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Silence (G) Print

Written by AlexanderW

05 November 2009 | 127 words

Title: Silence
Rating: G
Description: Faramir thinks in the silence
Disclaimer: All character and places mentioned belong to the Tolkien Estate. This is for non-profit.


Faramir laid back on his chair in the library, listening to the silence. Not even the city could be heard this far up or deep in the citadel and Faramir both welcomed and lamented it.

He welcomed it because he found peace with himself and the world around him. No father, no lieutenants, no reports, no anger – nothing.

He lamented it as there was no one here to share it with. No one he could at the very least pretend was his and be happy with. No one.

He sighed, and went back to his book.

Life carried on.

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Poor Faramir! Nicely done. Thanks for posting that!

— Ria    5 November 2009, 02:03    #

Love silence…
I hope beautiful Faramir would find the one to share silence and peace with.
Philosophical approach, AlexanderW!
Thank you!

— Anastasiya    5 November 2009, 19:27    #

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Hi, I must say, I am bit of a rubbish writer, even if my imagination is in the right place! But I hope anything I write is enjoyable to read for those who read it.

I’m very much into Faramir/Aragorn or Faramir/Beregond (which there not enough of!) and a nice bit of slash would be most appreciated

Feel free to leave messages and criticisms – as feedback is how I get better