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By Minx

Posted 13 March 2006

A pre-war Aragorn Faramir meeting where Aragorn in his travels has for a short while become a captain in the Khandrim/or any other land’s army. He comes across Faramir who has just had an unpleasant encounter with orcs and resultant injuries include a head injury that has given him amnesia. The Khandrim think he’s a spy and therefore capture him for questioning, unwilling to buy that he might have amnesia. Aragorn also notices the resemblance to Denethor and is at first suspicious, thinking F is a high-ranking Gondorian nobleman. However, that doesn’t stop him from allowing his prisoner access to healing herbs, fresh clothes, etc. Aragorn, then, slowly realises, Faramir does not indeed remember who he is, but is nevertheless scared (and scarred!).
Followed by blossoming A/F relationship… F somehow recovers his memory, but does not forget his time with A however. It’s time for A to leave too and F must of course return to Gondor. They treat it as a tryst. Neither knows the other’s true identity, even when they separate.
Epilogue where they meet after the war.

Now, extra points for the following:
Scenes where F has to wear strange Khandrim garments which involve tedious wrapping around, etc. and ultimately needs Aragorn’s help to do so.
Scenes where Faramir tries to take care of himself but is unable to do so due to injury and again, needs Aragorn’s help.


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