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The Comfort of Sleep (PG-13)

By Raven22372; with Boromir

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If a picture could be a sequel to a tale, this one would continue the story of Not You, the first of the very few fics I posted here.
After an incident like that, who would be there for comfort if not a brother – and the shielding cloak of night.

Posted Apr 10, 2013

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8 Comment(s)

Beautiful picture! I love the black and white.

— Nerey Camille    10 April 2013, 20:39    #

Thank you! I would have never believed the possibilities a simple pencil offers! :)

— raven22372    11 April 2013, 14:35    #

This is so pretty!

Minx    21 April 2013, 22:44    #

Thank you! I´m glad you like! :)

— raven22372    22 April 2013, 09:11    #

Okay, how I missed this… Dark, brooding, almost see the rain outside the window which, while it’s not necessary (since it’s not there) it was a mental punctuation I added. LOL I always seem to spend long minutes perusing your details: the background, the shimmer of light on the drinking glasses, the mysterious figure (or is that a doorway?) hanging about on the balcony outside the window. Curtains, bedding, the feel of movement with pencil strokes there and not there. If only I could tell a story half as well as you draw one!

— MikoNoNyte    24 April 2013, 21:40    #

My dear Frodo MikoNoNyte, how can I thank you? I dare say that it´s now the fifth – sixth? – time that I read through your comment, each time with the same result: A widescreen Gollum grin (though with more teeth) and a collision with the ceiling (since all the praise made me grow to Ent size). And may I furthermore say that I wish I could write a story half as well as you do? Words, they flee me once I approach…

Yes, it was meant to be a figure (though now that you mentioned it I must admit it could have easily been both). I thought of Denethor standing on his balcony all alone, feeling his power slipping throught his fingers… That´s why the rain would indeed be an exquisite side note… >:)

— raven22372    25 April 2013, 22:40    #

Sleep right? Because that’s what they’ve been doing, that’s exactly how you lie down when you are planning to sleep :))

Anywaaaaaaaay. I really do like this. I think your compositions have over time become a very strong feature of your work in terms of adding meaning and intensity. And I love the thoughtfulness here, it invites us to think what exactly is going through Boromir’s mind and what had preceded the current scene.

Thanks for sharing!

— December    1 September 2013, 01:20    #

Why, of course, I do! :) Just that I mostly wake up with a stiff neck and my arm having fallen asleep. Which is probably exactly what will happen in this case, plus a dislocated vertebrae and two legs fallen asleep on Boromir´s side…

But really, this is possible the nicest compliment you could pay me! Knowing that your abilities develop, that there´s a progress, a movement forward… there´s nothing better you could tell a wannabee-artist! Be blessed, dear December! May your shadow never shorten!

— raven22372    1 September 2013, 12:19    #

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