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Faramir fiction (G)

By Amir; with Éowyn

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Minx, it’s for you ;)

I should make a little remark for the others that Eowyn actually doesn’t maintain the lead in Faramir’s pairings at faramirfiction.com, I’d rather say it is slash site. So, as my friend say, she shouldn’t laugh in such a carefree way, but she has to give a frying pan blow to him. :D I think the same. This… will happen… at the next moment :D

Posted Nov 11, 2009

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3 Comment(s)

Oh, but are you sure Éowyn herself wouldn’t be interested in reading some Faramir/Aragorn fics? I’m sure she’d love it!

This really is a stunning piece – thank you so much for sharing!

Iris    11 November 2009, 21:38    #

It is truly remarkable. All of your pics are so fantastic, I wish I had your talent. I totally agree with Iris, Éowyn should read some Faramir/Aragorn fics

— Ingrid    11 November 2009, 23:11    #

Love it!

— Anastasiya    12 November 2009, 08:20    #

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