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The King’s Princes (NC-17) Print

Written by Tena

26 May 2006 | 4209 words

Title: The King’s Princes
Author: Tena
Type: FPS
Pairing: Aragorn/Legolas, Legolas/Faramir, Aragorn/Legolas/Faramir
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Explicit sex between consenting males
Disclaimer: These characters are from the genius mind of Master Tolkien. I do not own them and do not make any money from them. I only play with them and will return them when I am finished.
Beta: jennapoo
Summary: Aragorn and Legolas discover they share the same fantasy.

Written for 2006 Mistletoe in May swap.
Requested pairing: Legolas/Faramir, Aragorn/Legolas/Faramir
Squicks: No hobbits, no wizards, no first or second age

Author’s note: I threw in Aragorn/Legolas for the sake of the story and they insisted they needed a moment together. This is my first attempt at writing man slash and first fiction swap. I hope I have met the expectations of the one who requested this. Enjoy!

Minas Tirith, The King’s chambers

The room smelled of sweat, wine, ale and sex. Moans and grunts could be heard by anyone who was near, but no one was. Everyone had long since been asleep. The thrusts and undulations continued by longtime lovers. Their sensual and sometimes raw dance was familiar but never the same. The movements became erratic, more urgent and together they fell over the edge. They cried their release in unison. “Farrammirrr!”

They fell silent and froze, not daring to look each other. Aragorn could feel Legolas’ body shaking beneath him. He pulled back to see Legolas convulsing with a fit of laughter. Aragorn himself had to laugh. He rolled off Legolas and propped up on his elbow.

Legolas finally got control of his giggles. “Well, at least we called out the same name,” he began to laugh again.

Aragorn fell back on the bed. “I had no idea you had fantasized about Faramir. Have you been with him?” A small part of Aragorn was jealous.

“Nay, Aragorn. You are the only one I have been with in decades,” Legolas stroked Aragorn’s cheek. “I have long thought him fair, though.”

“It is his inner strength and loyalty that attract me,” Aragorn smiled. “Not to mention his smile and blue eyes. Have you noticed how they sparkle when he laughs?”

Legolas burst into laughter again, “Why yes, Estel. I have noticed his blue eyes. I did not realize that you had.”

Aragorn rolled onto his side and looked into Legolas’ eyes. “They are not as beautiful as yours, meleth.”

Legolas smiled. “Hannon le, meleth. So what are we going to do about this? We cannot continue shouting his name when we are together.”

“What do you suggest?” Aragorn grinned.

“I’ll think of something,” Legolas whispered as he took Aragorn’s lips in a gentle kiss. “Let me take care of everything.”

Ithilien, The Prince’s Castle

Legolas visited Faramir and Éowyn, on his way back to his forest home. Éowyn informed Legolas that she would be going to Edoras. Éomer’s son had been born and she wanted to visit with them.

“Will you be going as well, Prince Faramir?”

“No, Legolas. I have too much work to do. The spring time reports are due soon and I am behind on them already.”

“I am afraid I am leaving my husband at a rather bad time. I usually help him with the reports,” she reached to take Faramir’s hand. “I know! Legolas could help you,” she looked hopefully at the elf. “Would you, Legolas? I would feel much better if I knew someone was looking after my husband.”

“Éowyn, my love, I am perfectly capable. Legolas does not need to help me.” Faramir blushed, feeling a little embarrassed that his wife was making such a fuss.

“Faramir, please. I already feel terrible that I am leaving. I really would feel better if I knew Legolas was taking care of you.” Éowyn cupped his cheek.

“I would be happy to help you, Faramir. I have not had the opportunity to spend much time with you and this would be perfect.” Legolas smiled widely. He could not believe how well this was working out.

Legolas sent word to Aragorn to come the Ithilien at the end of the month. He explained what had transpired and told Aragorn, he and Faramir would be waiting to see him. Aragorn grinned and shook his head while reading the letter. He sent correspondence to Faramir stating when he would be arriving in Ithilien and would personally inspect the inventories and reports.

Legolas and Faramir worked very close together while completing the reports. Faramir was nervous; he could not understand why the king was personally coming to inspect the inventories. He was also nervous about being so close with the elf of his dreams. He had never told anyone of his attraction to the woodland prince. Éowyn had told him about Legolas, when she had spent time with him in Edoras. Faramir had become intrigued with the elf and then that grew to attraction as he came to know him better.

He found himself very distracted. His eyes would wonder in the elf’s direction when he was supposed to be counting or writing. Faramir could not stop himself from looking at the blue eyes that pierced the soul or the blonde hair that looked like the sunshine. He thought about how Legolas’ eyes would look in the heat of passion or how it would feel to run his fingers through his hair.

Faramir had gone over the same list several times and was getting frustrated because the amounts were not matching. “Damn! What am I missing?”

Legolas put the papers down he was working on and rounded the table to stand behind Faramir. “Easy, Faramir. We will work it out,” he began rubbing Faramir’s shoulders.
Legolas looked over Faramir’s shoulder at the papers. He smiled as he saw the mistake but kept massaging the shoulders of the beautiful redheaded prince.

Faramir’s eyes slowly closed as Legolas rubbed his shoulders. “That feels so good. I am never this tense about these reports, but with the king coming here to personally pick these up, well I am nervous.” The fact that you are touching me does not help. Faramir thought to himself. He could feel his body responding to the touch and was afraid Legolas would notice.

“Yes, I can feel the tension. Your muscles are in knots. Just relax and let me see if I can ease the knots.”

“Thank you, Legolas. That is helping.” Faramir let his head drop and moaned softly as Legolas continued.

After several minutes, Legolas could feel the muscles relax and Faramir lifted his head and looked at the paper before him. Legolas stopped the massage and leaned over Faramir’s shoulder. He pointed to the third column and whispered into his ear. “That has been transcribed incorrectly, meldir.”

Faramir stared at the numbers and started to laugh, “I have looked at that column so many times and I just could not see the problem,” he turned in his chair and took Legolas’ hand. “Thank you. Now maybe I will be able to sleep.”

“You are very welcome,” Legolas smiled and walked back around to his chair. “Faramir, we have almost finished these reports and the rest should not take us long. I say that tomorrow, we take the day off and go for a ride. You have worked far too hard without a break. What say you?”

Faramir looked at the stacks of papers and then back to Legolas. “I say that is a wonderful idea. Let us call it a night. We can leave after breakfast.”

“Good night, meldir.” Legolas walked to the door and turned back to face Faramir. “I hope you sleep well.” He smiled and left for his rooms.

After Legolas was gone, Faramir smiled and shook his head. “I do not know how well I will sleep, but I am sure to have sweet dreams of you, my friend.

After breakfast, Faramir was getting his horse ready when Legolas arrived at the stables. “Good morning. It is a beautiful day for our ride.”

Legolas smiled and walked to his horse. “Yes, it is. I brought some food and drink for us.” Faramir nodded as they mounted and began to ride.

They rode slowly for a while and came to a secluded area near the river. They stopped to rest, water the horses and share a snack. They sat beneath a group of trees that kept them hidden from anyone that came near. They shared some fruit and water and then Legolas lay back in the grass. Faramir’s mouth began to water at the sight of Legolas lying there.

Legolas looked at Faramir and patted the ground next to him. “My Prince, lie down here. The sky through the trees is quite beautiful.”

Faramir followed Legolas’ lead. He lay down and took a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves and slow his heart down. “It is so peaceful here,” he turned his head towards Legolas to find himself being watched. He noted a change in the elf’s eyes. They appeared darker.

Legolas nodded. “I dream of you, my prince.”

Faramir’s eyes grew wide. “Why would someone as beautiful as you dream of me?”

Legolas scooted closer to Faramir and turned on his side. “Because, you are beautiful.”

Legolas’ breath ghosted Faramir’s cheek and he shuddered and closed his eyes. He felt lips touch his cheek and a hand on his chest. He opened his eyes and turned to face Legolas. “I have only dared to dream of this.”

Legolas grinned. “So, you dream of me as well?”

Faramir nodded as his mouth was taken in a tender kiss that was far too brief. Legolas pulled back and he and Faramir stared for a moment. All restraint fled Faramir and he dove onto Legolas. The kiss was passionate and Legolas was caught off guard by Faramir’s aggression, but welcomed it. He began pulling at Faramir’s clothing and they quickly divested each other of their tunics and undershirts. Faramir wasted no time and kissed his way down Legolas’ neck and chest. He took one nipple in his mouth and nipped at it with his teeth.

Legolas hissed at the feeling. He loved the way Faramir’s facial hair felt against his skin. It was something he would never tire of. Legolas ran his hand through the red hair of the one ravishing him. He relished Faramir taking control. Faramir made his way down his chest and abdomen, took the waistband of his leggings, and slowly pulled them down. He moved to the hollow where Legolas’ thigh and hip joined and kissed the skin there and then turned his head to look at Legolas’ very hard arousal. He moved to lick it from root to tip and the kissed weeping head. He felt dizzy; he could not believe this was happening and he needed to slow down and take a deep breath.

Legolas’ pulled Faramir up to him and kissed him as he rolled him over to his back. “There is no rush, my prince. We have plenty of time.”

Faramir smiled and nodded. “I am sorry. I was afraid I was going to wake up and this would have been another dream.”

Legolas took his lips in a gentle kiss. “Not a dream. I am here and I am not going anywhere.”

He slowly traced a line, with his lips and tongue, from Faramir’s lips to his belly button. He then moved to Faramir’s arousal and buried his nose at the base. He inhaled deeply of Faramir’s scent. It was earthy, like Aragorn, but there was a sweetness to the prince’s scent that he did not have words for. It was just Faramir. The prince’s sweetness emanated from the inside out. Legolas licked the hard arousal from root to tip and then kissed the swollen head. Faramir moaned loudly and his head fell back. Legolas moved up and down the shaft with his lips and tongue. He then sank down until Faramir’s arousal was buried deep in his throat and then he hummed.

“Oh, gods. Please, Legolas, I need you. Please.”

Legolas grinned as he watched the blush crawl across the prince’s body. Legolas sped up his movements and increased the suction. Faramir tossed his head from side to side and continued to whimper and moan. Legolas took him deeply once again and hummed. He cried out as he spent himself in Legolas’ mouth. Legolas took all Faramir gave him and released the spent arousal and then wickedly licked his lips as he moved up to take Faramir in a passionate kiss.

Faramir did not think he had ever been apart of something so incredibly sensual. He could taste himself mixed with the flavor of his beautiful new lover. “That was incredible.”

“I am not through with you yet, my prince,” Legolas grinned and then moved between Faramir’s legs. He reached into his bag for the oil he brought with them. He uncorked the bottle and inhaled the scent of honeysuckle. He held the bottle high above Faramir’s body and slowly drizzled the oil around Faramir’s arousal so it would flow between his testicles and to the opening of his body. Faramir watched with his mouth slightly parted and licked his lips. “I promise to make this even more pleasurable,” Legolas smiled and replaced the cork. He took Faramir in a kiss and moved his finger to the puckered opening. He felt Faramir tense and then relax as he whispered comforting words.

Faramir never took his eyes off Legolas. He took a deep breath and nodded. Legolas slowly inserted a finger and waited until Faramir relaxed. He wiggled his finger and pressed deeper. Faramir’s eyes slowly drifted closed and then snapped open when Legolas inserted another finger and stroked his prostate. “Yes! Oh, yes.” Faramir panted.

Legolas stretched and twisted to make sure his lover was prepared. He removed his fingers and positioned himself to breach Faramir. He looked deeply into his eyes and kissed him as he pressed his shaft slowly into Faramir’s tight opening. There was only a moment of discomfort and then Faramir lost himself in the feeling of being one with Legolas. He could not think; he just felt and watched his beautiful elven prince. They moved together, thrusting and moaning in unison. Their joining was slow and sensual but most of all filled with love.

Faramir’s arousal was trapped between them and the friction created by their bodies was soon sending him over the edge. He cried out his release and Legolas followed only a few moments behind. They lay together, covered in sweat and panting. Faramir gently stroked Legolas’ back and kissed his temple. “Thank you, my friend. You have made a dream come true.”

Legolas lifted his head to look at Faramir and noticed tears in his eyes. He smiled and stroked his cheek. “It is I who should thank you. I am honored you would share yourself with me.”

Faramir blushed. “I am honored to have been with you.” Faramir kissed Legolas deeply.

Legolas retrieved a towel and cleaned them both. “Come, I think we can clean better in the river.” He stood and pulled Faramir into his arms and led him to the river.

Legolas and Faramir spent almost every night together for the next two weeks. They became familiar with every inch of each other’s bodies. The night before Aragorn was to arrive; they lay in each other’s arms. Legolas had noticed something amiss with Faramir and wanted to help. “Meleth, why are you so quiet today? What is bothering you? What can I do to make it better?”

“Where were you this evening? I missed you at dinner.”

“I am sorry. I had a few things to take care of before tonight. I wanted no distractions for us,” Legolas smiled and kissed his cheek.

“I am sorry. That is not what is bothering me,” he turned to face Legolas. “The king will be here tomorrow,” Legolas nodded. “So, tonight will be our last night together,” Faramir could not bring himself to look into those beautiful eyes of his lover.

Legolas tilted Faramir’s face to him. “Why does this have to be our last night?”

“You and Aragorn are lovers, are you not?” He was sure he knew the answer.

“Yes, we are. Do you think I cannot love you both?”

“Why would you still want to be with me, when you have loved Aragorn for so long?”

Legolas hated that Faramir thought he would leave him when Aragorn arrived. He had to make himself very clear. “My prince, I have room in my heart for both of you. My love for you is not lessened because Estel will be here,” he took Faramir in a deep and passionate kiss he hoped would reassure him. He opened his eyes slightly when he heard a sound and looked towards the door. He grinned slightly and crooked his finger, beckoning the visitor closer.

Legolas released Faramir’s lips and smiled. “Does that help?”

Faramir smiled and nodded. He startled when the bed dipped behind him and turned to see Aragorn sitting there. “If that does not help you to understand how much you are cared for, perhaps this will.” Aragorn leaned down and captured Faramir’s lip as the prince’s eyes bugged from his head. He gasped as the king pushed his lips apart with his tongue and made a deep swipe into Faramir’s mouth. Faramir tangled his tongue with Aragorn’s and moaned. He could not think clearly.

When Aragorn finally released him from the kiss, Faramir panted. “My lord, I…I…you are early.”

Legolas and Aragorn both laughed. “Well, I did not want to miss all the fun,” he stroked Faramir’s hair. He leaned across to kiss Legolas. “Hello, meleth.”

“Hello, Estel” Legolas grinned.

Faramir watch these two and wondered if he had been set up, not that the thought bothered him at all. “Can one of you tell me what is happening?”

They chuckled. “It seems that Legolas and I discovered we shared the same fantasy. Legolas has been able to realize his. I would like to do the same, if you will allow me. This is not coming from the king, Faramir. I am your friend and someone who cares for you very much.”

Faramir stared at Aragorn. “You …wanted to be with me?” Aragorn nodded. “You and me…together.”

Aragorn nodded and grinned. “It would just not be the same without you.”

Faramir looked at Legolas who was smiling at his confusion. “You both wanted to be with me?” They both nodded and Faramir stared at the ceiling for a moment. “Well, I still do not understand, but who am I too question,” he shrugged his shoulders and laughed.

Legolas climbed out of the bed and walked around to Aragorn. “You have too many clothes on, Estel.”

Faramir watched intently as Legolas began removing Aragorn’s clothes. He licked his lips and took in every inch of the king’s skin as it was revealed. Aragorn reached down and moved a lock of hair from Faramir’s forehead. He blushed as he realized Aragorn had noticed him staring.

As Legolas removed Aragorn’s leggings, he licked the king’s arousal. Aragorn’s head fell back and he reached for Faramir’s hand. He moaned and began to buck his hips into Legolas’ mouth and gripped Faramir’s hand tightly. He knew he would not last long under Legolas’ ministrations, so he lifted Legolas and kissed him. They shared a moment where they just stared. Faramir thought they were somehow communicating.

Legolas moved around to the other side of the bed and Aragorn lay down next to Faramir. Faramir was suddenly more nervous than he had ever felt before. He was not this nervous before battle; for that, he had been trained. This was a completely new experience.

Aragorn could feel Faramir’s nervousness and hoped he could calm him. “Faramir, you are beautiful. It is something I have thought from the moment I saw you in the healing rooms,” he kissed Faramir’s lips and then moved to his neck. He licked the area over his pulse and then began to suck and mark the area. Faramir gasped and closed his eyes. He felt another set of lips on his neck. Legolas marked his neck on the other side. Faramir’s mind reeled and he just let go.

Aragorn moved down to take Faramir’s nipple, licked the bud, and gently rubbed the other with his calloused finger. He could feel Faramir’s body responding and that aroused him further. He licked his way further down Faramir’s abdomen until he reached his hard shaft in a nest of soft copper curls. Aragorn could no longer restrain himself. He engulfed the arousal in one motion and swallowed him deeply.

Faramir arched off the body and moaned loudly. Legolas joined Aragorn and they jointly worked his shaft. They alternately slid their mouths up and down the hardened flesh until Faramir was begging for release. Legolas returned to his lips to quell the moans. He kissed Faramir soundly as Aragorn brought him to orgasm. As Faramir came down from his high, he watched Aragorn lean over to kiss Legolas and gasped as Aragorn transferred some of his essence into Legolas’ mouth. They both moaned and Faramir knew he would never again witness anything more erotic.

Faramir reached and pulled them both down to him. The three of them shared a very intense kiss that left them breathless. Faramir watched as Legolas and Aragorn kissed. Their touches were ones of a familiarity of lovers that had shared so much. Faramir was surprised to find his body responding and hardening again so soon.

Legolas pulled Faramir on top of him and spread his legs wide. Faramir’s breath hitched as he felt their arousals rub together. Aragorn grabbed the oil and tapped Faramir on the shoulder. “You will need this, meleth.”

Faramir looked at the oil and then Legolas. “Take me, my prince.” Legolas whispered.
Aragorn uncorked the oil and took Faramir’s hand. He coated his fingers and kissed his cheek. Faramir hesitated and then moved his fingers to gently prepare Legolas. Faramir lined his arousal to Legolas’ prepared opening and as he slid forward, he felt fingers at his own opening. He stilled once he had filled Legolas and held his breath. He glanced over his shoulder and Aragorn leaned forward to kiss him as he slid a finger deep into him.

Legolas embraced Faramir as he could tell his prince was overcome with sensations and emotions. He felt Faramir take a shuddering breath, “Relax, meleth. We will take good care of you.” Legolas whispered. He looked at Aragorn who was concentrating on preparing Faramir. The last thing they wanted was to cause their prince any pain. The three of them joining as one was more overwhelming than Legolas or Aragorn had anticipated.

“Faramir, are you ready for me?” Aragorn whispered. Faramir lifted his head and nodded, then smiled shyly. Aragorn slowly sheathed himself into the velvety hot tightness. He never took his eyes off Legolas. He was counting on Legolas to guide him as to Faramir’s reactions. When he had completely filled Faramir, they began too move, each in opposition of the others movements.

Faramir supported his weight on his forearms and Aragorn kept his hands on the prince’s hips. They began a slow and steady pace, thrusting and countering. Their breathing was becoming faster and moans becoming louder. Faramir was locked between two he
admired, respected, desired and loved. He could feel Legolas gripping his shoulders and meeting each thrust.

Aragorn moved one of his hands to lace his fingers with his elven lovers on Faramir’s shoulder. Faramir shifted his weight onto one arm and gripped Legolas’ weeping shaft. He firmly stroked Legolas in time with his own thrusts. Legolas found his release first, moaning the names of his lovers. His cries along with the tightening around Faramir quickly brought his release forth. Aragorn, seeing the sight of both his lovers lost in the passion caused him to loose the control he was fighting to maintain. He groaned loudly and cried, “Faramir, Legolas, I love you.”

Faramir shook and Legolas pulled him into his arms and reached to bring Aragorn down with them. After a few moments of trying to bring their breathing back under control, Aragorn and Legolas rolled to bring them all onto their sides. They reluctantly pulled from each other’s bodies but kept each other locked in an embrace.

Legolas brought his lips to Faramir’s and Aragorn nuzzled the back of his neck. Faramir smiled and blushed. “I have no words, except, thank you.”

“Your welcome, my prince. I want to thank you for allowing us to share with you, our love.” Aragorn pulled Faramir closer against his chest.

“My king and my prince, you both honor me. Now, let us sleep.” Legolas stroked Aragorn’s arm and then Faramir’s face.

Aragorn lifted his head and grinned. “What, no bath?”

Legolas snorted. “Too tired. We’ll bathe later.”

They heard soft snoring and grinned as they watched the sweet, sated face of their fair prince. “Meleth, it seems we have worn him out.” Aragorn chuckled. They carefully lifted their heads to share a kiss and then layback down holding Faramir and each other close as they all found reverie.

The End

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OMG that story was lovely. I didn’t see Aragorn Comeing…but I read about it! lol yeah It was cute..and very sexxy

— Kimmykat    12 June 2006, 14:27    #

Everytime that i see the title i remember it on the good way, as it was a lovely fic to read, and i thank you for do so, as i enjoyed reading it.

— Sivan Shemesh    27 June 2006, 22:51    #

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