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Bid me Farewell (G)

By Raven22372; with Boromir

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Five minutes ago I realized that, after scanning this painting a couple of weeks ago, I totally forgot to post it. First sign of age, I guess…

Posted Apr 24, 2013

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8 Comment(s)

This – is – incredible!
Okay, I admit I had to blow it up (old eyes are getting older) but my oh my such details! Totally loved the back banners and you did all that work on the floor. But then the two central figures – With a few lines you’ve caught the formality, the loyalty and the love.
Thank you so much for remembering to post this up! You rawk! :)

— MikoNoNyte    24 April 2013, 19:15    #

Oh no, I´m sorry… unfortunately LJ doesn´t link to a larger picture anymore. Or maybe I need to upload it to the scrapbook first… I wonder what was wrong with the old concept? X(

Thank you, dear! :D Heehee, the banners were fun – even though I have no idea how long they´re supposed to be in reality. However, according to what I´ve read the Bayeux Tapestry is about 70 metres (229 ft) long, so I think I´m still on the decent side! XD

— raven22372    25 April 2013, 22:53    #

Beautiful! I especially love the beautiful (yes, I repeat myself) pattern on the column and the sword barely to be seen at the waist and under the cloak. Thanks a lot!

— Nerey Camille    29 April 2013, 13:56    #

Heehee, don´t worry repeating yourself..! (bathes in compliment) Thanks to you! Since I´m a terribly lazy drawer, it´s very encouraging to know that even tiny details get noticed. I haven´t thought anybody would even see that half invisible sword tip!

— raven22372    1 May 2013, 14:41    #

Oh, yes, do bathe in the compliment, you mistress of drawing and goddess of fanart! My poor compliment hardly does justice to the greatness of your skill. kneels in worshipful awe
No, seriously, keep it up!

— Nerey Camille    2 May 2013, 23:57    #

Please excuse my late reply! I´m just back from a short holiday and delighted to find your answer… but I implore you: do get up, my friend, and kneel no more before her who does not deserve it! Your words hold certainly more magic than my scribbling does – even though I must say that it does my heart good and make my want to send for the bath foam. Now, where´s my rubberducky…?

— raven22372    9 May 2013, 22:11    #

I think this is just epic!
It has this true mediaeval/arthurian feel. Maybe because of the light, or the composition, or the whole kneeling thing… Can’t put my finger on it. But the whole image just radiates significance, and gravity, and a kind of holiness if you will.

I think this is really well done. And especially nice seeing this come from you as it’s a bit of a foray into a different territory from many of your other works. Always so exciting to see an artist explore new directions :)

— December    1 September 2013, 01:27    #

Woohooo, you´re back! Wheel in the casks, prepare the skewers, call the jugglers! Welcome back, friend! Sit down, have a cup of wine and tell us about your multifarious adventures in foreign lands under strange moons!

Thank you so much! Arthurian… why yes, now that you mentioned it I think that was indeed the image behind. And holiness… DUH, I like that! :D There´s always a little bit of it in the really great tales, isn´t it? The ones with people ´taking leave´ instead of ´saying goodbye´… please excuse me, I´m a little overexcited this morning…

(Besides, it´s the kneeling thing. Don´t hold back! It´s your soft spot for devotion speaking here… ;) )

— raven22372    1 September 2013, 11:53    #

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