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Wizard's Tales (G) Print

Written by Acacea

21 November 2006 | 101 words

“I’d heard of hobbits,” Faramir said, “But while Mithrandir does tell good tales, he is not always descriptive enough. I often asked him what elves looked like, and –”

“Gandalf told you about us?” Pippin interrupted interestedly, between mouthfuls of apple.

“Of your people,” Faramir corrected gently, “I’m afraid whenever he visited Minas Tirith during my childhood, I often took up his time asking for tales. He always answered most patiently.”

“Oh,” Pippin murmured, “Whenever I asked him anything, he would reply most grumpily!”

“Perhaps,” Frodo suggested mildly, “That was because all you’d ask him was when we’d stop to eat?”

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It was funny I liked it

— Ingrid    17 May 2009, 07:04    #

Love it!

— Anni    16 October 2009, 21:00    #

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