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I'll keep you safe (NC-17) Print

Written by Suometar

01 September 2012 | 5894 words

Title: I’ll keep you safe
Author: Suometar
Beta: Willowaif
Pairing: Faramir/Aragorn, Boromir/Faramir
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Adult gay sibling incest
Note: This story includes one of my favorite fictional character, miraculously undead Boromir.

All the life in Minas Tirith had changed, all Middle Earth had changed. Gondor had its long awaited king back, Aragorn, son of Arathorn. The city had had one joyful ceremony after another ever since all the traces of the great battles fought in Pelennor field had been erased away. The new king’s coronation and the royal wedding. It had been many centuries since the city last had a wife at the ruler’s side, had a queen. The royal couple’s happiness promised more upcoming joy for the city. Ithilien was slowly growing back to the glory what was rightfully hers. Ithilien even had its own prince, Faramir, Captain of the Gondorian Rangers.

But what seemed odd to all but to the people of Gondor, was that the real celebration was held over Boromir’s safe return, his victory over the forces of Mordor and even Sauron himself. And everyone was talking more about Boromir taking the place of his father as the new steward of Gondor than the actual king’s return. Aragorn only saw it as fitting, for far longer than he had ever thought to becoming the king he was destined to be, had Gondor had her own hero and saviour, Boromir, the oldest son of Denethor. Faramir was also overjoyed for his brother’s safe return, but he also saw it troublesome. Having Aragorn around had only proven to be in his advantage.

One morning, after everyone had eaten, Faramir and Boromir were left alone in the dining hall. Boromir shifted himself closer to Faramir and gestured in a manner to say that he wanted to talk about something particularly private.

“Faramir, you’re visiting the kings bedroom aren’t you?”

The question nailed Faramir to his place and made him go into shock. How could Boromir know such a thing? Boromir, above anyone else, wasn’t supposed to know, never to find out.

“You are, aren’t you?” Boromir repeated the question.

Faramir opened and closed his mouth like saying “I…” over and over again and actually did a couple of times. He was like his whole capability to speak was trapped inside his throat.

Boromir shifted himself back to sit straight in his seat and continued to eat. Faramir still tried to figure out what to say. He needed to say something right? He didn’t want Boromir to think of him as… what? Taken? Why did he even need Boromir to think of him in a certain way?

“I didn’t intend you to find out.”

“Did Aragorn intend for me not to find out?”

Faramir jolted. Had Aragorn told Boromir? Why? He had to keep their conversation casual and keep any hint of Faramir’s interests, and for more importantly Aragorn interests, away from whatever ears there may be listening, intended or not.

“I beg your understanding brother.” Faramir said, gripping his fork and knife tight. “The matters of the king are not to be called into question.”

“I’m interested in all that matters you.” Boromir said and leaned close again.

“I have your wellbeing at heart. Is it your free will? Is he forcing you?”

“No, I’m fine with the way things are set out.” Faramir said and gulped.

“It figures.” Boromir said and bent back again. “Excuse me.”

Boromir walked out and Faramir noticed he had none of his appetite left.

The other day Faramir had insisted Boromir come and look over maps in the library with him. The one place that was naturally whelming and interesting to Faramir but a turn off in every possible way for Boromir. Faramir guided Boromir to help him pull down two big piles of maps from on top of a big and firm shelf. Boromir had to climb up a ladder that was not much taller than Faramir was, and it wasn’t that spacey part of the old dusty library anyway. Boromir, handed the maps down to Faramir. The little brother had a loose white tunic shirt on him, not dressed too formal. While Boromir was lowering the maps down to Faramir, he managed to see a little inside Faramir’s tunic, he wouldn’t look normally, but there was something alarming. Boromir got down.

“Boromir! We’re not done yet! Get back up there and-” Faramir tried to shout, his arms full of maprolls, but he stopped suddenly when Boromir just grasped Faramir’s tunic and pulled the collar down. He managed to get a hickey with bite marks into view. “What is this?”

Faramir looked, he actually didn’t have to, he remembered all too well what was there, and where all the other marks of that kind were.

“It’s umm…” Faramir started and found out he wasn’t even trying to end the sentence.

“Aragorn did this to you?” Boromir asked and lifted his gaze, looking for Faramir’s eyes that tried to avoid looking back.

Faramir didn’t answer, only blushed heavily and looked at the ground.

“Brother, you shouldn’t weary yourself with matters like this.” Faramir said and finally lifted his head, looking Boromir right into his obviously troubled eyes.

“You fool.” Was all Boromir said and let go of the tunic and got back up the ladder.

Faramir was too puzzled to say anything, he couldn’t do anything, just stare at his brother.

“Were these the two we still needed?” Boromir asked, holding two quite big map rolls, one in each hand.

Faramir just looked up and realised he needed to answer. “Yes, those are the ones. Thank you.”

The two brothers laid the maps down on a big wooden table they had cleared everything from. They started dividing the tasks and maps when Boromir returned to the topic.

“He is marking you as his own.” Boromir said, leaning on the table with both his hands, looking at Faramir at the opposite end of the table. “You are not his to own.”

“I don’t know what you mean, he is our king isn’t he?”

“He can’t take a thing that isn’t freely given to him. He has no right to think he owns you.”

“But has he not the right if I’m freely giving it to him?” Faramir asked boldly.

“Are you then?” Boromir asked like he was angry.

Faramir didn’t want to answer anymore.

“I am.”

Boromir seemed a little sad, Faramir didn’t dare to ask directly what it was for.

“I bear no responsibility to be faithful to anyone in particular. You do remember Éowyn turned down my proposal?”

“You can trust yourself to be faithful to me, dear brother. I won’t have Aragorn to hurt you. You will tell me if he treats you ill, will you not? I’ll keep you safe from anything you have reason to fear.”

Faramir’s stomach twisted a little.

“Surely brother you don’t mean that.“He forced out a little smile. “Our king is the most kind, you don’t have to worry over my wellbeing because of him.”

Boromir didn’t answer. He was starting to grow angry.

Hours passed, maps were eyed through, Faramir kept himself interested in their task. He went through map after map, writing down little details every now and then. Boromir was bored, pissed off and curious in a way that irritated him.

“I didn’t think him to be so… possessive.” Boromir mentioned casually like everyday matters, Faramir looked at him and Boromir swiftly turned his gaze away.

“Boromir, what do you mean?” Faramir recognized this, his brother wanted to say something, but didn’t know any other way than around it.

“Aragorn, he…” Boromir started, then covered his mouth for a moment to think. “… he actually confessed to me that he desired me.”

Faramir gave Boromir an odd look, a bit like of a shock or disbelief.

“Back in the days of the fellowship,” Boromir clarified and Faramir seemed to be easy once again. “I turned him down.”

Faramir noticed Boromir blushed a little, Boromir didn’t notice it for he turned his gaze back to the maps.

“So was it all one sided?” Faramir asked.

“Yes, definitely.” Boromir answered casually, not even looking at Faramir.

It seemed like Boromir was only pretending to read two different kind of maps of Rohan, but Faramir didn’t want to pressure the matter.

“Umm, just once or..?”

Boromir swiflty put the maps down and lifted his face up. It almost seemed like Faramir had insulted his older brother.

“Not like it’s any of your concern, but I can assure you it was more of a recurring matter.” Boromir gave himself a little chuckle. “Sometimes it felt like he stalked me, but surely I was imagining things.”

“Umm, forgive me for being bold Boromir, but why did you turn him down?”

Boromir rested his head on one hand and looked away. Did he even dare to answer?

“I told him I was in love with someone else.”

Faramir’s eyes widened, but only a little and only for a little moment. Boromir noticed it though.

“Are you?”

“I am, but no more of that matter, I wanna talk about you.” Boromir crossed his arms before him on the table and leaned forward. “Do you have feelings for Aragorn?”

Faramir gulped, how could he answer that? He decided not to.

“Our king is dear to me and I wish for his happiness.”

“What about your happiness?”

“Haven’t we talked about this already? I’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again, I’m fine with how things are.” Faramir was growing irritated.

Boromir gave out a bored, loud sigh. He leaned backwards, against his chair’s backrest. He looked up to the ceiling.

As the silence grew longer and stronger, Faramir was growing more and more curious, to him Aragorn was very attractive. When Aragorn had come to him and seduced him, Faramir offered himself to his king freely. Surely Aragorn was attractive to Boromir also. Had nothing really happened?

“Did Aragorn ever get to you? Even once or even a little?”

Boromir sat up straight, then gave Faramir a dull look and tilted his head slightly to the side, and said with a deadly serious voice, “No.”

When Boromir got to bed that night, he didn’t get any sleep. He was listening for sounds out in the hallway that he didn’t want to hear, not intentionally, he kept telling himself. He was angry with himself, he shifted in his bed, he lay on one side and then rolled to the other. When he wasn’t listening for the careful footsteps of his little brother making his way to the king’s room, he thought about what happens there. He imagined his dear precious one being taken and his king being needy. Boromir sat up on the edge of the bed and buried his face in his palms. He was getting furious with himself for thinking how Aragorn might hurt Faramir and Faramir would even let him do it. Dear Valar, Faramir should be loved long and tenderly, with gentle kisses everywhere on his body, not with bite marks that might bleed even the next morning. Boromir lay back in the bed, he closed his eyes. He didn’t try to listen and he didn’t think of Aragorn. He let the images of his brother fill his mind, beautiful and sweet, powerful and wise with a way that was foreign to Boromir. His full lips, they must be soft, and kissing him is passionate no doubt, he must be eager for kissing. His skin must feel soft despite the small scars where orc arrows have pierced him. And his touch must feel gentle also, his hands must be rough, but his touch is most surely loving. Those images followed Boromir into his dream and in them Faramir was safe.

Days passed and Boromir taught himself to accept the ways of his brother and his king. He didn’t press the matter any further.

Still it did not escape Boromir’s notice that his brother had marks of straps on his wrists more often than just once. He told himself he shouldn’t ask about it, he had made it clear to Faramir that he could come to his brother if things weren’t good for him. So he should believe Faramir was fine and totally capable of keeping himself safe. But this wasn’t the way Faramir should be loved, no. Or was it that Faramir liked it? The thought was too much for him.

“Faramir, you have marks on your wrists.” Boromir noted one evening his brother was spending in Borormir’s company in his older brother’s rooms.

Faramir pulled the sleeve away and Boromir saw the old marks were clearly visible over the new ones. Faramir pushed the sleeve back down.

“It’s nothing Boromir.”

“It’s not and you know it.”

They had been eating a late dinner together in Boromir’s rooms and were now drinking a little wine.

“Shut up Boromir.” Wine made Faramir more like Boromir.

“Is this all still freely given?” Boromir pressured. “Or is this even your own request.”

Faramir gave a little laugh. It was sharp and aggressive. “Far from my request.”

Boromir liked that his brother was finally speaking freely, it was the wine he could tell. So he poured both of them more off it. They were sitting on the floor, leaning against the stone wall, it was summer and the whole city was warm, day or night. This was the way they had sat together when they were only kids drinking milk before sleep and teens drinking strong ale for the first time. Well, more like Boromir making Faramir drink ale for the first time.

“I don’t like all of Aragorn ways, but…” Faramir sighed and gave himself a little time to put the next thing he was about to say in order. “Aragorn may wake up one day to find that he has a new idea he wants to try out. Most of them are bearable, but some of them are just-” Faramir lifted his hand up and choked an invisible creature before him.

“Forbid him.”

Another laugh. Bolder this time.

“Why not?”

Faramir knew he couldn’t answer, but he knew he had to say something.

“I don’t want to talk about this, change the subject.” No please.

Boromir knew he shouldn’t push the subject, he rested his head to the wall behind him. What now?

“Just tell me one thing.”

Faramir turned towards his brother as a gesture for Boromir to go on, and looked into his eyes with his wine blurred ones.

“Tell me you’re fine, tell me you can manage, that you’re not hurting.” Boromir didn’t look at Faramir, just stared before him.

Faramir didn’t actually want to say that, but what were the choices really? He turned his head face forward and looked into the emptiness before him, just like his brother.

“You don’t need to rescue me, I’m in no danger.”

But finally one day, when Boromir and Faramir were in the stables, where their horses were kept with the royal couple’s horses. After grooming his mare, Boromir noticed Faramir’s wrist, it was bandaged. Boromir walked over to Faramir, who was sweeping before his new stallion’s stall. Boromir halted his younger brother’s activity with his keen look. Faramir was alarmed for Boromir didn’t look him in the eyes, just walked right at him. Faramir tried to back away, but hit a wall after a few steps. Boromir got to him and took his brother’s hand in his for closer inspection.

“He has hurt you!” Boromir was furious under his calm appearance.

“No, Boromir.” Faramir protested and took his hand back, it hurt a little and Boromir saw it.

The broom banged to the floor. Boromir looked at his younger brother like he was waiting for Faramir to justify Aragorn’s treatment of Boromir’s beautiful and delicate little brother. Faramir tended his hand and looked up at Boromir, they both knew Faramir looked a little frightened.

“He didn’t… it, it wasn’t…” Faramir tried to say something, anything, but the words which he usually so skilfully managed didn’t form out right and he was stammering. It made Boromir furious with Aragorn even more.

Boromir lifted his hands to his waist, shifted his weight onto one leg and gave Faramir a look which Faramir knew was a sign for an upcoming storm.

“Boromir, you mustn’t-” Faramir started and lifted his uninjured hand to his brother’s shoulder, keeping the other one over his stomach, close to his body. Boromir cut him off short, he put the hand that held not Faramir’s hand on its shoulder to the wall, nailing Faramir to his place. Faramir, who was actually half an inch taller than Boromir, seemed suddenly so small. Boromir slowly lowered his face ever so close to Faramir’s and hissed between his teeth.

“Aragorn’s position means nothing to me if he treats my lovely one badly.”

Faramir blushed furiously for the sensation of having his brother so near him. And even the anger Boromir had was turning Faramir on.

“I’ll have him pay dearly if he had mistreated you in any kind of way.”

Boromi’s eyes were piercing him and Faramir had to turn his face away, he felt ashamed of himself. He was letting Aragorn do whatever to him only for the reason he couldn’t have his brother, he didn’t allow himself to want or even think about his brother, and his feelings were so great it hurt him. It shamed him that he was like that, whoring himself for a man who was nothing more than a poor substitute for his Boromir.

“Has he?”

Faramir heard gentleness in Boromir’s voice, the same kind he had when he soothed Faramir after mind consuming nightmares. Faramir dared to look at Boromir again, how could he not he loved him.

“Just tell me has he or has he not and I’ll do whatever necessary.”

Faramir didn’t answer, just turned his face down again. Boromir shifted closer, pressing himself to Faramir, careful not to hurt Faramir’s hand further. He wrapped his strong, big, loving arms around Faramir and held him tight, held him safe. Faramir did not dare to wrap his free arm around Boromir’s shoulders, he dared not even to breath. He noticed he was crying and tried to fight it.

“I love you.” Boromir said and moved his other hand up, cupping Faramir’s head in his palm. He pulled away just enough to see Faramir’s eyes glittered faintly with tears. Boromir’s eyes were so gentle, Faramir couldn’t take it. He would kiss him if he looked at his brother any longer. Faramir closed his eyes and lay his head down, into the curve where Boromir’s neck met his shoulder. Boromir held Faramir there, let him sob silently. Faramir now dared to wrap his arm around Boromir, let his whole arm feel Boromir’s back.

“Don’t put yourself in line because of this, brother I beg of you.”

Boromir didn’t know how he should answer, so he just tried something he could come up with.

“I’ll kick his butt all over Middle Earth if you just tell me I have reason to.”

Faramir shook his head. Then they just held each other.

One day later, Boromir was hurrying along a corridor to whatever errands he had forgotten this time. “Boromir!” Aragorn called from a long hallway. His steward stopped and turned on his heel.

“My king,” Boromir said and bowed.

“A word with you, if you may, in private,” Aragorn said and was already shoving Boromir into one of the rooms, off the hallway.

Aragorn locked the small room, walked to Boromir, standing uncomfortably close.

“Have you forbid Faramir to come into my room?” He whispered, worried about being overheard.

“I have not done such a thing, my lord.” Boromir answered with the same concern.

Aragorn gave him a look of disbelief and wonder.

“So why was it that he said it was ‘Because of matters concerning Boromir’?”

“I assure you my king, I cannot give you an answer to that on my brother’s behalf.”

“I don’t want your brother’s answer, I’m asking you.”

Boromir kept quiet a while too long.

“You have told him something that made him forbid himself.”

Boromir sighed, enough of this crap.

“Aragorn, I saw how you treated my brother, he told me how you treat him.” Boromir stepped even closer.

“Yes, I’ve told him something that gave him leave to take action himself.” Only by standing there, Boromir made his dominance quite clear. “It’s your luck he did and not I.”

Aragorn looked Boromir in the eyes, Boromir was only slightly bigger than him but he held his figure so well he made Aragorn feel small, which had made him fall for Boromir back then and it did the same again.

“Better if it had been.” Aragorn said boldly, he kept his face stern. He lifted his hand to Boromir’s face and let himself feel Boromir’s bearded cheek. “Would you?”

“You have the nerve! Right when you lost one of us, you go for the other!” Boromir hissed.

Aragorn kissed Boromir violently. Boromir grabbed Aragorn and pushed him against the wall, hard. They kissed like two male lions would fight. Finally Boromir broke from it and did nothing more than punched his king.

“Fucking shit!” Aragorn shouted while holding his face.

“Forgive me my lord, it wasn’t my place. If you will excuse me.”

Boromir had errands to run the whole day, Faramir had people to meet. Aragorn had a black eye for sure, so probably he wasn’t gonna show himself to people too much.

Before the evening turned into night, Boromir decided to go to Faramir. He walked through the stone halls and made his way to Faramir’s door, he tried it and it was locked. He got worried, Faramir only locked his door when he has sorrows in his heart or when he has someone in there. Boromi knocked on the door, the sound was a bit too loud for the hallway that was dead silent. But it worked quite fine for he was able to hear Faramir through the door.

“Open up little one.” Boromir whispered, his head leaning against the door.

He heard Faramir unlock the door and he opened it just enough to peek out. He slid his hand around the door and held it.

“Are you okay?”

Faramir nodded, he was quiet and weary. Boromir couldn’t figure out if he had been crying or not.

“May I come in?”

Faramir opened the door a little wider and gestured for Boromir to come in. The door closed shut silently but the lock clicking shut echoed in the hallway.

“Can we talk?” Boromir asked carefully.

“Sure, do you want something? I have-”

“It’s okay. Can I sit with you?”

Faramir gestured that they could sit on the edge of his bed. Boromir placed himself as close to Faramir as he dared. They both kept quiet. Faramir let out a shiver and Boromir put his arm over Faramir’s shoulder. Faramir turned into Boromir’s embrace and curled into it, Boromir put his other arm around his brother and held him tight. Faramir cried a little and it saddened Boromir. He shushed him like he had done when Faramir was a little child, whenever Faramir had hurt himself or was scared.

“I need to ask you something.” Boromir finally said and Faramir pushed himself up a little, so he could see Boromir’s eyes.

“Aragorn told me you aren’t paying visits to his room anymore, and it is because of me.”

Faramir didn’t intend Boromir to find out this time either, but was it really avoidable?

Faramir nodded and let his head stay down on the last nod, not looking at Boromir anymore. But Boromir took a hold of Faramir’s chin and lifted his face back up.

“You never told me you were unsatisfied or wanted my help, if anything you kept telling me to back away.” Boromir tilted his head and gave Faramir a tender but worried look. “Did I push you?”

Faramir let his eyes fall and said quietly. “No.”

Faramir noticed he was becoming relaxed, a sense of ease filling his thoughts. Like when he was young, after Boromir had chased his nightmares away. Faramir lifted his eyes back up, looking right into Boromir’s. Faramir felt like drowning in them, swimming deep in them, he felt secure and free. He had to shake those thoughts away, he didn’t need any more of them, he was already in trouble. He let his eyes fall away again.

They let the silence wrap them, hold them like Boromir now held Faramir.

“You told me you turned Aragorn down because you were in love with someone else.” Faramir began and Boromir shifted a little. “I did exactly the opposite, I stayed with him for I’m in love with someone I can’t have.”

“My poor dear one,” Boromir said and petted Faramir’s hair.

Faramir got up and moved a little away from Boromir’s embrace.

“What can I do? There are times when I fear my feelings could kill me on the spot with their intensity.”

Boromir didn’t know what to say, what had he done himself? He had put his feelings away and locked them so deep they were never to surface again. How could he tell his brother to do the same?

“Who is it who deserves such a love from you? She must surely be wonderful.”

Faramir looked at his brother for long moment, tears already pushing their way through. He turned his head and forced the tears away.

“I can’t tell. For I’d put myself and…” A little pause there, Faramir shook his head a little and continued, “…him, actually, in danger.”

“Do you fear he wouldn’t love you back?”

Faramir gave out a forced laughter and looked at Boromir, “Quite the opposite.”

Boromir was so beautiful it consumed Faramir, he had to turn his face away and let the silence drop between him and his loved brother.

“For what could come out of it if he feels as strongly as I do?” Faramir looked back at Boromir. “What if it consumes him the same.”

Boromir didn’t even dare to blink. He listened and felt his own feelings roaming somewhere behind the gates he had set up to hold those feelings away. What if he wasn’t strong enough?

“We cannot have each other. We could never touch each other, never love each other.” Faramir kept going, lifting his hand to pet his brother’s cheek.

Boromir gave into the touch, closing his eyes and breathing deeply.

“What could come out of such a love?” Faramir said and study Boromir’s face and closed eyes.

“Disaster,” Boromir answered quietly.

“What would you do in such a state?” Faramir asked a little scared he had done too much.

Boromir opened his eyes and looked gently into his younger brother’s eyes. So beautiful, so sweet, so like his. He clasped Faramir’s hand and held it to his cheek, not letting him go.

“Bury them deep.” Boromir put his lips onto Faramir’s, it was only a little peck. “But it helps nothing.”

Then they kissed for real, passionate, and hungrily. Like two men would, like two men in love would. “You cannot escape…” Boromir said, letting his hands work their way under his tunic to feel Faramir’s bare chest. “…when you start to fear that love consumes you…” He had his hands under Faramir’s tunic and pushed it upwards, taking it off completely. “… you are already consumed, doomed.” Boromir bent himself to bury his nose to smell Faramir’s chest. “Dear Valar, so doomed.”

Boromir got Faramir onto his bed and himself on Faramir. Faramir longed to have Boromir naked and Boromir was already half way through with similar intentions for Faramir. So the younger one worked with older one’s outer shirt and tunic, and the older with the younger one’s pants. Boromir tossed Faramir’s breeches away theatrically and Faramir didn’t succeed with getting Boromir even bare-chested. So Boromir did it himself, that worked all the better for Faramir, who lay down and marvelled at how Boromir’s muscles worked under his skin, how his chest had lesser hair than his. He sat up quickly when Boromir had tossed his tunic away to lick Boromir’s nipples and made Boromir hiss and moan loudly.

“Quiet love,” Faramir said, Boromir mumbled something to it. Boromir backed away from Faramir’s hands and took his trousers off.

Boromir got back on top of Faramir, who welcomed him more than eagerly. Boromir kept Faramir under him, wanting nothing more than to have more and even more of his brother. “I always dreamt your skin to be soft.” Boromir said, making himself more familiar with Faramir’s whole body using his lips. He worked his way up and placed his lips on Faramir’s lips again.“Your kisses sweet.” Sweet, even when it felt like Faramir was about to eat him. He felt Faramir lift his hands to Boromir’s back, hugged him and feeling him, studying Boromir’s back with his hands. Faramir’s hands were a bit rough, but much more soft than Boromir had dreamed. “Your touch so loving.”

“Boromir, please…” Faramir panted under his brother. “…possess me.”

“Hush love.” Boromir said, and lifted his head enough to look Faramir in the eyes. “We are in no hurry, I wanna love you the way you deserve.”

“Oh, but sky above Boromir, I want you, I need you,” Faramir pleaded.

“You have had your share of quick shags you needy one.” Boromir talked slowly and slide his hand down and took Faramir’s member in his hand, felt it, stroked it slowly and gently. “You’re with me now, don’t let it pass so quickly.”

Faramir arched his head back for the sensation of his beloved older brother touching him and he bit his lower lip when he felt Boromir taking them both in his hand. He must have said something, for his brother hushed him more. Faramir moved his hips with Boromir’s movements, he knew his whole form was squirming for the growing need of release. He must have said something again for his brother kept telling him it was okay.

Boromir got up on his knees and panted. Faramir under him panted as well. They were both messy and Faramir managed to reach for his tunic and started clean them both with it. Faramir stayed lying down and Boromir stayed on his knees, looking down at Faramir. His younger brother was glowing and panting for their united release. He loved that sight, he almost didn’t want to bend down anymore for the picture before him was mesmerizing, but only almost. Boromir started kissing Faramir’s neck, nibbled his earlobe a little, then went downwards. Now Faramir had Boromir licking and nipping his nipples, licking his hairy chest and moving down more, over the muscles on his belly and down to his bellybutton. Boromir dipped his tongue in it and Faramir shivered for the thought of having that tongue do that same thing between his buttocks.

“Faramir,” Boromir moaned and climbed back up, he laid down on top of Faramir and put his lips really near to Faramir’s ear. “I want to be inside of you.” Boromir’s lips touched Faramir’s ear when he spoke, it made Faramir moan quietly.

“I want you inside of me.”

“But I’m afraid you’re hurt.” Boromir said, taking a more serious tone. “I’m afraid I’ll hurt you.”

Faramir knew Boromir now thought of Aragorn and his ways with Faramir and he also knew Boromir did his best to avoid saying that name aloud.

“Don’t fear, if anything I’m made ready for you, ready for taking you.” Faramir brought his hands to the sides of Boromir head and gently tugged him to lift his face up, to look at him. “I love you, please love me Boromir.”

Boromir lowered his head and kissed Faramir long and deeply, he hugged Faramir and lay between his legs. Boromir let one of his hands go down between them again and this time worked his way to find Faramir’s opening. Boromir did his best not to think of Aragorn when he found out how easily his fingers slipped inside his brother. And he could only think of Faramir when he placed his cock to Faramir’s entrance, not yet pushing in.

“Faramir, hold me.”

Boromir was fiercy, possessive but gentle and familiar , Faramir had no other chance than to love it, marvel at it. Boromir’s thrusts were gentle but still rough enough for Faramir’s liking. Suddenly Boromir started to work one of his hands under Faramir’s back. Faramir was confused when Boromir stopped and started to pull Faramir up. “I want you on top of me.” Boromir whispered when he had Faramir sitting up on his lap and hugging him with one hand and keeping himself sitting up with the other. Faramir was confused as to why he was blushing in such a state. Boromir let go of Faramir and lay on his back. His hands touched Faramir’s knees. Faramir was so beautiful sitting on him, having Boromir inside of him. Faramir started to move, rocking his hips and Boromir was completely lost in the overwhelming sensation. He let his hand wander up from Faramir’s thighs to his hips. He took a rough hold there and helped Faramir move just right. Then Faramir let himself drop lower, he held himself up with his hands on both sides of Boromir’s head. Then he started saying his brother’s name, again and once again. Faramir came first and Boromir shortly after that. Faramir collapsed on top of his brother and let himself lie on his broad chest. Boromir petted his back. After a long, loving silence, Faramir got up and cleaned both of them with his tunic again.

“Can I sleep here, hold you? Wrap my legs around yours and wonder how we managed to get tangled like that in the morning?”

Faramir laughed to that and already sounded a little tired. “Sure love, of course.”

Yet another morning was crawling into Boromir’s room. Faramir was already awake and sitting on Boromir’s bed, watching the sun shining from one of the two windows in Boromir’s bedroom. Faramir noticed Boromir waking up, he looked behind him and saw Boromir blink. Faramir smiled, Boromir smiled back, the light was colouring Faramir’s figure golden. Boromir watched how his brother turned his face away and returned to gaze before him.

“Now it seems like we, Aragorn and I, were both using each other ‘cause we could not have you,” Faramir said thoughtfully.

“If that was the case he surely was a fool.” Boromir said, got up sitting next to Faramir and kissed him. “For how could one not be mesmerized over your beauty when they see it, when they have it?”

Boromir lay on his back and had Faramir laying in his other arm. He played with a curl of Faramir’s hair with the hand that stretched under him. They kept quiet and felt warm. “I like that these windows face east, I get to see the morning sun,” Boromir said thoughtfully. “But I truly envy your room, you have the warmth of south and the sun shining on you most of the day.”

Faramir smiled warmly. They both enjoyed the morning sun best when they had it with each other.

“Give me a kiss.”

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Naw. Nice story! A continue? How do they live with the king after this? What saying has Arwen when her king is behaving like this? Or does she blame Boromir for not making Aragorn happy? Which direction can this go?

— Laivindur    5 September 2012, 20:16    #

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