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Brotherly loving (PG)

By Amir; with Boromir

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Faramir always adored his elder brother…
Sorry for my gallery becoming more and more Boro-Fara-gallery. I just haven’t any other idea about drawing.
Do you want to see anything else? I’m open for ideas.

Posted Aug 17, 2009

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This is amazing- you have really captured the love and admiration in Faramir’s eyes. Brilliant!

iris    17 August 2009, 20:39    #

I LOVE that you used book Boro/Fara instead of movie. I liked Sean Bean in the movie and I can go to him for Boromir, but Faramir can’t be anyone but ‘book’ Faramir in my head! (I can’t help it – I just see him too clearly) and his shining young face in this really fits for me! Great lighting on the armor -Well done!!

— Amdirien    17 February 2013, 09:40    #

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