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A comedy about Éomer and Faramir

By Bell Witch

Posted 17 December 2007

A comedy about Éomer and Faramir in a contest to get the better present for Éowyn for either her birthday or an unnamed winter festival.

My brain could not come up with the requisite weird presents to make that story work. Call it a plot bunny for anyone else with less duh than I have.


2 Comment(s)

I want to do this one!
I usually suck royally at writing humour but I feel like it tonight. I shall do my best! sweeps off hat
I’m kinda stuck with the Eomer/Faramir pairing though, so it’ll have to be a slash or it just won’t come out properly __;
Great idea!

— Kitty    22 April 2009, 16:23    #

I don’t care if it’s slash. I had the idea and I just couldn’t make it work with the appropriately O.o presents. Good luck.

— Bell Witch    23 April 2009, 06:14    #

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