

He pushed in slowly, noticing the way that Faramir’s body clamped tightly around him almost immediately. It was when he was completely buried inside his brother that the tears started to fall. Never for a second had he ever allowed himself to believe that he could have this.

Faramir reached out slowly, brushing away the tears with his fingertips.

“Do not cry, Bora,” he whispered. “I am here. I am not going anywhere.”

Faramir hated to be the cause of his brother’s tears but he understood. They were not tears of sadness, but ones of joy and he felt himself feeling the exact same emotions. He was going to savour every single moment of them being together, each one as precious as the last.

He shut his eyes, allowing his body to adjust to the sensation of having his brother deep inside of him. He felt a little tense and he knew that he must be clamping down painfully around Boromir, but he tried his best to relax, distracting himself by taking the opportunity to explore Boromir’s chest, raking his fingers over hardened nipples and placing the lightest of touches down the length of his brother’s sides.

After long moments Boromir started to move, the sensation of moving into and out of the tight heat surrounding him was indescribable, but he knew that nothing had ever felt quite like it before.

The look in his brother’s eyes was filled with love and desire and he marvelled at the way a cry came from his brother’s lips every time he thrust inwards, brushing against the bundle of nerves hidden deep inside of him. He leant down, his mouth finding that of Faramir’s, the next cry passing silently between them.

Faramir felt as though his body was on fire, that Boromir was touching him everywhere, enticing a heat from him that he had never experienced before. Yet somehow, it did not seem enough, maybe he could sense that Boromir was holding back and for once in his life he wanted everything, not willing to be content with what he was given.

“Let go, Bora,” he whimpered softly. “I want it all.”

Boromir wanted to protest, he was terrified of hurting his little brother, the one that meant more to him than Gondor herself, but he could not resist Faramir’s plea; he would give him anything he asked.

His movements came harder and faster, their mingled cries becoming louder and more feral like two wolves fighting for dominance, instead of two lovers in the throes of passion. He felt his body spiralling out of control, his mind no longer in charge of his actions. It was as if he only had one goal and he could feel his orgasm building with every thrust.

Faramir tried hard to focus on the face of his brother above him, but all he could see were white spots dancing before his eyes. The feelings of pleasure becoming almost too much to bear, but he did not regret for a moment asking Faramir to give him his all, the things he was experiencing now was surely better than anything Valar had to offer.

Boromir’s hands sneaked between them, wrapping around Faramir’s throbbing erection that he found there, stroking it in time with his movements.

Faramir’s release caught him completely by surprise, maybe it was just that he was in denial, that he simply did not want the moment to end, but one final thrust by Boromir took him over the edge, spilling his seed over his brother’s hand, and Boromir’s name passed his lips in one last cry.

The sensation of Faramir clamping down tightly around him was enough for Boromir to follow and moments later he lay satiated on top of his lover, unconsciously shifting his heavier weight to one side.

He lazily placed kisses to his brother’s neck, as Faramir’s arms wrapped around him, rubbing small circles on his back. For long moments they did nothing but enjoy the feeling of having one another so close, locking away the sensations and feelings they had experienced, as if saving them for a lonely night when they could recall this wonderful bond that had been formed between them.

“Thank you,” said Faramir, squeezing his brother’s hand as they prepared to return back to Minas Tirith.

“It is I that should be thanking you, little one,” replied Boromir fondly, stealing a final kiss before they left.

“Nay, for with this gift you have given me comes the knowledge that I can survive everything just as long as you are by my side. I will savour that, and what we have shared for eternity.”

Boromir simply nodded before he mounted his horse. Not as eloquent with words as his brother, there was no need to reply. Few words ever needed to be spoken between them, because it was all conveyed by their actions, a secret smile and a squeeze of the hand told everything that words could not.

And it was in their comfortable silence that each was left to their own thoughts of what they had just shared and when they might next be able to strengthen their bond.


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Oh, well done! I really liked the fact that Boromir went after his little brother to take care of him. Thanks so much for posting this!

Ria    15 August 2008, 02:12    #

Thank you! This fic proved a lot of hard work so I’m glad you enjoyed it!

— laurelote    20 September 2008, 17:06    #

“Please, little one, I have to know,” he pleaded. “Did you kiss me out of curiosity perhaps, of what it is like to kiss another man? Or was it because you wanted to kiss me and only me?”

Okay, that was one the cutest things I’ve ever read in a Boromir/Faramir fic.

I loved the whole thing btw. (: I do feel like a perv a bit for liking incest, but well, I’ll get over that. ^^

Well done!

— Lieuwke    20 May 2010, 01:25    #

This was a very cute story. The scene where Faramir dared to kiss Boromir in his sleep ^^ and the way they both reacted afterwards! Yey, go big brother Boromir!! Protecting and caring for cute little brother Faramir

— Laivindur    20 January 2012, 17:46    #

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