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The Care of An Elf (NC-17) Print

Written by Lisa14

20 December 2008 | 1193 words

The Care of An Elf
Warnings: Child abuse, adult situations
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Legolas/Faramir

Written for the 2008 Midwinter Swap.

Request by Angelstar3999: Ok here is the idea. It is starting to get to dangerous for Faramir to live with his father (You Decide why) and so a friend (Elf, Gandalf, or other) take him away to an elven kingdom (Imladris, Greenwoods, Lothlórien: you chose) There Faramir should meet someone, or someones who fall in love with him and start to try to court him. I would like to see Faramir find out some shocking news about him and his mother. Please have happy ending. (Feisty, but maybe sub Faramir)

“Come on Faramir, you have to come with us. Boromir and I won’t have as much fun without you.” Legolas was trying to coerce him to go out w/them for a night on the town. Fifteen year old Faramir knew that his father would never allow it mostly just because he wanted to go. So he was trying to save himself the hurt of even asking. Emotionally hurt and the physical discipline once the older boys have left, if you could call a gorgeous 1000 year old elf a boy.

“I’m sorry but I have way too much work here to do and you guys will have much for fun without me anyway.”

“No we wouldn’t.” As usual his brother was quick to reassure him or defend him whatever the case was.

“We will miss you the whole time, which reminds me why you have so much more work than everyone else. I think tomorrow I shall have to talk to the steward about this.” Legolas had been very protective of him ever since arriving earlier last week especially when it came to his father.

“NO! I mean no, its fine guys. Go out and have a great time. And I don’t mind the extra work really I don’t. Just go.” With that and a few more assurances Faramir was finally able to push them out the door and get started on all the work Denethor had given him. He would work all night if he had to because he knew if he got punished in the morning Legolas would figure it out. He was already watching him more closely after he walked in limping the other night for dinner. That was his own fault he had been falling behind on his work because he would rather spend time with Boromir and Legolas, they were so much fun not to mention his little crush on Legolas. Of course he would never tell him that, why in middle earth would a beautiful elf like Legolas ever give someone as worthless as him any time of day whatsoever.

Faramir was woken up rather abruptly by his bedroom door slamming shut. He quickly looked around and realized he had a sore neck from falling asleep at his desk again. Then he looked at his door expecting it to be his dear brother to tell him tales from last night’s escapades and froze in fear when he saw who it was.

“Father, I was just gathering your paperwork for you to take to you before your council meeting today.” Faramir tried to dig himself out the deep hole of trouble he knew he was in.

LIES! You were lazing about as usual for my council meeting was finished ten minutes ago.” While screaming this at his youngest son he reached over for him and grabbed him tight enough to leave bruises and flung Faramir on the bed face first.

Faramir just lay on his stomach knowing it would just make it worse if he struggled through his punishment.

Denethor ripped Faramir shirt off and took his own belt off and started beating him on the back over and over.

“You are worthless, just worthless. Your brother would never let me down like you continue to do on a daily basis.” Then he switched to the buckle side and continued to beat Faramir to unconsciousness. All anyone could hear outside the door was Denethor yelling how worthless he was and the sobbing he couldn’t quite hold in.

“It was strange that my brother couldn’t make it to breakfast this morning.”

“I concur, why don’t we check on him to make sure everything is alright.”

“Good idea, Las that way I can entertain him with tall tales of our adventures last night”

They knocked twice on Faramir’s door and received no answer both times. Boromir began to get very worried about his brother and opened the door slowly calling his name expecting to see him asleep at his desk. What greeted them instead was Faramir laying in a bloody mess on the bed staring back up at them.

“Fara, who on earth dared to hurt you like this?”

Faramir looked at Legolas pleading with him to tell Boromir because he knew he could never tell him that it was their father.

“Boromir it was your father.”

“How do you know that Legolas, how can you possibly know that?”

“I can read it in your brother’s eyes for it is the only person he would not name to you is it not. Also, I have had my suspions all week. Now you go talk to him maybe if he knows that you know he will stop and I will bathe and heal Faramir.”

With that Boromir ran from the room ready to confront his father about the abuse and Farmir stayed bright red the whole time through his bath knowing the one being he wanted more than any other was seeing him naked and bruised and damaged. Boormir finally came slowly walking back in with a dejected look on his face although brightened a little seeing his little brother cleaned and bandaged lying on his bed.

“What happened with Father?” Although one look at Boormir’s face he could tell things hadn’t gone well.

“He has gone crazy, I don’t even recognize him anymore or maybe I never even knew him. Father has no remorse about the abuse and says now that I know my punishments can be watching Farmir get disciplined. I can’t believe he can even call it that. Legolas you have to do something, he will never stop, and I can’t protect him here.”

“Then there is only one choice, I will take him back with me to Mirkwood. He can finish his studies there and be safe. You can come visit him whenever you can get that way and the guards will never let your father in no matter what. I am sorry it has come to this for both of you.”

Faramir started crying thinking of leaving his brother but Legolas and Boromir were determined for him to be safe. It was quite quickly they gathered up his belongings and packed up Legolas’s horse.

“I love you Boromir, please come and see me.” Faramir gave his brother one last hug goodbye.

“Of course I will little brother; I love you too so much.”

With that Faramir got on the horse and wrapped his arms around Legolas and they rode off on their next adventure together.

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Hi, I love what you have written and I like what happened with Faramir even though he was hurt in the end.
Great story.

— angelstar3999    20 December 2008, 23:50    #

Nicely done, I’m glad that Boromir and Legolas got him away from Denethor!

— Ria    1 January 2009, 21:45    #

A wounderful story, I am glad you wrote it. The decision of taking him to Mirkwood, away from his father it was a great.

— Ingrid    17 May 2009, 05:57    #

Is there more? There should be more.
This ending is just begging to have a sequel, one with Legolas falling for Faramir.

— Anna    8 April 2010, 22:26    #

please continue

— Haldir's daughter Lilith    6 June 2011, 06:25    #

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