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To heal and be healed (G) Print

Written by Fawsley

11 April 2007 | 130 words

Characters: Aragorn, Faramir
Disclaimer: Not my characters, JRRT’s characters.
Note: For the tolkien_weekly The Dark challenge. And another couple of 50-word semi-drabbles from two POVs.

To heal and be healed

All night he has toiled.

The darkness seems endless, eternal, pierced only by a random lamp or guttering candle.

Is this gift in fact a dreadful curse?

So much is expected of him. Eager faces watching from the shadows make failure impossible.

These are his people. He is their King.

This cannot be night.

It is endless, eternal, a horror without end.

The dark surrounds him, invades him, is him.

Daylight? Sunlight? There are no such things. Simply dreams of a fevered mind.

Then gentle hands instil hope, bring renewal, impart love.

He is the Steward. This is his King.

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wow, it’s beautiful, and to the point. i really like it.

— traveller    12 April 2007, 15:37    #

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