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Tales Only Whispered (NC-17) Print

Written by Jewel

04 April 2004 | 6339 words | Work in Progress

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Title: Tales only whispered WIP Part I-IX/?
Author: Jewel
Pairing: Faramir/Denethor, Faramir/Aragorn
Ratings: not sure, but to be save NC-17
Warnings: incest, violence
Disclaimer: I own nothing, all belongs to Mr Tolkien

Work In Progress

Part 1: My father's bride

I still remember the first time. It was my birthday. Come to my private chambers tonight was all he said.
I haven’t been there since my mother’s death. That was years ago. I knocked at the door, my heart was pounding. Enter. I did as I was told. I’m here, Father, I whispered. He looked at me. There was a strange light in his eyes. Fear seized me. I wanted to run but instead I forced myself to stay. I have a present for you, he said calmly. He gave me a blue bundle. Unfolding it I recognised it at once. A coat … no not a coat… my mother’s coat! Blue as the sky on a clear summer night. The stars on it seemed to twinkle in the torch light. It was her coat, he said, it was my wedding present. I nodded in silence. And now it is yours, child. I held it pressed close to my body. Closing my eyes I tried to remember my mother ´s face. Thank you, Father. Put it on. I threw it around my shoulders. No! His voice was as cold as his gaze. Undress first. Nightmare. F… Father? Undress! Time seemed to flood away while I obeyed his command.
As I stood naked in front of him he put the coat around my shoulders and fastened it worth the thin silver chain. He looked at me. The light in his eyes grew more intense. Father? He wrapped me in his arms, his hands travelling across my body. Father? My voice sounded hollow. Please! He silenced me with a kiss. His tongue found its way into my mouth. Finduilas! The voice was full of warmth. Full of love. A love I have never experienced. I closed my eyes. My whole body went numb. Finduilas. All my senses seemed to leave me. Finuilas. Was this his voice or a voice inside my head? Darkness surrounded me. I fell…. I was caught by strong arms. …Suddenly I was lying on the bed. How did I get there? Finduilas! Father!
I felt his body on mine … a stabbing pain…. Something explodes inside me! Fire! Fire shot through my body. The darkness came again. I welcomed it. Finduilas! My eyes snapped open. Father! He collapsed down on me. His weight was taking my breath away. Finduilas. I felt pounding of his heart against my back. The fire inside me died down a little. Father? The coat was my present to her. His face was pressed close to mine. I loved her…my Finduilas. And now I love you, my Faramir…my Finduilas' child. Tears run down my face. He kissed my cheek. Faramir … my beautiful bride. He kissed me again. My tears burnt on my cheeks.
Suddenly the weight was lifted from me. I finally I could breath. Leave. His voice was cold again. Father? LEAVE! I looked into his face. Tears? Father? LEAVE!
And I ran…I ran until I reached the gardens. There I collapsed down under the white rose bushes. Roses my mother once planted. I cried till all tears had left me and I could cry no more.
It was a warm summer night with a clear dark-blue sky and thousands of twinkling stars. I fell asleep with my mother’s coat as my blanket. The coat that looked like the sky above me…

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Thank you! It was interesting, strange and very unlike others stories. Thank you once more!

— Anastasiya    16 March 2010, 19:42    #

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